"Food Shortages & Mass Starvation Will Follow After This" | Jordan Peterson

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In this video, Jordan Peterson and Michael Yon discuss the farmers, Canada's government, the elites, Netherland's farmers, the globalists, saving the planet, mass immigrations, starvation, Justin Trudeau and more. MORE VIDEOS RELATED: This Proves The Elites Don't Care About You | Jordan Peterson: 🤍youtu.be/5QDj-n-PurQ "Everyone Needs To Pay Attention To This Message!” | Jordan Peterson: 🤍youtu.be/9jXpqy4rlGc "Why Is Nobody Paying Attention To This.." | Jordan Peterson: 🤍youtu.be/Ryx792ehVGY ►Subscribe for new weekly videos: 🤍bit.ly/MillionaireMentor If you liked this video, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more! ►Spoken by: Jordan Peterson and Michael Yon. Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War | Michael Yon: youtu.be/R7gAEkzIgvw All footage used is licensed through CC-BY or from stock footage websites. All creative commons footage is listed below and is licensed under CC-BY 3.0: Envato Elements - elements.envato.com Filmpac - filmpac.com ►Music by Audiojungle. FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. If you are the legal content owner of any videos used here and would like them removed, please contact miki🤍millmentor.com. Any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to the satisfaction of all parties.

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2022-12-15 20:10:06

You should look into Anti-Gouging laws introduced at the begining of the pendamic as a good reason why supply and demand are currently disrupted in most countries.

Also, you can go back in history and find freak Climate events in every single century all over the world. Nothing to do with actual climate change.

Over population...another myth.

People should really learn to do their own research. And stop believing in every doom Sayer that comes along.

David Stanley
2022-11-22 23:58:40

All contrived to bring about global governance

Shahid Ali Khan
2022-11-03 16:21:55

You are swimming in the dark Jordan. UNDERSTAND THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM AND HOW THEY ARE CONTROLLING THE WORLD THROUGH IT. Only then will things become clear. Don't be surprised if in a few decades the ruling State will change from US to Izrael.

Mike D.
2022-10-26 20:22:41

This food crisis can be solved easily if we just start eating babies now.

Theodore Lazaridis
2022-10-25 09:42:03

The actual amount of theft that went on before the pandemic was a joke. This is such a dumb topic. How about you lay off the workers stealing?

Maarten Tibos
2022-10-24 05:36:43

Now let's talk about the Pakistani farmers who will feel the impact of the latest floods for years.

Debbie Brooks
2022-10-15 20:38:56

Man I love how Jordan hates Trudeau 😁

2022-10-15 15:26:36

Trade between nations increases peace. Lift all bans and scrap NATO in order to have peace.

Adriaan Verhelle
2022-10-14 21:48:32

The narrator literally gives the reason why the current way of farming poses an issue at 1.15 minutes in. This tiny country is the 2nd biggest agricultural exporter in the world. Surpassing countries that are 10x or 100x times bigger. Yes, they are amongst the most efficient farmers in the world. But no matter how efficient a process is, at the end of the day, the only metric that matters is your waste processing capacity. Once your production rate outgrows that, you are going the run into problems. Both farmers and politicians have known this for decades but chose to ignore this, leaving us in the current unfortunate situation.

Victor Joseph
2022-10-14 04:20:40

those who are pushing this famine crime will face justice make no mistake GOD will remember these evil minded entities controlling human puppets. No excuses like i was just following orders.
Nuremberg look it up

Nadia Mason
2022-10-13 20:03:18

This is all part of the Great Reset agenda. Get rid of the farmers and then 'they' control us all. If we can't eat we'll agree to whatever they want. It's sick. Psychopaths run this world in reality I'm afraid.

Butterfly Lullaby
2022-10-13 11:51:55

When my small business got destroyed by evil British Elites, I took a low paid job in a school canteen. The Council was shipping over old potatoes from Europe to Wales (UK) for school dinners. My question was, "Why is Tax Paid Money not spent on supporting our British Farmers?" You have just answered that question.

Brett James
2022-10-11 15:13:08

2016 Trump was elected and all we heard from the media & Democrats is how can you give Trump the Nuclear Codes, Trump will cause Armageddon and destroy the planet! 4yrs of Trump and no new wars, nothing but peace and prosperity. Not even 2yrs of Biden and we are on the verge of Nuclear Armageddon and every Biden voter and supporter out their you have voted for Nuclear war, you have voted for Biden war mongering elitist who will destroy the planet as Biden is clearly not competent to be in charge of his own brain let alone Nuclear Codes. Buurn in Hell you traitors.

Craig Shannon
2022-10-11 13:28:10

Every man in the world needs to come together to stand up and fight this, Are we all going to just accept this? A little complaining on a YouTube video won't help, We need real action now or the elites win. This green global warming excuse is b******t.

Dr Seuss
2022-10-10 22:26:03

The problem is that the world is really smart, those that want to live forever run it and think everyone else wants to live forever too. 45-65 prevent of the planet would say thanks for a synthetic opioid drink and finally get to get out of this existence. The world would only be full of people that actually want to be here, and everyone in the world would have two houses, two cars, two cows, with ice cream on top and oil to last the planet.

For overpopulation the problem is there's no good way to go for those who want, 65 prevent of this planet has been waiting all their life to go, they're forced to be here, and we overpopulate because it means you get 60 percent of someone else's income in child $upport, kids mean money and multiple partners and children

Don't make available a fentanyl euthanasia drink by the 10,000 gallon vat and the 65 percent of the planet that world say thanks won't get to go yet, but might even replicate after some bad one night stands, and you won't more than double available resources, or you will keep 1M in insurance and state aid money never paid out, and social security they paid into, to the end you create some cool jobs for people and dispensaries and no more crime, and everyone in the world that remains will be people that actually want to be here without botch job suicide attempts for a worse existence, and everyone in the world would have two houses, two cars, an oil supplies to last the planet, and they could have a cow, with ice cream on top, unless they eat the cow, then they need another one

Just saying..

Or get an ass graft on your face when they keep trying and you get black fungus necrotizing your facial tissue, why get a facial? They keep trying

Make euthanasia

1/3 off the world population starving may reach 2/3. Dump ocean water into dry rivers with ocean fish, have an ocean river, desal at farms, steam distiller at the kitchen sink, disinfected and salt free

Collect America's lawn mower clippings for more cattle, new jobs. Instead we export corn and beef and have a storage and import meat from other countries

They tried to make viruses to eliminate half the world, they are unsuccessful, wait till a mobster has to get an ass graft on his face from some  black fungus sprayed, unreal. 65 percent of the world would say thanks for a synthetic opioid euthanasia drink by the 10,000 gallon vat, I could have done agenda 21 better 8 years ago

If you won't be compassionate to the majority, nor will the the ruling minority to all. To them it is a matter of choice: Theirs

Soon your cities will be without water, unless you hire people for US currency which costs the same to print as unemployment without a future and pump desalinated water from the ocean into river systems

we're not being drawn to the sun,

There's two black holes on the surface, whatever was gravitationally drawn to the core went there, and the overall gravity of the sun increased but it got hotter but we're moving away and angry solar flares and CMEs are coming after us for leavingg

 Heat pushes clouds causing flooding on other parts of this planet while coronal mass ejection and solar flares from magnetic connections from the sun to the earth are increasing. One day maybe it will arc weld this iron ball if we don't cross elliptical orbit line with the moon. Tell NASA about the moon and a year and a half later they make Moonfall. They should make a euthanasia for everyone who wants to go, or be stuck to endure the future even if you don't want to be here at all???

With the moon it'd be a tsunami one way and a volcano the other, the future of our relationship with the sun is a different issue


65 percent of the planet would take a synthetic opioid drink by the 10,000 gallon vat and say thanks,  

1/3 off the world is starving to death, 5 percent need bones they can't or don't want to get replaced, 5 percent need organs they can't or don't want to get replaced, 5 percent are terminally ill 5 percent chronic pain, 5-10 percent never wanted to be here anyway, and everyone else will have a peaceful way to go when they want. There's no good way to go, some are 18 and 0 and going through death and not actually dying is not fun, some attempts are violent to go through.  Instead of making a euthanasia available to everyone who wants to go they kill .08 percent of the world population in two years.  Everyone was the target. I would have helped the 65 percent go 8 yrs ago. 

They're getting a dime instead of a dollar in creating good

There needs to be a peaceful easy way for everyone  when they want to go. Guy saves 1M in state aid, paid 600k in social security, doesn't have to die every day, just gets to leave before suffering. The guy with the kids gets 800 k from Uncle Sam in life insurance he never signed up for and Uncle Sam keeps the other 800k. Free euthanasia. Cut inflation by more than half, more than doubled available resources. Have a job by a company which pays all the taxes and picks up grass clippings M-S to take it to fields now with cows on it, 4x your US cattle with lawn mower clippings from every years, save 2500 on property taxes and make sure your clippings are out in your neighborhood on Tuesdays

Pump desalinated water from ocean wave current into river systems ASAP. It costs the same to print unemployment and section 8 as it fits a job with a paycheck that won't even take your house away

Here's your check if you love your neighbors and don't want to leave your free housing, and here's your bigger check if you want to rent on the private market

More confusing paint corporations pay all the taxes making useful cool jobs like a mint company your paper actually goes somewhere and a quarter turns back into a dollar

Dig out 10 ' of river bed and cast and set two 10' pipelines to being Atlantic ocean water to every house, use steam distiller for salt free disinfected water at the kitchen sink, dump waste water into sealed pipelines. It took a turn 2 years to dig out 10' of riverbed, everyone could be back to work working in every town and we'd be at with new infrastructure. Don't put salt in your water, have more salt for more roads in the winter.

Send salt water straight to homes, they'll use a distiller for their few gallons of driving and cooking water and they're off toilet to tap loop. Use electrolysis for energy from salt water.  At the very least, feed rivers with desal water immediately to quickly overcome drought shortages, no problem

Make a grass and corn crop that grows in ocean water hybrid with say, oceanic grass root structures, best genetic corn crop growing in salt water in Texas and Arizona while you solar desalinate more oxygen and hydrogen into the air in a 24/7/365 grow season with ocean water and no weeds growing in salt water crops or lawns, fill your swimming pool with ocean water and water your lawn with salt water, don't put salt in your what salt water put it in the roads, use a small steam distiller made of glass and stainless to get disinfected and salt water free water for cooking and drinking, maybe an ocean let for your pool, were have to deal with ocean water rise, how about a Dolphin?

Make more indoor fish farms, clean fish into a flash freezer, people eat fish, kid makes 90 k a year running fishing equipment not $9 an hour people eat well

People could be cremated visible to the public and the smoke can be required in a gallon of water and the ashes and cement combined and people can be made into a concrete cast or flower pot. Otherwise, if they get cremated, without a filter, or dissolved in alkyld they go down a drain?

And they had that place giving fake ashes and selling bodies

Maybe you could make a wireless Tesla bridge (like when you touch a Tesla ball and the current comes towards you, though you are in the millivolts) to draw CMEs from the sun to say, Mars, maybe you'll stop the earth from frying

Only on this planet are you forced to exist by the people that want you gone and say they want to reduce world's population by half, I'd say it's irony but that's why people want to leave earth and go to Mars, they secretly secretly want to steal the iron , shh don't tell anyone

2022-10-10 15:35:21

what an essay!

An-T M
2022-10-10 13:35:18

Until we ALL admit this is intentional distruction, the complaints are as useless as the woke babble.
WAKE UP❗️❗️❗️

An-T M
2022-10-10 13:30:12

Carlin talked about the language manipulation like food insecurity instead of famine & starvation. Smart cities already planned for the farm land.

Raja Knowles
2022-10-09 19:38:06

There will be wars and rumours of wars ,Famines, pestilences, Fearful sights,
People dying of heart failure from fear
Of the evrnts coming on the Earth
So repent and believe the good news ot


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