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Battle Los Angeles - VFX Breakdown by Spin VFX (2011)


Battle Los Angeles Visual Effects by Spin VFX Subscribe and click the notification bell HERE: 🤍 Subscribe to Filmisnow Movie Trailers: 🤍 A squadron of U.S. Marines becomes the last line of defense against a global invasion. Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, gag reel, vfx breakdown, interviews, featurettes and deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies.

Life in the VFX Trenches | Worldwide HUG | Los Angeles


VFX Artist Eric Rosenthal discusses a variety of Houdini VFX shots from various projects as case studies. For each shot, he gives some insight and techniques behind it, and talks about what worked and what didn’t. He also shows and dissects some examples of "cheating" and talks about how you can use tricks to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality. Los Angeles Houdini User Group: 🤍

Visiting Los Angeles as a VFX artist


This trip was one of the best experiences of my YouTube carreer so far. I'm grateful that through my videos I got here and had a chance to experience AdobeMAX in Los Angeles for the first time. This video was sponsored by Adobe Stock #AdobePartner Visit their the Adobe Stock's - 🤍 🎁 Free VFX Bundle (100+ Elements) - 🤍 ☄️ VFX Elements Library – 🤍 💜 Join The Community - 🤍 ☁️️ My Favorite Audio Library (30 Days Free!) - 🤍 🎧 Free Beats From My Bro Lavito - 🤍 📷 Follow Me On Instagram - 🤍 🐣 Or Twitter - 🤍 💫 Facebook - 🤍 ⭐️ Contact - Hello🤍CreatorGalaxy.com 💥 My Gear - 🤍 💎Adobe Store - 🤍 🎬 One Epic Video Every Saturday! 🏆 Popular Playlists: - Adobe After Effects Tutorials 🤍 - Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials 🤍 - Hardware reviews 🤍 💛 Be sure to leave a comment and to check out my channel! I have a lot more videos. 🎬Host & Creator - Ignace Aleya Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:28 Adobe Max 2019 4:23 Outro

CGI VFX Breakdowns HD 1080p: Making of "2012" before-and-after by Uncharted Territory | TheCGBros


Uncharted Territory Inc. is a film production company based in Los Angeles, California. Uncharted Territory was founded in 1999 by Academy award winning visual effects supervisor Volker Engel and Emmy award winning VFX supervisor and producer Marc Weigert. Engel and Weigert usually serve as producers or co-producers and visual effects supervisors on UT"s projects. With their first production, the adventure movie "Coronado" in 2001, Uncharted Territory started a new paradigm for handling visual effects: Instead of contracting out to other established VFX houses, Uncharted Territory would build up a VFX crew from scratch by selecting freelance artists, managers and programmers and creating the necessary infrastructure (hardware and software), custom tailored to a single project only. For "2012", Uncharted Territory built up an inhouse unit of about 100 and managed all visual effect shots coming from more than a dozen other vendors.

VFX BREAKDOWN HD: 2012 LA Limo before and after from Marc Dominic Rienzo


Oldie but goodie!! Huge work from an unbelievably talented group of people. Advice to those wanting to do work like this. Don't sleep. VISUAL EFFECTS Visual Effects Producer: Josh R. Jaggars Visual Effects Supervisors: Volker Engel, Marc Weigert Digital Production Manager: Danielle Costa VFX Producer: Julia Frey CG Effects Supervisor: Ari Sachter-Zeltzer Compositing Supervisor: Marc Dominic Rienzo CG Supervisor: Michael Grobe Project Managers: Katharina Koepke, Magdalena Wolf Visual Effects Coordinators: Katie Spinelli, Lisa Marra Visual Effects Accountant: John D. Vaughan Playback Operator: Chris F. Moore Post-Visualization Artist: Tom Bruno Jr Production Assistant: Kohl Harrington Data Wranglers: Gord Dunick, Stephen Chan Virtual Camera Operator: Alastair Macleod Lighting and Modeling Lead: André Cantarel Lighting Lead: Greg Tsadilas Lead Compositor: Niki Bern Matte Painting Supervisor: Ivo Horvat Modeling Lead: Justin Mijal Texture Leads: Greg Strasz, Federico Rivia Senior CG Effects Artists: Sam Khorshid: Joe Scarr: Christian Zurcher, Attila Zalanyi CG Effects Artists: Derek Blume, Rudy Cortes, Jason Crosby, Rif Dagher, Nick Damico, Brian DeMetz, Wayne England, Ian Farnsworth, David Glicksman, Joe Gunn, Ahmed Hassan, Alessandro Nardini, Goran Pavles, Will Shepherd, Gavyn Thompson, Mike Walls Senior Lighting TDs: Erick Schiele, Joe Mangione Lighting TDs: Curtis Cardwell, Robert Freitag, Anthony Juno Han, Justin Lloyd, Nathan Millsap, Alex Scollay, Marion Spates, Rodrigo Teixeira Compositors: Dan Akers, Brian Begun, Krista Benson, Ante Dekovic, Peter Demarest, Christina Drahos, Eddie Gutierrez, Jason Halverson, Nicholas Kim, Anthony Kramer, Joshua LaCross, Mark M. Larranaga, Jessica Laszlo, Gresham Lochner, Charles Meredith, Salima Needham, Robert Nederhorst, Christian Schermerhorn, Nabil Schiantarelli, Clancy Silver, Maciek Sokalski, Stefano Trivelli, Stacey Weigert, Joseph Zaki Modelers: Matan Abel, Moriba Duncan, Apollo S. J. Kim, Andrew Swihart, Pouya Zadrafiei Senior Matte Painters: Dylan Cole, Michele Moen, Rick Rische Matte Painters: Dark Hoffman, Alex Nice Texture Artists: Chris Duncan, Paul Fedor, Brian F. Ripley Animators: Robert Diaz, John Kubasco, Conrad Murrey Matchmovers: Francis L. Camacho, Gary Laurie Massive TD: Philipp Hartmann Roto and Paint Lead: Edgar Diaz Nuke TD: Nathan Dunsworth Pipeline TD: Paul Hormis Lead Pipeline Developer: Patrick Wolf Pipeline Programmer: Bilal Azam Senior IT Manager: Jack Ghoulian I/O Manager: Andrew Whitelaw IT Coordinator: Dennis Murillo Render Wranglers: Ramon Hernandez, Daniel Sang Yong Lee, Melanie Tucker Production Accountant: Laura Tiz

Battle: Los Angeles VFX Reel


Spin VFX was on board early to help develop the creatures and the short test film that was intended to sell the style and dynamics of the project to Columbia Pictures. Once greenlit, Spin delivered 30 sequences, 200+ shots, with a variety of different challenges including, devastated LA environments, creatures, alien ships, Huey helicopters, F18 jet fighters, bombing a CG Coast Guard cutter and Massive crowd work, for both creatures and civilians.

MOD VFX, Los Angeles.


Артём переехал из Хабаровска в Лос Анджелес, минуя Москву, как CG Artist и через несколько лет открыл свою VFX студию в LA. Пусть цветут все цветы! CG ПОДКАСТ №1 🤍 Подпишись на нас! Ты получишь выпуски на три дня раньше, а мы оплатим монтаж: 🤍 🤍 Огромная помощь в производстве подкаста: 🤍 Учим компьютерной графике в кино: 🤍 CG ПОДКАСТ №1 - главный подкаст об индустрии компьютерной графики в кино и не только на русском языке. Гости подкаста - от самых значимых фигур в российском CG и специалистов работающих в крупнейших студиях мира, до обычных ребят на фрилансе. Новости, истории и компьютерная графика! Выпуски без гостей, кстати, тоже отличные. Новостная лента: 🤍 Чат: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 00:00:00 Начало 00:01:25 Переезд из Хабаровска 00:12:46 Консервативная Калифорния? 00:18:30 Как открыл студию 00:23:41 Районы ЛА 00:30:01 Коронавирус 00:31:22 Работа дома/в офисе 00:42:28 Studio City, работа 01:03:31 Дефицит оффлайна 01:07:46 Как выбиваются проекты 01:12:18 Супер интересный проект

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES | VFX Breakdown by CineSite (2011)


SUBSCRIBE and CLICK the notification 🔔 HERE: 🤍 🛒 CHECK OUT OUR NEW MERCH STORE! : 🤍 🎥 FILMISNOW MOVIE TRAILERS : 🤍 🌍 FILMISNOW MOVIE TRAILERS INTERNATIONAL : 🤍 🏃‍♂️ FILMISNOW ACTION MOVIE TRAILERS : 🤍 👪 FILMISNOW FAMILY MOVIE TRAILERS : 🤍 🎶 CHILLOUT MUSIC ZONE : 🤍 Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. #FilmIsNowExtra & Movie Bloopers channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, gag reel, vfx breakdown, interviews, featurettes and deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies.

VFX Salaries, Locations, & Schools (VFX Intro | Part 12)


In this lesson from our Start Your VFX Career series, Caleb Ward will guide you as you learn about VFX salaries, locations, schools and more. Join The Free Course: 🤍

VFX Editor | LAPPG


The Role of the VFX Editor | LAPPG New videos online monthly. SUBSCRIBE HERE - 🤍 Richard Sanchez - VFX Editor & Assistant Editor 🤍 🤍 Do you know all about Bidding Quicktimes, Chrome Balls, Grey Balls, Lens Grids, Hero Plates, PreViz, PostViz, Cut Backs, Reconciling, Count Sheets, Mattes, FFOC & FLOC? If not, then this video will tell you all you need to know about VFX and editorial. In this jam packed presentation, Richard Sanchez gives a thorough look into the role of the VFX Editor - and what the job is and what the job isn't. Through common misconceptions, vital terminology and insightful thoughts and philosophies, Richard does a deep dive about this key editorial position. 🤍 DP & Edit - David Rickett 🤍 Direct & Produce - Woody Woodhall Sept 2020 LAPPG Meeting © 2021 LAPPG

The Gray Man - VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX


Visit Our Website - 🤍 The Gray Man - VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "The Gray Man" by the talented team at Scanline VFX. For more information, please see the details and links below : 🤍 When the CIA's top asset his identity known to no one uncovers agency secrets, he triggers a global hunt by assassins set loose by his ex-colleague. The Gray Man is a 2022 American action thriller film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, from a screenplay the latter co-wrote with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Mark Greaney. The film stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Regé-Jean Page, Wagner Moura, Julia Butters, Dhanush, Alfre Woodard, and Billy Bob Thornton. Produced by the Russo brothers’ company, AGBO, it is the first film in a franchise based on Greaney’s Gray Man novels. The plot centers on CIA agent “Sierra Six”, who is on the run from a sociopathic ex-CIA agent and mercenary Lloyd Hansen upon discovering corrupt secrets about his superior. An adaptation of Greaney’s novel was originally announced in 2011, with James Gray set to direct Brad Pitt, and later Charlize Theron in a gender-swapped role, though neither version ever came to fruition. The property lingered in development hell until July 2020, when it was announced the Russo brothers would direct, with both Gosling and Evans attached to star. Filming took place in Los Angeles, Paris, and Prague between March and July 2021. With a production budget of $200 million, it is among the most expensive films made by Netflix. #TheGrayManVFX #MovieVFX #TheGrayMan #VFX The Gray Man The Gray Man VFX The Gray Man VFX Breakdown Russo Brothers Donate - 🤍 Dramatic Music Composed by HookSounds.com 🤍 Visit - 🤍 Discount Code - RAJ10 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Facebook Myself: 🤍 This video is uploaded after written copyright permission or part of Creative Commons license 🤍 for more details or dispute Contact us rajat90018🤍gmail.com #VFX #CGI #VFXBreakdown #Reels #MotionGraphics #Makingof #BehindtheScenes

Los Angeles Earthquake - Hollywood Sign Collapse (Adobe After Effects VFX)


This was a test to see how far I could go with 3D in After Effects CS5.5. Since CS5.5 doesn't have the 3D Motion Tracker yet, I had to do all the tracking manually, which was pretty hard. If you look very closely you can see the mistakes, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I used zero third party plug-ins, this was all done in Adobe After Effects. Made with After Effects CS5.5 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro Sound Effects: Sony Sound Effects

How To Make $1 Million As A VFX Artist | Funnel Stories


VFX Artist Makes $1 Million Dollars After Leaving Los Angeles | Funnel Stories Try ClickFunnels Free for 14 Days ► 🤍 If you have an amazing ClickFunnels Story let us know here and you could be featured next. ► 🤍 Allan McKay, the founder of Live Action VFX, was tired of working 100+ hour weeks, month after month trying to keep up with the unrealistic demand that Hollywood asked of him. After injuring his back while working on a project, he knew there had to be a better way and launched his own visual effects course which generated more money in 1 day than he made in one year as a visual effects artist. This is his Funnel Story. #AllanMcKay, #ClickFunnels, #ClickFunnelsReview,

vfx los angeles


after effects landscape

Blending VFX + Scientific Visualization | Worldwide HUG | Los Angeles


This live talk will be about how to incorporate scientific theories and ideas into your VFX productions. Kate will go over how to make scientific visualizations applicable to a production workflow, talk about how physics has already been used in film, and how we can push the boundaries further. As well as other possible uses for the software. Kate Xagoraris is a VFX artist at Deluxe Entertainment in Toronto Canada. She has a passion for researching science and its interaction with the world of visual effects. She also runs a VFX site for artists to better understand Houdini and to think outside the box. Previously, she has worked on popular TV productions such as The Boys and Umbrella Academy. Kate taught herself Houdini while learning 3D Animation at Humber College. She has been passionately studying the software for three-plus years. 00:22 Intro 01:51 Blending VFX + Scientific Visualization 39:17 Questions

Los Angeles VFX Shot 1


A VFX shot, showcasing vrbn studios' 3d urban environment work. 🤍vrbn.io 🤍vrbn.io/shop This shot was produced in close collaboration with Ikweta Arts, which was providing perfect matte painting & comp. Thank you! 🤍ikwetaarts.com Contact us for more info: info🤍vrbn.io 🤍vrbn.io vrbn studios on social media: 🤍linkedin.com/company/vrbn 🤍instagram.com/vrbnstudios 🤍facebook.com/vrbnstudios 🤍twitter.com/vrbnio

VFX Artists Frustrated Working With Marvel


Please support the sponsors of today's show Policygenius - Go To 🤍 to get free quotes from top insurers and save 50% or more on life insurance Watch the full episode this clip is from here: 🤍 Viewer Question: Kalvin Patel - Hello crew! I just read an article from thegamer talking about VFX artists refusing to work with Marvel due to stress and unrealistic deadlines. This was backed by a Dhruv Govil, who left the VFX industry after working with Marvel and said they're the worst client to work with; colleagues breaking down after being overworked while Marvel tightens the purse strings. What are your thoughts? Watch John's new documentary, "Movie Trailers: A Love Story" available now worldwide at 🤍 and also available in the US and UK on Amazon Video. Leave a question when you tip at 🤍 and it will be answered on the Mail Bag show. (Remember, you are submitting a TIP to support the channel. You are not "buying" a question to be on the show. We're happy to answer the questions or comments you submit with your tips, but we reserve the right to not air any question or comment if we consider it inappropriate, unconstructive or disruptive to the flow of the show). JOHN’S GEAR LINKS Main Cameras Sony A6400 - 🤍 Sony A6600 - 🤍 Canon XC15 - 🤍 Mic pre-amps Cloudlifter - 🤍 Good Cheaper Cameras John Uses Canon Vixia R800 - 🤍 Logitech c920 Webcam - 🤍 Main Microphones Rode Procaster - 🤍 Good Cheaper Mics John Uses Sometimes Audio-Technica ATR2100x (usb and xlr) - 🤍 Blue Yeti (usb) - 🤍 Lapel Mic FiFine (usb) - 🤍 Shotgun Mics Rode VideoMic GO (small on camera mic) - 🤍 Rode NTG2 (main Studio mic) - 🤍 Sennheiser MKE 600 (main Studio mic) - 🤍 Soundboard/Mixer RODEcaster Pro (main) (usb) - 🤍 Behringer Xenyx 1204USB (backup board) - 🤍 Streaming Software Wirecast Pro Wirecast Control Surface - 🤍 Lights Nanlite Lumipad 25 (main studio lights) - 🤍 Neewer Ring Light (secondary lights) - 🤍 FalconEyes F7 Pocketlite (background color lights) - 🤍 Selfie Ring - (guest light) - 🤍 Show Notes Computer iPad Pro 2020 - 🤍 Submit your topic or question for The John Campea Show here: 🤍 Follow John on Instagram: 🤍

Battle: Los Angeles - VFX Behind the Scenes


Visual effects behind the scenes and breakdowns from the film Battle: Los Anegles

How Movie VFX Are Made: The 8 Steps of Visual Effects!


Spyderfy on Blendermarket: 🤍 This video explains an overview on how visual effects in movies are made. Specifically, it covers the eight steps required for any VFX shot. These include tracking, 3d modeling, rigging, animation, materials/shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing. In addition to this we offer a word of encouragement regarding the changing world in the future with new technologies that can disrupt current industries. More full Blender tutorials coming soon! Enjoy and let us know what VFX tutorials you want to learn next on the channel! Credits Playlist: 🤍 Our Blender Add-ons: Horde: 🤍 Nature/Creature add-on bundle: 🤍 Ultimate Blender add-on value pack: 🤍 CityBuilder3D: 🤍 KHAOS (Ultimate Explosion/Destruction Add-on): 🤍 Spyderfy: 🤍 Texture Stamps: 🤍 WeatherFX: 🤍 Cablecam (Cinematic movement rig): 🤍 LightArchitect (Film setup previsualization): 🤍 KHAOS Fire Shader: 🤍 - movies vfx but how visual effects are made in movies but viral but trending but filmmaking but ai but technology pass relighting tutorial blender but relighting cgi in 2d compositing tutorial but nuke compositing but blender compositing but blackmagic fusion compositing but Make Realistic Clouds in Less Than Two Minutes - Blender Tutorial but Clouds? EZ but Volumetric Cloud with Cycles - Blender 3.0 but Create Procedural Clouds Fast (Blender Tutorial) but Learn vfx in blender 3d but blender 3d quicktip but vfx youtube but How To Make Volumetric Clouds (Blender Tutorial) but visual effects viral videos but corridor but corridor crew but peter france but ian hubert but lightarchitect but blender addons but blender youtube channels but nuke vfx tutorials but 3d simulation tutorials but fumefx but houdini but khaos addon for blender but spyderfy addon for blender but how to learn anything but fundamentals of vfx but after effects tutorials but fusion tutorials but davinci tutorials

How "The Irishman" broke new ground in VFX


Innovative anti-aging technology made the stars of "The Irishman" young again

Triem VFX Breakdown 001:--Particle Invasion: Los Angeles v.1


A quick VFX breakdown of the Particle Invasion: LA animation showing how varied elements were organized

How Lucifer Looks Like Without CGI and VFX |🍿 OSSA Movies


Lucifer Netflix show is a hit and we cannot wait to see more of it! Craving to binge on Lucifer funny moments or miss Lucifer and Chloe on-screen chemistry! Ossam Movies got you covered! Check this video to learn more about mysterious Lucifer behind the scenes world unveiled by none other than the VFX and CGI creators of the series. Always wondered what is the most expensive part of the whole post-production? How much worth was Lucifer devil face? Why did the production crew have to sacrifice wings Amenadiel had? You thought it was a simple coincidence the character shed his wings so easily? The answer to that is very simple - the effects applied to make these wings are extremely expensive! The VFX team had to keep only one character with wings after all - which were the most expensive part of the post-production and the most resourceful to create! Several people were working on 16 feather textures to make Lucifer look like a true angel! You will be as much impressed by the Lucifer best moments which include Kevin Alejandro being lifted by Tom Ellis! Lauren German would be jealous! After Lucifer season 4 ending we can't wait for a return of our favourite character in Lucifer season 5! Stay tuned to see Lucifer best scenes and as always stay OSSA’m! #Lucifer #ossa_movies #CGI Welcome to Ossa Movies - your handy source of cinematic easter eggs and movie critics. Are you in love with Stranger Things? We are obsessed with them too! We also have you covered on greatest Disney and Netflix projects. We know what you’ve been looking for! Of course, we have Top 10 details you missed in Avengers Endgame or Top 5 comedy moments from your favorite series! Are you ready for a heartbreaking tv clip? “cause we have them too!

MPC Film - The Lion King VFX Breakdown


We're thrilled to reveal MPC's stunning work on Disney's 'The Lion King'! 1250 MPC artists, representing more than 30 different nationalities, worked across studios in Los Angeles, London, and Bangalore. Find us here: Home - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍



Motus headed off too LA to visit clients and to attend the 20th annual VES awards. LA is somewhere Motus would love to have a base due to relationships in the city as well as Vancouver being on the same time zone - so it was great to check it out. We can't wait to get back there in September.

We Are Yhellow: Regia, Videoclip, VFX e lavorare a Los Angeles


🤍 Abbiamo conosciuto Lorenzo 5 anni fa a Milano, da allora è cresciuto molto e ora vive e lavora a Los Angeles, ha fondato la sua casa di produzione e si è specializzato nel ramo dei videoclip. Abbiamo deciso di fare due chiacchiere con lui e sua moglie Bailey, per farci raccontare la loro storia, come Lorenzo sia riuscito a trasferirsi in America e come è riuscito ad avviare una carriera da Regista partendo da zero. Sul gruppo LVDUMV il suo profilo è uno dei più seguiti e stimati, sia perché incarna il sogno di molti videomaker sia per la qualità dei suoi lavori. Lorenzo ha uno stile fuori dal comune, con un immaginario surrealista intriso di riferimenti alla cultura cinematografica. Effetti speciali, VFX, CGI rappresentano il core del suo stile e anche per questo riesce a collaborare a distanza con tanti tecnici oltreoceano che trova sul gruppo LVDUMV. Abbiamo avuto il piacere di fornire l'attrezzatura in un suo progetto in Italia, per l'Artista PVRIS, dove Nicholas Bastianello ha curato la DP. PVRIS - Dead Weight [Official Music Video]: 🤍 01:30 Da Torino a Los Angeles 04:35 Bailey’s background 07:30 Esperienza scolastica 11:30 Divisione dei ruoli e produzione in the USA 15:55 cosa vi contraddistingue e le ispirazioni 20:00 sviluppo dei progetti 26:40 differenze tra USA e Italia 30:35 possibili collaborazioni 33:43 difficoltà del mestiere 35:30 vfx & special effects 36:50 relazione con il DOP 40:30 l’ambizione del cinema 41:50 previsioni sul futuro 45:20 lavorare in coppia

VFX career - Where to move for VFX work?


Hollywood became a synonym for film industry. But VFX work for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters is quite often happening far away from Los Angeles or America. Have a look where it's possible to get a job as a visual effects artist, and work on the biggest films.

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 60


To experience the world's first 100% waterproof knit shoe AND get $25 off your order visit 🤍 Join OUR WEBSITE ► 🤍 THIS EPISODE ► The crew is joined by Josée Chapdelaine: CG supervisor and Head of Cfx at Rodeo FX to break down her favorite visual effects sequences. Thanks for joining us Josée! You can find out more about Rodeo FX here ► 🤍 Plus, follow them on IG here ► 🤍 FOLLOW ► Instagram: 🤍 Sub-Reddit: 🤍 SUPPORT ► Join Our Website: 🤍 Buy Merch: 🤍 OUR GEAR, SOFTWARE & PARTNERS ► Our Go-To Gear: 🤍 Puget Systems Computers: 🤍 ActionVFX: 🤍 Cinema4D: 🤍 Insydium: 🤍 Boris FX - Mocha, Sapphire & Continuum: 🤍 Octane Render by OTOY: 🤍 Motion Captured with Xsens Suit: 🤍 Reallusion: 🤍 Unreal MegaGrant: 🤍 MUSIC ► Epidemic: 🤍 click this link for a free month!

San Francisco 1906 (New Version) in Color [VFX,60fps, Remastered] w/sound design added


I colorized , restored and I added a sky visual effect and created a sound design for this video of San Francisco 1906, A Trip Down Market Street, Shot on April 14, 1906, four days before the San Francisco earthquake and fire. From the front of a cable car, a motion picture camera records a trip down Market Street, San Francisco, California, from a point between 8th & 9th Streets, Eastward to the cable car turnaround at the Ferry Building, Video Restoration Process: ✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second ✔ Image resolution boosted up to HD ✔ Improved video sharpness and brightness ✔ Colorized only for the ambiance (not historically accurate) ✔added sound design only for the ambiance ✔restoration:(stabilisation,denoise,cleand,deblur) ✔ SKY Visual Effects (not historically accurate) Please, be aware that colorization colors and SKY Visual Effects are not real and fake, colorization and VFX was made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data. Thanks to Prelinger Archives share the amazing B&W Video Source B&W Video Source from: Prelinger Archives on archive.org B&W Video Source: 🤍 B&W Video Source Rights: under the Creative Commons Attribution License - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 📨 Contact me at :nassthegoodman🤍gmail.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For any Copyright issues, please reach out to us first before filing a claim with YouTube. Send us a message or email detailing your concerns and we'll make sure the matter is resolved immediately. All contact details in our channel's "About" page! Please consider "fair use" before filing a claim. Thank You!

Perry Mason | VFX Breakdown | Digital Domain


Led by VFX Supervisor Mitchell S. Drain, Digital Domain was proud to produce some incredible work on "Perry Mason" for HBO. The work included a recreation of the original Angels Flight area in Los Angeles. The VFX team researched the look of the city as it was in 1930 and compared it to the modern urban layout it is now, then worked to integrate the two as seamlessly as possible. New techniques brought all designs back to life, from the buildings to the streets to the iconic Angels Flight cable-car, a once iconic vertical trolley that last operated in 1969.



VFX BREAKDOWN | SHADOW AND BONE   Looking for something to stream during the holidays? Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Shadow and Bone, now on Netflix.   Working closely with veteran VFX Supervisor Ted Rae, Ghost VFX artists in Copenhagen and Los Angeles proudly provided visual effects on the season 1 of the show. Check out our breakdown reel. COPENHAGEN VFX SUP | Martin GårdelerVFX PRODUCER | Cilie Kragegaard, Monique van Buitenen, Rikke Hovgaard JørgensenVFX ARTISTS | Alex Samorodov, Borja Gonzalez, David Land, Jordi Lopez CG ARTIST | Andreas Thomsen, Asger Langhoff, Belinda Sandberg, Bjarke Rauff, Carlos Fernandez, Cedric Moens de Hase, Dan Andersen, Guillermo Lazaro, Jacob Børsting, Lasse Hansen, Marvin Chrastek, Max Berends, Radek Pyzel, Thomas Jensen, Ulrik Skipper RIGGING | Madhav Shyam TRACKING | Michael Theander COMPOSITOR | Alexander Swahn,  Emanuele Klemp, Erik Karlsson, Felix Turesson, Fynn Laue, Ivan Lindfors, Linnea Petersson, Mathias Valentin Hansen, Ola Stavreus, Pierre Ventrilla MATTE PAINT | Joel Codina DATA IO | Laura Bonde   LA VFX SUP | Matt von Brock VFX PRODUCER | David Brown COMP SUP | Ryan Smolarek FX SUP | Brandon Young VFX ARTISTS | Bruce Coy, Dave Rand, Andrew Furlong, SeungJae Lee CG ARTIST | Matt Lefferts, Frank Synowicz COMPOSITOR | Sean Cox, Gary Lopez, Javier Gallego, Erik O'Donnell MATTE PAINTER | Mayumi Shimokawa DATA IO | Migs Rustia, Eduardo Cisneros #shadowandbone #ghostvfx #vfx #vfxbreakdown #netflix #copenhagen #losangeles

VFX Los Angeles 2


VFX test

San Andreas VFX Breakdown Reel


Cinesite delivered a major visual effects sequence for the Warner Bros. production San Andreas. As the first earthquake of the film strikes, a young woman driving alone in the Los Angeles mountains veers off the road, through a barrier and over a cliff. Hanging precariously in her car above the canyon, she phones for help. Cinesite’s visual effects cover this entire exciting sequence, as the team attempt to rescue her from their helicopter. For more information visit 🤍

VFX Artists React to THE BOYS Bad & Great CGi 2


Puget ► Look into getting your own amazing Puget Systems Workstation 🤍s/go/CorridorDigital Join OUR WEBSITE ► 🤍 THIS EPISODE ► Niko and Wren sit down with Overall VFX Supervisor from "The Boys," Stephan Fleet to breakdown the visual effects from the show's third season! Check out Stephan's Instagram for more inside looks into "The Boys" ► 🤍 SUPPORT ► Join Our Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Buy Merch: 🤍 OUR GEAR, SOFTWARE & PARTNERS ► Our Go-To Gear: 🤍 Puget Systems Computers: 🤍 ActionVFX: 🤍 Lighting by Aputure: 🤍 Cinema4D: 🤍 Nuke by The Foundry: 🤍 Insydium: 🤍 Octane Render by OTOY: 🤍 Boris FX - Mocha, Sapphire & Continuum: 🤍 Motion Captured with Xsens Suit: 🤍 Reallusion: 🤍 Unreal MegaGrant: 🤍 MUSIC ► Epidemic: 🤍 click this link for a free month! CHAPTERS ► 00:00 Intro 01:29 Dawn of the Seven 04:44 Bloody Explosion 10:02 Timothy the Octopus 15:05 Sup v. Sup v. Sup 17:16 Punch 4 Punch 17:4 Lasers on Lasers 18:41 Puget Systems 20:11 Outro

Los Angeles VFX Shot 2


A VFX shot, showcasing vrbn studios' 3d urban environment work. 🤍vrbn.io 🤍vrbn.io/shop This shot was produced in close collaboration with Ikweta Arts, which was providing perfect matte painting & comp. Thank you! 🤍ikwetaarts.com Contact us for more info: info🤍vrbn.io 🤍vrbn.io vrbn studios on social media: 🤍linkedin.com/company/vrbn 🤍instagram.com/vrbnstudios 🤍facebook.com/vrbnstudios 🤍twitter.com/vrbnio

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels - VFX Breakdown by FuseFX


Visit Our Website - 🤍 Penny Dreadful: City of Angels - VFX Breakdown by FuseFX Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels" by the talented team at FuseFX. For more information, please see the details and links below : 🤍 When a grisly murder shocks Los Angeles in 1938, Detective Tiago Vega and his partner Lewis Michener become embroiled in an epic story that reflects the troubled history of the city. 1938 Los Angeles is a time and place deeply infused with social and political tension. When a grisly murder shocks the city, Detective Tiago Vega and his partner Lewis Michener become embroiled in an epic story that reflects the rich history of Los Angeles: from the building of the city’s first freeways and its deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore, to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich and the rise of radio evangelism. #PennyDreadfulCityofAngels #MovieVFX #PennyDreadful #CityOfAngels #VFX #CityOfAngelsVFX Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Penny Dreadful: City of Angels VFX Donate - 🤍 This video is uploaded after written copyright permission or part of Creative Commons license 🤍 for more details or dispute Contact us rajat90018🤍gmail.com #VFX #CGI #VFXBreakdown #Reels #MotionGraphics #Makingof #BehindtheScenes

VFX Artist Reveals How Much Water is Actually on Earth


CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING ► 🤍 Watch Season 4 From The Beginning ► 🤍 Edited on Puget Systems 🤍 This Episode ► Wren uses visual effects to show you how much water is actually on Planet Earth! THE GEAR WE USE ► Most Used Equipment: 🤍 Perfect Camera: 🤍 Puget Systems Computers: 🤍 SUPPORT US ► Translate & Subtitle: 🤍 Patreon Donation: 🤍 Buy Merch: 🤍 FOLLOW US ► Instagram: 🤍 Sub-Reddit: 🤍 Subscribe to our Gaming Channel, NODE: 🤍 EPISODE MUSIC ► Epidemic sound FILM RIOT "Cinema Pack" "Horror Pack" "Block Buster Pack" 🤍

VFX Artists React to TOLLYWOOD Bad and Great CGi


Get Extra today to start building credit with debit! 🤍 Join OUR WEBSITE ► 🤍 THIS EPISODE ► Sam, Niko, and Freddie sit down to react to the South-Indian Blockbuster Sensation "RRR." Check out Freddie's D&D Podcast! ► 🤍 SUPPORT ► Join Our Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Buy Merch: 🤍 OUR GEAR, SOFTWARE & PARTNERS ► Our Go-To Gear: 🤍 Puget Systems Computers: 🤍 ActionVFX: 🤍 Lighting by Aputure: 🤍 Cinema4D: 🤍 Nuke by The Foundry: 🤍 Insydium: 🤍 Octane Render by OTOY: 🤍 Boris FX - Mocha, Sapphire & Continuum: 🤍 Motion Captured with Xsens Suit: 🤍 Reallusion: 🤍 Unreal MegaGrant: 🤍 MUSIC ► Epidemic: 🤍 click this link for a free month!

Most Famous FIGHT SCENES In Movies Before and After SPECIAL EFFECTS (VFX)


Fight sequences often forms the most visually attractive part of any film, and the really well-directed ones tend to stand out amongst the crowd! And when we add the power of visual effects to these fight scenes, they often become the ones to remember! In this video, we will see some of the favorite fight scenes in movies and how they actually look like, before and after VFX. Subscribe to FactoFusion: 🤍 Our Social Media: Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Below is the list of Most Famous Fight Scenes In Movies Before and After VFX : At number 10: Hobbs & Shaw – Action Scenes At number 9: Avengers – Cap vs Cap At number 8: Far from Home – London Battle Scene At number 7: Captain Marvel – Train Chase Sequence At number 6: Superman vs Justice League At number 5: Avengers – Cap vs Thanos At number 4: John Wick – Bike Fight Scene At number 3: Age of Ultron – Motorcycle Chase At number 2: Spiderman vs Doctor Octopus At number 1: Aquaman – Underwater Fight Scenes Credit goes to the following VFX Companies List and the work put in by these amazing VFX teams/studios: Industrial Light & Magic (🤍) Weta Digital (🤍 Sony Pictures Imageworks (🤍 Framestore (🤍 DNEG (🤍 Luma Pictures (🤍) PIXOMONDO (🤍 Trixter (🤍 Scanline VFX (🤍 Digital Domain (🤍 Rise (🤍 Cinesite (🤍 and many more VFX studios... Behind the scenes: Marvel Studios Flashback FilmMaking Sony Pictures animation boss (🤍) And thanks to big productions studios like Warner Bros. Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment, Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and many more, without whom these movies wouldn't have been possible. So guys, what do you think of these fight scenes? And which one of the VFX scenes is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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