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ULTIMATE DUBAI FOOD TOUR - KING of Iranian BBQ, Best Shawarma & Arabic Manakish in Sharjah UAE


ULTIMATE DUBAI FOOD TOUR - KING of Iranian BBQ, Best Shawarma & Arabic Manakish in Sharjah UAE Must Subscribe for Mazy Mazy Ki Videos 🤍 My Second Channel 🤍 Rana Hasan Saif 🤍 Music Epidemic 🤍 Follow INSTAGRAM 👉🤍 SNAPCHAT 👉 🤍 FACEBOOK PAGE 👉🤍 CONTACT: ranahamza0002🤍 Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or critique in the comments below. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, it’s the best way to keep my videos in your feed and give me the thumbs up if you liked this video. THANKS.. You could also share it if you liked that would be awesome



Get your work done and answer emails faster, in the appropriate tone, and confidently with Grammarly! Go to 🤍 to sign up for a FREE account and get 20% off Premium! #Grammarly Heading to the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall for a day of walking around and eating. First headed to new shanghai for some truffle soup dumplings, then to try some of the famous Al Baik Chicken nuggets. ➔ Join my Discord! 🤍 ★ Check out my Twitch: 🤍 *MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram* ✩ 🤍 ➔ Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! 🤍 ✸ Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: 🤍 ➣ Subscribe for MORE videos about food! 🤍 ➣ Subscribe to my Vlog Channel! 🤍 ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: 🤍 Facebook Mike Fan Page: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ : Sony RX100 Mark V: 🤍 PANASONIC LUMIX G85: 🤍 Wide Angle Lens: 🤍 Camera Mic: 🤍 Camera Lights: 🤍 Handheld Audio Recorder: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 My Favorite Cookware! wok/pan 🤍 Also this pan 🤍 Pressure pan 🤍 Nonstick pot 🤍 - ♫ Music from: Epidemic Sound 🤍



From the traditional Emirati Cuisine (Arab street food) to Indian street food I explored Dubai’s best $1 street food. This was one of my favorite ultimate food tour’s because I discovered all different types of cuisines (Arab street food, Indian street food, and overall Emirati street food). Comment below on things to do in Dubai or any must try foods in Dubai! This video is the 3rd in my food challenge to eat $1 street food all around the world for my travel series (Living on $1 Street Food Around The World). Comment the next city / country I should travel to and subscribe to follow the journey of discovering the best $1 street food food pov from around the world! To follow the behind the scenes - Insta: iAmLivingBobby Mohsin: 🤍 MY GEAR: My Camera - 🤍 Cheap camera (still awesome ones in the used department): 🤍 Main Lens - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 Drone - 🤍 MY MUSIC (click to get FREE trial): 🤍

Huge DUBAI FOOD Tour!! 48 HOURS EATING Fast Food + Emirati Food in UAE!


Thank you to Visit Dubai for inviting me on this food tour of Dubai! 🥭 Amazing Fruit Mountain in Thailand: 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Don’t miss new food videos! DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Welcome to Dubai, UAE, and today we’re going on an ultimate 48 hour food tour of Dubai. We’ll be eating traditional Emirati food, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian, and local street food fast food. It’s going to be an amazing two days of eating our way through Dubai and I can’t wait to share it all with you now! Here are all the places we ate: Al Jawareh Traditional Restaurant (🤍 - This restaurant specializes in traditional Emirati food, a little outside of the center of the city. I especially love the omelet with tomato and chabab bread that you can eat with cheese and date syrup. Al Fareej Restaurant (🤍 - Next up, Iraian food and a massive kebab tray that included a big variety. Of course kebab koobideh is the king of all kebabs and it was delicious. Mumbai Express Restaurant and Cafe (🤍 - Next up we ate at Mumbai Express, an Indian restaurant serving mainly Mumbai snacks, chaats, and light meals. Their pav bhaji was fantastic. Ravi Restaurant (🤍 - One of the meals of this entire Dubai food tour was at Ravi Restaurant that’s probably the most well known Pakistani food in all of Dubai. Their food is outstanding, including the variety of grilled meats and especially their mutton Peshawari. Al Ijaza Cafeteria (🤍 - Next up, Al Ijaza Cafeteria which is one of the most family street food / fast food spots in Dubai. They have a humorous and creative menu highlights sandwiches and grilled meats with a huge selection of milkshakes and fruit shakes. Sonara Camp (🤍 - Finally to complete this ultimate Dubai food tour, we headed out to the desert to the luxurious Sonara Camp. There was entertainment and food and a great family and special meal experience. Again, a huge thank you to Visit Dubai for sponsoring my trip to Dubai and for filming and producing this video. 🎵MUSIC: 🤍 —————————————————— 🍌100% Real Durian Chips - Order Here: 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Trying FAST FOOD restaurants in Dubai!


Make sure to check out Nominal and all their beautiful pieces here: 🤍 Don’t forget to use code JASMINE 🫶

Dubai Food Tour (Part 1) | Best Kebabs, Pakistani Food, Arabian Tea, Momos & More


Hello #GGSquad, How are you? I am so excited to bring to you the first part of Dubai Food series. There are going to be four parts to this series. my Instagram here: 🤍 my second channel: 🤍 Video shot by Navin: 🤍 Content Strategy by Pooja & Pramod: 🤍 Places we went to: Raju Omlet: Mubarak Building, Near Park Regis Hotel, Al Karama - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Yalla Momos: Behind Park Regis Hotel - 4 B Street, Al Karama - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Al Ustad Special Kebab: Near Al Fahidi Metro Station - Al Mussallah Rd - Al Hamriya - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Arabian Tea House: Bastakiya Opposite Musalla Post Office - Al Fahidi St - Bur Dubai - Al Fahidi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Ravi Restaurant: 7HQQ67MH+CJ - Al Satwa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Any more doubts? Let me know in the comments. Mail me here: pooja🤍 TIME STAMPS 00:00 INTRO 0:47 Raju Omlet 4:25 Yalla Momos 7:00 Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood 7:25 Al Ustad Special Kebab 10:48 Arabian Tea House 12:44 Ravi Restaurant

EXTREME Food in Dubai - GIANT Yemeni GOAT PLATTER COOKING!!! The cooking process is amazing!!


Thanks to Maraheb Restaurant in Dubai, UAE for inviting us in to see the FULL YEMENI Goat Platter making!!! At the Rebat St - Nadd Al Hamar Branch in Dubai! The Maraheb Restaurant has expanded internationally with UAE 7 branches , Oman 2 branches and Kuwait 2 branches! I've just moved to Dubai UAE and am already so excited to be here exploring Emirati cuisine and of course all of the different street foods in Dubai and occasionally some luxury food and foods from around the world in Dubai! I'm gonna be going on tons of street food adventures and making these Dubai street food tour videos for you! - Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Insta: 🤍 I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!! ► My Food Blog: 🤍 ►How to Grow on YouTube: 🤍 ► My TubeBuddy Review (helped me grow this street food channel!): 🤍 ► MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: 🤍 The Food Ranger Trevor James Instagram: ► 🤍 ►My Street Food Blog: 🤍​

Mohammed Ali Road's Jalebi in Dubai mini vlog - JJ Jalebi Karama, Mumbai street food in Dubai 😋😋


This Mini vlog food tour is on Mumbai special street food style Jalebi from Mohammed Ali Road which is now available in Dubai also. Shop name is JJ Jalebi in Karama Dubai. Mohammed Ali Road Mumbai food on Dubai Street, is it not amazing? I enjoyed the same taste of crispy thick mumbai jalebi like Kolkata's famous chanar jalebi in Dubai. JJ Jalebi, the famous jalebi shop from Kurla in Mumbai, now has a branch in Karama serving Mumbai street food under the name J.J. Jalebi Dubai. Crispy thick Jalebis are the sweet tooth night time craving of every Indian street food lovers. And if you'll get thick, crunchy, caramelized, sweet, freshly fried jalebis what else do you need? They are serving jalebis with rabdi. As of date, JJ Jalebi's rabdi Jalebi is the best Jalebi in Mumbai. Price and location of JJ Jalebi Karama Dubai are given in my Long Food tour Episode, uploaded in main channel 🤍DubaiVloggerRayaC. Link is given below. ➜⇢➤ 🤍 #mumbaistreetfood #jalebi #jalebilover #jalebis #jalebishorts #minivlog #minifoodvlog #streetfoodindia #mumbaistreetfood #dubaivloggerraya #dubaifoodguide #dubaifoodvlog #dubaistreetfood #streetfoodlover #sweettooth This Shorts is in English. Welcome to my channel, 🤍FoodieRaya! I am a Dubai based Indian Bengali food vlogger. My Food Tour vlogs will take you across Dubai as well as around the world. You will find information on new foods, restaurant reviews, street foods, as well as different cuisines from around the world. Like 💞, Share ↗️, Subscribe 👆 my channel Foodie Raya 🦋 . Click the notification Bell icon 🔔 so that all of us are well connected 🔗 🤗 & share our happiness ☺️. Follow me on :- ✍️ 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗯𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗹 :: 🤍 ✍️ 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗯𝗲 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗹 :: 🤍 ✍️ 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮 𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗹𝗲 :: 🤍 ✍️ 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮 𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗹𝗲 :: 🤍 ✍️ 𝗙𝗮𝗰𝗲𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗣𝗮𝗴𝗲 :: 🤍 This content is Copyright to Dubai Vlogger Raya©. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload of this content is, therefore, strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented!

Ultimate PAKISTANI STREET FOOD Tour in Dubai!! 16 Hours Eating Biryani + Balloon-Sized Puris!!


Best Pakistani food in Dubai! Go check out 🤍thefoodranger and 🤍AliHamdani!! 📺 Dubai Emirati food tour: 🤍 DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Welcome to Dubai, which is one of the most diverse cities in the world with an amazing array of delicious and authentic food. Today we’re going on an ultimate 16 hours Pakistani street food tour in Dubai and Sharjah! Again be sure to follow Trevor and Ali on their youtube channels and social media. Ok, let’s get started eating, here are all the places: 1. Pakistan Sweets, Sharjah UAE (🤍 - We started off with Pakistani breakfast, and some of the biggest puri’s I’ve ever seen in my life. They were literally birthday balloon sized pieces of fried bread that completely puffed up as soon as they hit the oil. With the chickpea curry, they were delicious. Pakistani food breakfast of champions. 2. Mathaq Alzafran Pastry, Sharjah, UAE (🤍 - Immediately across the street you’ll find another Pakistani food breakfast favorites, payas, or goat feet stewed. 3. Al Ashiyah Cafeteria (🤍 - Al Ashiyah Cafeteria serves one of my favorite foods of all time - Pakistani chapli kebab. They are huge patty's of meat mixed with spices, and in this case an entire omelet, and fried in fat in a huge jacuzzi sized pan. Amazing you can get the real deal in Dubai! 4. Pak Liyari Al Nahda (🤍 - Next up on this ultimate Dubai Pakistani food tour we headed to Pak Liyari Al Nahda, where they serve one of the best biryani in Dubai. Their biryani is so fluffy and fragrant with just the right amount of spice and oily meats. Absolutely delicious, and don’t miss their green chicken! 5. Mama Machi Restaurant (🤍 - Next up, Pakistani fried fish, and it actually has a unique story in that the restaurant is fully run by Keralites, yet they still serve Pakistani style fried fish. Highly recommended, really tasty. 6. Bar.B.Q Tonight (🤍 - Finally to complete this food tour, there was no way we could go on a Pakistani food tour without eating a karahi and bbq meats. We also met up with some great friends and fellow creators for a delicious celebration Pakistani meal! Joe Hattab: 🤍 Khalid Al Ameri: 🤍 Ruzaina - The Minority Taste: 🤍 🎵MUSIC: 🤍 —————————————————— 🍌100% Real Durian Chips - Order Here: 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Our FAVOURITE places in Dubai! FOOD COMA 😅


Hey guys! Make sure to check out LuxCreo here: 🤍 We hope you enjoyed our favourite spots in Dubai! Let us know in the comments below what your favourite spots are so that we can check them out as well 🤍

Finding the best breakfast spot in Dubai


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weekly vlog living in Dubai ♡ sephora event in Abu Dhabi, organizing my closet, sea food & skincare


Hi loves!! First vlog of 2023 in DUBAI!! I am so blessed to have you all and almost reaching 200K feels unreal. I can't express my gratitude and love towards each and every one of you supporting me. ♡Instagram: 🤍dianashex ♡Tiktok: 🤍dianashex ♡Email: diana.shekhany🤍 ♡What camera do I use? CANON M50 and Canon G7X

The Ultimate DUBAI FOOD TOUR - Street Food and Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!


Check out this amazing food in Dubai, UAE! Peyman’s Channel► 🤍 Subscribe for 2 new videos per week► 🤍 When I was in Dubai, I had the privilege of hanging out and eating with my friend Peyman (🤍 He’s from Dubai, he loves to eat, and he knows some of the best food spots in Dubai. So in this Dubai food tour, we went around and ate Emirati food, rice and lamb, street food, karak tea, and finally ended with home cooked Emirati food at Peyman’s home. One thing I want to quickly mention, and Peyman and I discussed this in the video as well, is that Emirati food at restaurants is still not very common in Dubai. This is because there are so many international restaurants in Dubai, and local Emiratis typically just eat their food at home. But things are changing and there is starting to be a higher demand for Emirati food in Dubai. Al Fanar Restaurant - One of the only full Emirati food restaurants in Dubai. We ordered Luqaimat, Tharid, Madrooba, Balaleet. All the food was fantastic, and it’s a nice environment. Total price - 280 AED ($76.21) Karak - 0.50 AED ($0.14) per cup - This is originally adapted from India, but it’s a full part of the culture in UAE, and you can get cups of karak tea right to your car. Al Marhabani Restaurant - Mandi is one of the greatest Arabian food dishes, originally from Yemen. It includes rice and meat that’s traditionally cooked in an underground oven. The lamb here was outstanding. Total price - 200 AED ($54.44) Al Labeeb Grocery - Regag bread - This is a little gem of a shop that Peyman took me to. They make some Dubai street food style crepes with cheese and fish sauce, and it’s awesome. Price - 6 AED ($1.63) each Machboos - Finally at Peyman’s house for dinner, he cooked machboos, one of the national dishes of UAE. It was a great way to end this Dubai food tour! Thank you for watching this Dubai food tour! MUSIC: *CAMERA GEAR* I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 2nd lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Gorillapod: 🤍 I would love to connect with you! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 T-shirts available now: 🤍 Check out Peyman’s channel: 🤍

Food in Dubai - INCREDIBLE Iranian Kebabs & Whole Fish Fry | Deira, United Arab Emirates!


SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week► 🤍 Peyman’s Channel► 🤍 In this food tour of Dubai, we started with some of the most legendary of all Iranian kebabs in Dubai. I then took to exploring the spice souk, and finally we headed over to Bu Qtair to eat a whole fish fry - another one of the most famous, sort of Dubai street food style meals. AL Ustad Special Kabab - The food here is spectacular. If you’re looking for some mind-blowing flavorful kebabs, this is the place to eat when you’re in Dubai. All the kebabs were amazing, but the lamb marinated lamb was mind-blowing. Total price - 100 AED ($27.21) but I think they hooked us up with some dishes Al Bastakiya - This is a very interesting area of Dubai to explore, it’s a re-created old styles Dubai village. Unfortunately it was a little hot, 45 °C (113 °F) - And HUMID too!, but I still needed to head out and explore. Boat ride - 1 AED ($0.27) Lemon juice - 5 AED ($1.36) Dubai Spice Souk - One of the best places to explore in Dubai is Deira, which is old Dubai, and the Dubai spice souk (market). The market is great to walk around and you’ll find spices galore. Bu Qtair - When I asked you where I should eat in Dubai, Bu Qtair restaurant was one of the top recommendations. It’s a fish fry restaurant, where you order a whole fish and they deep fry the entire thing. It used to be a street food restaurant, but they now have an indoor restaurant, but the food is still amazing. Total price - 170 AED ($46.27) for everything Check out Peyman’s channel: 🤍 Thank you for watching this Dubai food tour video! MUSIC: Beautiful People - 🤍 *CAMERA GEAR* I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 2nd lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Gorillapod: 🤍 I would love to connect with you! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 T-shirts available now: 🤍

die BESTEN Food Spots in Dubai 😍 VLOG mit Kiki und Hamza


Heute mal wieder nach langer Zeit ein richtiger VLOG auf dem Hauptkanal 😍 Da wir, bevor es im Café und Store mit den Renovierungen so richtig los ging, noch einmal wegfahren wollten, sind wir nach DUBAI geflogen. Dort haben wir die gehyptesten Restaurants getestet und zeigen euch den ein oder anderen Geheimtipp. 🤩 Viel Spaß beim Anschauen ❤️ Für weitere VLOGS folgt gerne unserem Zweitkanal: 🤍 KIKIS Zaatar Gewürz für z.B. Manakish: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Vlog-Kanal: 🤍 🔴 Mein Shop: 🤍 Premium Pfannen & Töpfe: 🤍 Premium Tortenring: 🤍 Vanilleextrakt SPAR SET: 🤍 Tragt euch für meinen kostenlosen Newsletter ein, um Aktionen und Sneak Peaks nicht zu verpassen: 🤍 ✔️ Lasst ein Abo da ❤️ 0:00 Begrüßung 0:27 Besuch bei Bab Al Mansour (marokkanisches Restaurant) 5:59 ein paar Impressionen des Tages 6:45 wir haben spontan Hunger und landen bei Five Guys + Taste Test 9:45 Kiki entdeckt E-Roller und wir besuchen die Cheesecake Factory 12:07 Wir besuchen Palm Jumeirah 13:50 📍Meshico - mexikanisch essen und Kiki probiert Knochenmark 20:20 Alfalak Café - Manakish, die arabische Pizza ❤️ 21:00 📍Railway Market - Marshmallow Shakes und glasierte Donuts 😱 22:16 asiatische Desserts bei 📍M`oishi 23:37 📍Brunch & Cake - ist es den Hype wert? 27:45 📍Rawabina - palästinensiches Restaurant 31:36 📍Saya Brasserie Café 34:37 📍HuqqA - Restaurant mit Blick über Dubai 35:16 Outro

AMAZING DUBAI FOOD TOUR 🇦🇪 Street Food + King of Kebab + Lamb Madfoona + Masala Fried Fish


Salam💕 Bohemian Family! We are in Dubai, UAE. Thanks To : 1. Alamoor express 2. Dinner in the Sky 3. Qamis Leebes (Unique Qamis) 4. Zamzam Mandi 5. Al Ustad Special Kebab 6. Juice World 7. Afghan Paratha 8. Thalashery Cafeteria 9. Restaurant Zagol 10. Bu Qtair Restaurant 11. Cafe Yakitate ▼▽▼▽ Please Like and Subscribe to our channel ▼▽▼▽ (づ 。◕‿‿◕。) づ 🤍 ⬅️ SUBSCRIBE❣️❣️ Bohemian Kitchen Instagram: ► 🤍 Bohemian Kitchen Facebook: ► 🤍

DUBAI FOOD HEAVEN - Most Famous KEBABS + Zafran Rice with LAMB in UAE !!


ASALAMOALAIKUM. This Is RANA HAMZA SAIF - RHS, i'm a food lover and exploring the street food of this WORLD. It's second part of Dubai series. here is the first part 🤍 Make sure you’re following RHS here: THE RHS INSTAGRAM 👉🤍 THE RHS SNAPCHAT 👉 🤍 THE RHS FACEBOOK PAGE 👉🤍 _ _ CONTACT: ranahamza0002🤍 Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or critique in the comments below. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, it’s the best way to keep my videos in your feed and give me the thumbs up if you liked this video. THANKS.. You could also share it if you liked that would be awesome

DUBAI FOOD (Part 3) | Emirati Food, Filli Chai, Kunafa, Gazeebo Biryani & More


Hello #GGSquad, How are you? I am so excited to bring to you the third part of Dubai Food series. There are going to be four parts to this series. my Instagram here: 🤍 My second channel: 🤍 Video shot by Navin: 🤍 Content Strategy by Pooja & Pramod: 🤍 Places we went to: Gazeebo Restaurant: 27 Mona Ali Mohammed Ali - Kuwait St - Al Raffa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Al Mallah: Al Dhiyafa Rd - Al Hudaiba - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Firas Sweets: Al Hudaiba Building,2nd of December Street,Al Hudaiba - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Al- Fanar: Al Seef St - Al Hamriya - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Filli: Business Bay - Dubai, United Arab Emirates Bay Avenue - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Any more doubts? Let me know in the comments. Mail me here: pooja🤍 TIME STAMPS 00:00 Intro 0:22 Samosa & Biryani (Gazeebo) 4:16 Shawarma & Falafel (Al Mallah) 7:39 Kunafa (Firas Sweets) 9:32 Zaffran Tea (Filli) 10:48 At The Top Burj Khalifa 11:22 Chebab & Majboos (Al-Fanar)

Dubai Vlog 2 | Room Tour | Dubai Metro | Food in Dubai | ZulekhasKitchenVlog | Family Vlog


we finally reached our hotel room. this video has good view of dubai creek from our hotel room. we also tried dubai metro to reach burjuman mall. we tried burger king bacon burger which was very delicious. we finally proceeded to see dubai frame which you will see in next vlog. let me know how did you like this vlog in comments section #hindivlog #dubaivlog #zulekhaskitchenvlogs #familyvlog dubai vlog 1 🤍 also watch my other vlogs 🤍 If you missed any of my recipe. Find it on my Facebook page 🤍 ramadan recipes 🤍 eid recipes 🤍 biryani recipes 🤍 chicken gravy recipes 🤍 indo chinese recipes 🤍 mutton recipes 🤍 paratha naan & roti recipes gehu ka paratha 🤍 lacha paratha recipe 🤍 pyaaz kulcha 🤍 tandoori naan 🤍 rumali roti recipe 🤍 other useful recipes homemade adrak lassan paste 🤍 homemade schezwan chutney 🤍 green chutney recipe 🤍 homemade ghee recipe 🤍 crispy fried onions birista 🤍 homemade paneer recipe 🤍 homemade mayonnaise recipe 🤍 homemade chaat masala 🤍 homemade tandoori masala 🤍 homemade garam masala 🤍 homemade coriander cumin powder 🤍 Visit my Blog 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

January in Dubai Day 7: Lebanese Breakfast, A New Burger Experience, Boys Night Out


January in Dubai Day 7: Lebanese Breakfast, A New Burger Experience, Boys Night Out . يناير في دبي ، اليوم السابع: فطور لبناني ، تجربة برجر جديدة ، ليلة للأولاد . . Follow my steps around Dubai: 🤍 . "Welcome to those who believe in spreading happiness, to those who believe in the power of dreams, to those who believe in sharing joy, and would like to join me in my exploration of this beautiful life." . JOIN my channel, and help me continue the journey, with a small monthly contribution: 🤍 . SUPPORT my mission: 🤍 . Subscribe: 🤍 . #AnthonyRahayel, #NoGarlicNoOnions Thank you for watching another video or live coverage by (انطوني رحيّل) "#Spreadinghappiness and #Sharingjoy" is what I do. . #Arabic, #French, and #English: My Channel Speaks 3 Languages. . . My mission is to show the Lebanese cosmopolitan culture through my eyes, to the world! Traveling around the globe, I support small businesses and spot the next food trends.. See the world cultures from my perspective. . You can support my initiatives: DIRECT PAYPAL TRANSFER: 🤍 . . Follow my steps on Social Media: - FACEBOOK: 🤍 - INSTAGRAM: 🤍 - TWITTER: 🤍 - TIKTOK: 🤍 - LINKEDIN: 🤍 . . . #NGNO #Lebanon #Food #Dubai #Paris #لبنان #TravelBlog #Mechwar #Canada #Happiness #Beirut #TourismVideos #NGNOdiscovers #السفر #الشرق_الأوسط #exploringfood #FoodVideos #Howitsmade #Australia #Foodblogger

VLOG: Dubai - JBR Beach, food, getting lash extensions


Hi everyone, Thank you for the love on my last few vlogs. I hope you enjoy this one too! In my next vlog, me and my sisters are doing the desert safari so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss that! Comment any videos you'd like to see. If you're in Dubai then you have to check out BROWZ, their work is amazing! (Instagram: browz.uae) Follow me on my other socials! Instagram : tarabarzz Tiktok: tarabarzz For business enquiries: t.barz2401🤍 *disclaimer* please note no copyright infringement is intended and I do not own nor claim to own any of the music played in this video.

DUBAI TRAVEL VLOG ⎮ Things to Do, Food, Tips + More


Hey Guys! I am backkkkkk! It has been a few weeks since I posted but that's because I went on a trip to DUBAI at the very last minute!! This was a very family friendly and eventful trip! We flew with Emirates 14 hours non stop and stayed at the Hilton Jumeirah Beach. We went on the Dhow dinner cruise, desert safari tour (with Camel Riding, ATVs, Henna Tattoos, Dune Bashing, Sand boarding, Dinner and a Show), a Dubai City half day tour (visited the Old Souks, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach and more), and an Abu Dhabi full day tour (visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferarri World, the Louvre Museum and more). It was so much fun! So if you're thinking about traveling with friends or family to Dubai definitely check out this vlog so you know what to expect! I definitely want to go back very soon! Thanks for watching please give this video a like, comment and subscribe!! Xoxo SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!!! 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 business inquiries contact: officialcierraleone🤍

WORLD'S Famous NUSRET Salt Bae Experience In DUBAI !!!


Today World's Famous Chef Nusret #SaltBae gave us food and had a great time there with my friends. Rashed's Youtube Channel: 🤍 Fadie's Instagram: fadie2xaround Fadie's snapchat: fadie8 My Instagram : mo_vlogs_ 🤍 My Sisters Instagram : lanarose786 🤍 My Snapchat: mohamedoo My Sisters Snapchat: lana.rose786 Twitter: 🤍 My sister's youtube channel: 🤍 Lana's Facebook : 🤍 My Facebook Page : 🤍 My Email: movlogsbusiness🤍 My Sisters Email:🤍

Traditional Arabian Street Food in MADINA | Eyghori Full GOAT Mandi, KABAB, Fried Fish, Grilled Fish


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उल्टो कराईमा रोटी र restaurant को भन्दा पनी मिठो खाना घरमै बनाएर परीवारलाई खुसी पार्दै#nepaliinuae


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MASSIVE DUBAI FOOD TOUR - 100KG Shawarma + RARE Emirati Cuisine in UAE @thefoodranger


MASSIVE DUBAI FOOD TOUR - 100KG Shawarma + RARE Emirati Cuisine in UAE Hanging Out In Dubai With Peyman 🤍 Food Ranger 🤍 Must Subscribe for Mazy Mazy Ki Videos 🤍 My Second Channel 🤍 First day of exploring delicious dishes in Dubai.A great day spent experiencing some very new things and food items. First spot: Tried FATTAH (mixture of nuts,bread,humus,olive and sourness of yoghurt.)Then tried Falafel balls with humus(heavenly delicious). Then prepared a wrap filled with falafel, tahini sauce, tomato sauce and fried egg (extremely delicious and something I've never tried) Second Spot (Laffah): A top notch shawarma place in dubai. Known for its taste and creamy shawarma. I tried their lamb shawarma filled with pickles, veggies, sauces and alot of meat. It was just beyond explaination. Just divine! Third Spot: (Arabian Tea house): Tried Harees which was very buttery and not very spicy, yet very flavoursome and Majboos (rice served with lamb meat,heavenly delicious). Proper Emarati food items! Forth spot: Tried various types of fatayer. Sujuk and cheese pomegranate fatayer was more than delicious. Then tried minced lamb fatayer which was full of meat flavours and the meat was very tender and juicy. After that they served us freshly baked kunafa(extremely delicious and the cheese inside it was chewy in the beginning and then just melts inside the mouth. Yum! Rana Hasan Saif 🤍 Music Epidemic 🤍 Follow INSTAGRAM 👉🤍 SNAPCHAT 👉 🤍 FACEBOOK PAGE 👉🤍 CONTACT: ranahamza0002🤍 Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or critique in the comments below. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, it’s the best way to keep my videos in your feed and give me the thumbs up if you liked this video. THANKS.. You could also share it if you liked that would be awesome

DUBAI MARINA - FOOD TOUR (Was kostet Essen in Dubai wirklich?) | Vlog#9


#dubaimarina #dubaifoodtour #dubaivlog #dubairestaurants Im heutigen Video machen wir eine Food Tour durch die Dubai Marina. Wir haben uns drei richtig leckere Restaurants herausgesucht - also los gehts...! Social Media Kanäle der besuchten Locations: ➡️ Breaking Bread 🤍 ➡️ Zaroob 🤍 ➡️ Black Tap Dubai 🤍 ➡️ After Room Restaurant 🤍 Viel Spaß beim Video! Christina & Mario Du möchtest uns unterstützen? Dann lass uns gerne ein Abo & ein Like da. Vergiss nicht die Glocke zu aktivieren - so verpasst du in Zukunft kein neues Video mehr von uns! HIER FINDEST DU UNS AUF SOCIAL MEDIA! :) Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍

Dubai Mall, Arabic Sweets & Iraqi Food - Dubai Vlog 3


I finally made it to Dubai after my stint at the Sharjah International Book Fair! We start out exploring the Dubai Mall where I got to sample all sorts of delicious Middle Eastern sweets including Arabic ice cream, a comforting milky drink called "sahlab" and the most scrumptious baklava! Then we headed out to meet some local friends who took us to an Iraqi restaurant for a fantastic lunch! MORE FROM THIS TRIP: Part 1 - Mosque Visit & Arabic Coffee 🤍 Part 2 - Local Market & Date Hunting 🤍 Part 4 - Emirati Food & The Louvre 🤍 JOIN US ON PATREON FOR BONUS CONTENT: 🤍 MY KITCHEN TOOLS & INGREDIENTS: 🤍 WRITTEN RECIPES: 🤍 MY COOKBOOK: 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 About Pai: Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin's Kitchen. Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her "playtime" in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco. After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at 🤍 #ThaiFood #ThaiRecipes #AsianRecipes

Dubai Supercar Spotting by Night! | FOOD VLOG


What does Dubai have in store for us at night!? From a McLaren P1 to some unusual off-roaders, plenty of G63 AMGs, AMG GT S' and all varieties of Rolls-Rolls models. Let's go exploring, vlog style, and discover a little more of Dubai. Kicking off from our base with the Audi RS 3 Sedan that has come in to replace the TT RS, we head on a sightseeing supercar spotting tour of Dubai. With seemingly endless Lamborghinis around to be spotted, the trip takes us via some of the hot spots and ultimately to find the full carbon bodied McLaren P1 from 🤍thecaraba. With a stop beforehand for dinner at Dubai Mall, and probably the first time a shark has been in a Shmee150 video! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

DUBAI Food Vlog (part 3) | UNDERWATER restaurant Ossiano, Tiktok star CZN Burak, Donuts


Hi guys! This Dubai vlog is all about food. I will be trying out the meat platter at CZN Burak. I will also be comparing donuts from Krispy Kreme's and Tim Hortons. And last but not least I will be showing you an incredible experience in an underwater restaurant Ossiano!! Enjoy! I'm going to upload every week. Subscribe so you don't miss more vlogs! 🤗 Lots of love 💛 - 📷 IG: 🤍CarlaHuijbers 🤍 🎶: • Songs from Epidemic sound • Jinnie - Truth Is... - 🤍 • Public Library Commute - Across The Room - 🤍 Tiktok content from 🤍cznburak

Mama ko Aj surprise dia sara kuch ghar pe bana k 😍 | Chicken cheese stuffed crepe Pakistani Vlogger


#pakistanivloggerindubai #urduvlog #pakistanivlogger

DUBAI TRAVEL VLOG: Dubai Frame, Dubai Miracle Garden, Indian Food & More! | Ep 1


Episode 1 from DUBAI TRAVEL VLOG 2023. We explored Dubai Frame, Dubai Miracle Garden, Indian Food & More! Watch out Dubai travel series to know about costing, tickets, online booking & lot more. Mumbai to Dubai Air India Express Vlog: 🤍 Watch all Dubai Travel Vlogs 2023: 🤍 Active on Instagram: 🤍 Watch all my Flight Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Bus Journey Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Train Journey Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all Kashmir Travel Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all Himachal Travel Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Kerala Travel Vlogs: 🤍 Book Best Hotels anywhere in India 👇 🤍 Watch all Sikkim Travel Series Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Dubai Travel Vlogs: 🤍 Watch my Singapore Travel Vlogs: 🤍 Watch Ooty Toy Train Vlog: 🤍 Watch all Rajdhani Express Vlogs: 🤍 CAPSULE HOTEL IN OOTY Vlog: 🤍 Watch all Divya Kashi Yatra Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all Ramayan Express Train Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Cruise Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all Tiger Safari Vlogs: 🤍 Watch all Toy Train vlogs: 🤍 Watch all my Hotel/Airbnb Vlogs: 🤍 Do SUBSCRIBE to see more such DUBAI TRAVEL VLOG videos. Thank you for watching. More amazing DUBAI TRAVEL series vlogs coming soon!

FOOD VLOG 47 - Best Seafood Restaurant in Dubai ?? || Bu Qtair Jumeriah || മൂസാക്കാടെ മീൻ കട


ചൂട് പൊറോട്ടയും മീൻ പൊരിച്ചതും, വെറും മീനല്ല ..ഷെറിയും ചെമ്മീനും കൂടെ നല്ല പൊളപ്പൻ മീൻ കറിയും കൂടെ ആവുമ്പൊ എന്തായിരിക്കും അവസ്ഥ 😋😋 അടിയോടടി 🤣 . Craving for some fresh catch Kerala style masala prawns? Bu qtair is your place to go. . I have been hearing about the seafood served at this place to be one of the best in Dubai from quite a few friends. And I finally decided I should visit it. This restaurant has been here for more than 35 years and probably first one in Jumeirah. . Ambience is simple and utilitarian. They have an indoor and outdoor seating area. Fish here is sold by the kg, which is priced seasonally. It’s served with a combination of fish curry and Malabar porotta. The prawns were juicy, succulent and fresh. Takes minimum 30 minutes to have your food and after they serve the fish they will come and ask for side dish which’s all additional price. . The location of this restaurant is really good; you can sit outside and enjoy the delicious food with cool breeze coming from sea. . Over all, Nothing over the top, but a must try restaurant. Another thing to note is that they only take cash. So go prepared with enough cash. . Location: Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant, Near Burj Al Arab, Jumierah, Dubai . Price: Prawns: AED 150/Kg [Seasonal Price] Shery : AED 65 [Seasonal Price] . Please follow me for more food Pictures/Videos 🤍wanderingg_foodie • • • #travel #seafood #dubai

Weekly Dubai vlog | new hair, business meetings and food shopping


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first food vlog in Dubai😍 / 80 AED unlimited eating for 1person at JBR ..


first food vlog in Dubai😍 / 80 AED unlimited eating for 1person at JBR .. #dubai #jbr #foodie #babarfoodies

Best Indian Food in Dubai | Pav Factory + Zaffran Chai + Avocado Shake | Veggie Paaji


Veggie Paaji shows you best Indian Food in Dubai. We explore the Pav Factory at Vaibhav Restaurant, have Avocado shake, Sangeetas Thali and More. Dubai Series : 🤍

Veg Indian Thali In Dubai | Indian food and Wine in Dubai | Luxurious Indian food Restaurant| foodie


INSTAGRAM : 🤍 Akankshaofficial_ Restaurant : Nine7One - The Oberoi Casual Dining - International Address : Lower Lobby Level, The Oberoi, Business Bay, Dubai Call : +97144441407 Time: 7am – 11pm Known For - Spectacular water views through large windows and an airy ambience Popular Dishes - Chocolate Fountain, Buffet, Sushi, Shisha, Pasta, Dessert People Say This Place Is Known For- Personal Attention, Courtyard, Wait Staff, Comfortable Seating Area, Live Music, Portion Size Average Cost- AED 280 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol AED 45 for a pint of beer (approx.) We had Indian food as starters and Main Course, Wine and Beetroot Halwa. They had very fresh ingredients, full of flavours. Our India Thali was freshly cooked, with a large selection of Curries and dishes. All dishes are huge portion too! Staffs are all very friendly and attentive! Like this place a lot, would visit again soon!

DUBAI VLOG: Airport Scammers + Shopping Haul + Vegan Food + Storytime ✨ | cheymuv


I went to Dubai for a few days and had to vlog it! The trip was very chill but I got up to a few things that Im excited to share with you. Hope you enjoy the video! ✧ WHERE TO FOLLOW ME ✧ Instagram: 🤍cheymuv For business inquiries: cheymuv🤍 ✧ WHAT TO WATCH NEXT ✧ - NAIROBI VLOG: 🤍 - 2021 NATURAL HAIR ROUTINE: 🤍 ✧ USEFUL LINKS FROM VIDEO ✧ Lashes: 🤍 Jeans: 🤍 OR 🤍 ✧ TIME STAMPS ✧ 00:00 - Intro + Flight 01:40 - Annoying Airport Scammers 04:15 - OOTD + Dubai Mall 06:44 - Mini Shopping Haul 10:25 - Getting Ready + Vegan Food / Chat 17:00 - Storytime ✧ FAQ ✧ - Where are you from? Rwandan & Kenyan - How old are you? I’m 22 years old - What camera do you use? Sony ZV-1 Thank you for watching! dubai vlog 2021, travelling to dubai, black girl travel 2021, dubai shopping trip 2021, make up shopping ,passport heavy 2021, living in dubai 2021, shopping in dubai 2021, make up haul 2021, Rwandan YouTuber, Kenyan Youtuber, East African YouTuber, African YouTuber, Kigali, Nairobi, Accra, Lagos, Abuja, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Atlanta, Ontario, Toronto, Botswana, London,

നാട്ടിലേക്കു ഒരു സർപ്രൈസ് Visit | surprise vlog |Surprise Visit From Dubai|Fayafathi Zone


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