An Unhinged Rant About Sylvanas (Warcraft)



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Sylvanas Windrunner is my favourite character and the way Blizzard has handled her, not to mention other female characters in Warcraft, has become increasingly infuriating. The end handed to her in Shadowlands, after the utter train wreck it took to get here, is one last kick in the teeth. Thanks, I hate it. Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍🤍 Patreon: 🤍🤍 Gender Politics in World of Warcraft: 🤍 The Visible Female: 🤍 CHAPTERS 00:00 - Intro & Content Warning 00:35 - I Blame The Lava Eels 02:00 - The Allegory 04:31 - Suicide 06:55 - Genocide 09:32 - The Book 14:06 - Blizzard Has a Problem 15:59 - This is Going To Happen Again #wow #warcraft #blizzard #sylvanas

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An Unhinged Rant About Sylvanas (Warcraft)
An Unhinged Rant About Sylvanas (Warcraft)
An Unhinged Rant About Sylvanas (Warcraft)
An Unhinged Rant About Sylvanas (Warcraft)
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2023-02-01 12:33:43

I just bought the book since I was never a WoW player, but I always liked Sylvanas's design, so when I heard about a book exclusively on her, I was really excited. However, since you pointed all these things out, I think I should have just sticked with YouTube videos.. Maybe because I wasn't really playing the game, I didn't see/feel her story with the forsaken or her torture by Arthas.. Shame really, to butcher her character arc like this, but Blizzard, what else there is to say... they tried to change a character's name to save Overwatch's reputation after the lawsuit...Thank you for making a straightforward video about Sylvanas without adding hours of lore just to explain her actions.

Noah Woodhope
2023-01-27 04:38:31

What they did to Sylvannus was terrible.

Allison Tyre
2023-01-03 18:52:06

Bless you for this video.

2023-01-03 16:12:39

Can we also talk about, among all this, they could have nearly kept the story the same direction while changing the ever so slightest things?

Such as BFA deciding to have the whole fucking Warbringers trilogy be about 3 powerful women (Jaina of which was another favorite of mine absolutely FUCKED by shit narrative with Cata and MoP then redeemed for some unholy reason in BFA when she honestly didn't deserve it by said point after pissing off during Legion which were THE SAME EXACT FUCKING EVENTS OF WC3 FOR HER!) But I digress, back to the point, we had Azshara as one of the 3 prominent figures of BFA prior to its launch only for... nothing to happen until the very fucking end with her? Why was it not Azshara burning down Teldrassil in order to create tension between the A/H because N'zoth willed it, or to even fucking get attention for w/e fucking reason, even as stupid as leading up to her wanting to betray N'zoth, and needing to have them pay attention to her and ended up becoming some stupid as fuck misunderstanding, better than what we got at least.

in SL we could have had Sylvanas doing the exact same shit while changing her motives and leaving breadcrumbs to get Anduin in and saying "Great now that the A/H are here, we're close to the macguffin, let's rally everyone to fuck his shit, we just need to play into it until he's vulnerable" JUST SOMETHING. These are while keeping the same direction while also changing the narrative. Hell, we could remove the absolute shitstorm of the Night Warrior arc too then but no saving Tyrande from HER shit writing too.

Tyrande has been on Malfurion's dick since Cata and worse as of Legion, but don't we remember WC3 where her response to him saying "Don't free my brother" was "Fuck you and the fucking horse you changed into, I do what I want"? (I have a separate hate boner for how they treat Illidan too but that's neither here nor there). WoW has fucked so many characters, and primarily the women. I'm glad Dragonflight has been fixing a few of these issues but it shouldn't have gotten this bad to begin with @.@

2023-01-02 08:37:37

Hi. Pardon the rather banal comment, I quite enjoyed the video yet think my full thoughts would be too long winded to read, but I've a simple question. For the segment at Z6gL-MnAoiU&t=6m55s 6:55 , what track did you use? That's some super ominous, uncomfortable music and I've love to put it to use while I'm writing. Again, love the video-- marvelous deconstruction.

2022-12-29 20:12:23

You captured so well why what was done to Sylvanas was both enraging and heartbreaking. The burning of Teldrassil and the story born from it is narrative poison that destroyed so much of what makes WoW compelling and nothing short of the mother of all retcons can erase the damage done. The fact that they just went with it and the way DF has gone so far show they still do not know how to deal with traumatized characters other than making them soft and accepting "good victims" or hitting them with the villain bat.

2022-12-29 18:59:25

One thing that also stood out to me with the Sylvanas novel was how much it... trampled on Golden's previous characterization of Arthas in, well, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King.

In that novel, Arthas felt immediate rage on realizing that he had been manipulated and lost his soul to Frostmourne. Felt shame over the fact that the urn that Uther was holding contained Terenas' ashes. And all of his actions prior to taking Frostmourne, when he was resigning himself to having to purge Stratholme, to stranding his men in Northrend, and more, he felt such a strong conflict and uncertainty that he actually was doing what was best, that his connection to the Light, which is sustained by conviction, noticeably weakened. He felt the weight of his actions and it CRUSHED him before he resigned himself to his fate and damnation, believing that there was no turning back from his mistakes, no matter how good his intentions had been.

And then the Sylvanas novel reduced his motivation, ALL of his motivation, to simply wanting power. This expansion and this novel destroyed so many complex characters and their motivations in favor of simplistic tropes.

sarahthewierdo (Arcanist Saraah)
2022-12-26 05:44:55

As someone who loved Sylvanas' character when I was a kid getting into wow, this struck so many pain points for me, and it hurts so much to see just what blizzard has reduced her to.

Deltaforerunner 93
2022-12-23 00:20:22

This is just me, personally, but I never saw it from this perspective bc it never seemed like it was ever how she was written (atleast since the start of WoW), dont get me wrong, shes a victim, but shes always been kinda cruel and vindictive. And not even in a way that seems justified. Yes, she had a rationale behind what she did, but if you were gonna stunt her from this, she never would have done anything since Vanilla bc all she has done since the start is force people into the same existence she is, it's nothing new. I'll agree that Sylvanas was terrible story wise, especially in BFA and SL, but to me, the worst thing is that she ever became Warchief and I was literally forced to swear loyalty to her in order to play Legion, it was a load of crap.

Good video though, definitely made me consider a perspective I hadn't really.

max williams
2022-12-20 07:33:52

I keep thinking of burning of teldrassil and the her entire arc in shadowlands and the amount of times they RETCONNED her story to make look like the villain, i find myself feeling its not just her, outside of wow and gaming in general, many other female characters fell the same way:

1. Daenerys targaryen: burns an entire kingdom and the writers said (shes always been like this) when she isn't....
2. the scarlet witch: holds a corrupting book that turns her (EVILLLL MWAHAHAHA )and breaks the multiverse 

THERES A PATTERN... of female complex well written characters going in a full rampage and then having the writers say that this was there nature all along knowing they clearly messed up, it just seems through writing they blur the lines of a dark character and evil character.... NOTE both may be similar but have different point of views.

2022-12-11 21:48:32

Garrosh was the best Character, dont hate.

Kerstin Ludwig
2022-12-11 17:31:55

Sylvanas deserved better, Arthas deserved better, Uther did they ALL did. Shadowland was a mess.

2022-11-27 18:09:22

I cosplayed as Sylvanas and of course the people who took pictures with me were respectful. But so often they said "I liked her until Teldrassil" and I kept jokingly laughing it off as "lets pretend that never happened". Because yes, this comment made me feel kinda bad. Because a lot of people will remember Sylvanas for this. Also my paranoia strikes too with cosplaying her. While I do love it, I also fear that one day someone will be disrespectful and forgetting that theres a person in this costume. Being too triggered for Teldrassil that they will hate this character regardless and not care about the art craft. I'm not judging people not wanting photos of characters they dislike, I'm fearing that one day (and I'm sure there are people like that out there) will be disrespectful towards me because the character I portray suffers from horrendous writing. Like yeah thanks blizzard for shitting on her that much. BfA could've been so much about Sylvanas being a great and stratetic leader. But most people I met only remembered the recent events about her, and not the character she used to be

Arpan Dey
2022-11-23 05:17:54

Have you watched Lily Orchard? You and she had the exact same take on Sylvanas and misogyny.

2022-11-12 09:38:44

As a person who hasn't played wow in years also because the storytelling is atrocious but still has some nostlgic connection with the characters, this is the channel I didn't know I needed

Tristian Rodriguez
2022-10-21 05:29:38

You should do a rewrite of sylvanas, sylvanas deserve better than this.

Shiv Palpatine
2022-10-04 04:06:47

Blizzard done Sylvanas dirty with the Lore from Legion until now, then when we get an explanation as to why she has been like this, she is hated by everyone still. She has basically the same reasoning behind her actions as Arthas until Blizzard decided that she done everything on her own free will? So the Jailer is either behind it all or he isn't, which then makes him a terrible end game villain for an already poor expansion.

Sylvanas and Kael'thas both deserve justice, as well as the Sin'dorei (Quel'dorei in this) who were just the punching bag for Blizzard and get 1% screen time in the entire game compared to literally every other race. (The bloody Vulpera get more screen time and they were introduced last expansion and made into an allied race because they couldn't think of anyone else to give the Horde). Criminal! getting the proper story they both deserve, not half assed, let's bully the elves and their only good characters, stories Blizzard gave them. (Huge Sin'dorei/Quel'dorei and maybe even Kaldorei fan over here, though definitely the first two).

2022-09-30 14:46:23

I'm so glad I found this video, I was wondering if I was the only person seeing what a horrible and insulting story Blizz put together, and threw away one of my most beloved characters in WoW, it's just mind-blowing... Did anyone at any point in the writing team called them out on this, or at least questioned the leadership about it...then again with all the bad news coming out of Blizz lately they probably were either too afraid to ask or were in on the whole mess.
Thank you for the fantastic video!

I don’t check my notifs, don’t bother
2022-09-25 07:40:23

Ok, so I’m just going to say I fell upon Sylvanas and WOW as a whole from randomly deciding to read a sylvaina fic despite not knowing who the characters were. (In fact I just came here from your recent one haha) Well, I’m now off the deep end totally obsessed with them and god am I just boiling with rage!! Just a few minutes ago I was on another Sylvanas video and the majority of the comments were all saying disgusting things about her and how Arthas did nothing wrong, not even just as a meme, but they were seriously trying to justify it and seemed to believe what they were saying. It’s just so sick to see, especially if you believe Sylvanas is a SA survivor by his hands (which I do.)

Having read nearly the whole sylvaina archive now I have picked up a lott of lore which I knew nothing of before, I feel so upset hearing about what they did to Sylvanas as a character, really really angry and sad. I kind of wish I knew what I was getting into beforehand so I didn’t have to go through this heartbreak and anger. Maybe I am very emotional and feel very strongly over this but I can’t help it now.

Not sure what I’m getting at here with this comment, just ranting also I guess… well, I 100% agree with you, and it’s nice to see there is still a fair deal of people with sense. I just want to throw this video in the faces of Blizzard and scream!

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