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MCC: Halo CE Campaign Mod - Mission2a


Hey there everyone and welcome back everyone to another Halo CE campaign mod showcase! In this video, we be checking out a rough draft of a custom Halo CE campaign mission. This is Mission2a, created by PrecutODST26220! Download link: 🤍 A very rough campaign mission, just mucking about with the Halo: CE scripting and AI. As you can see, the layout isn't 100% done, some textures are missing, there are no checkpoints, and it currently does not have an end. It is a work in progress, but seems to be coming along well! #Halo #HaloMods #HaloMod Use the Upside app to save money every time you fill up on gas! Get an additional 20 cents off your first fillup with promo code: 🤍 Use the Honey web browser extension to save money for online purchases! Get an additional free $5 when you sign up with promo code: 🤍 Watch me stream on Twitch! : 🤍 Follow me on Twitter! : 🤍 Halo: The Master Chief Collection © Microsoft Corporation. “MCC: Halo CE Campaign Mod - Mission2a” was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Is Halo: Combat Evolved A Masterpiece?!


Halo CE is one of the most influential games of all time. It's been 16 years since this baby launched, and now, The Act Man is going to finally answer the question: "Is Halo CE a Masterpiece?" _Time Stamps_ Introduction 0:00 - 3:00 #1 Setting The Tone 3:00 - 5:28 #2 The FPS Revolution 5:28 - 8:29 #3 Gameplay That Holds Up 8:29 - 18:10 #4 Yes, you can go ANYWHERE! 18:10 - 20:57 #5 Level Design Evolved 20:57 - 26:48 #6 Once more, with Purpose 26:48 - 28:26 #7 The Story 28:26 - 36:08 Conclusion 36:10 - 37:05 I Would Have Been Your Daddy 37:06 - 38:53 Porject Jump – Spamodic Gaming - 🤍 Ms Man Halo CE Trick Series: 🤍 Check out my other Halo Review Videos Why is Halo Wars 2 SO AWESOME?! ► 🤍 Why is Halo 4's Campaign SO BAD?! And... AWESOME?? ► 🤍 Check out the COMPLETE HALO 5 REVIEW PLAYLIST ► 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 2nd Channel: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Special thanks to my Patreon Supporters, Ms Man, Bungie, Masterz1337 & the SPV3 team.

Halo: Combat Evolved (Full Campaign and Cutscenes)


As a tribute to 343 Industries, Bungie Studios, and the Halo Community, I wanted to give you guys something special. The above film in the entire Halo campaign from start to finish in flashy new Anniversary graphics! There is ZERO commentary in this video as it's meant to be a complete theatrical experience, not to mention I already do commentary in both the Legendary and Mythic guides. For those wondering, the difficulty is set to Normal, as I believe that THIS is what the Human-Covenant War would look like if it ever took place. Marines can assist the Master Chief against the basic Covenant forces but then begin dropping like flies when it comes to much larger Covenant such as Hunters. As always, these are zero-death runs from start to finish. And lastly, I waited until Memorial Day to release this to say thank you to our Armed Forces, one of the major backbones that helps to keep our country safe. The sacrifices made on Halo to protect humanity are much like the sacrifices our soldiers make every day to protect our country. They all have lives and families, and dedicating theirs for the sake of our future is nothing short of Mythic in and of itself. Thank you guys and girls for keeping us strong! Enjoy the show, and thank you, everyone! Best Regards, The Tyrant NOTE: At the end of T&R, you'll notice the cutscene came about 30 seconds early. No, this is not a glitch nor the result of me editing out a death. My capture card froze the image on the screen right around that time, yet oddly enough you can still hear the rest of the mission. Since there's only one minor skirmish before the end of the mission, and I figured you wouldn't want to be staring at a frozen image for 30 seconds with sound in the background, I thought it best to save time and simply edit the current footage. Note, however, that this is the ONLY edit done in the entire saga. FULL VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS Halo Anniversary Legendary Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo 2 Legendary Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo 3 Legendary Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo 3: ODST Legendary Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo Reach LASO Challenge Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo 4 Legendary Walkthrough: 🤍 Halo: The Movie: 🤍 SOCIAL SITES Tyrant Homepage: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍 Tyrant Blog: 🤍 Mythic Nation: 🤍

Halo CE: The Ultra Modded Experience (Part 1)


Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on Twitch ► 🤍 Join the Discord ► 🤍 Join me on Twitter ► 🤍 #halo #spv3 #experience Music in order: 1) Halo 2 Rock Theme: 🤍 2) Halo Theme (Warthog Run) || Metal Cover by RichaadEB ft. Jonathan Young: 🤍 3) Brothers in Arms (Halo CE) But It's Synthwave: 🤍 4) Halo - Covenant Dance (Cover): 🤍 5) The Caretaker - It's Just a Burning Memory: 🤍 6) Enhanced Replications - "Klendathu Drop": 🤍 7) Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack - Monstrosity (New Main Menu Theme): 🤍 8) Cyberpunk 2077 — Never Fade Away by P. T. Adamczyk & Olga Jankowska (SAMURAI Cover): 🤍 Thumbnail Art: 1) Cortana: martyreart (Account is deleted, can't post link due to NSFW, Will post in my own discord) 2) Female Master Chief: RudySaki (Newgrounds) Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:42 - Mission I: Pillar of Autumn 1:54 - Mission II: Halo 3:38 - Mission III: The Truth and Reconciliation 7:00 - Mission IV: The Cartographer 8:26 - Mission V: Assault on the Control Room 10:01 - Outro

Longplay of Halo: Combat Evolved


Longplay of Halo: Combat Evolved, played as the NTSC version on the Xbox. This game's version was released on Nov. 15th, 2001. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Start 0:00:56 - Intro 0:04:40 - Tutorial 0:07:10 - Pillar of Autumn 0:21:59 - Halo 0:46:32 - Truth and Reconciliation 1:16:41 - The Silent Cartographer 1:34:09 - Assault on the Control Room 2:04:02 - 343 Guilty Spark 2:24:42 - The Library 2:46:39 - Two Betrayels 3:17:19 - Keyes 3:31:48 - The Maw 3:50:09 - Ending 3:51:01 - Legendary Ending 3:53:18 - Credits By: Spazbo4

Halo Anniversary - how NOT to do a remaster


hey u can get 20% off and also free shipping with promo code sellout20 at MANSCAPED.com Chapters: 00:00 - Intro, foreword, and sponsor 2:28 - Thesis 4:27 - Cutscenes 8:17 - Art direction 14:11 - Gameplay 17:52 - Explanation of polygons for those who aren't aware 18:13 - Gameplay (cont.) 19:36 - Lost potential 22:36 - Conclusion I'm on Patreon and Twitter also; 🤍 🤍 All the Patrons who helped fund this video: Shin Guardian Doggybag Lightedflare Adult_Cool Drew DeVault Yihéng Jiang Coolin Castleman Austin Olsen Alex Williams TITO woods Anthony Chrétien-Contreras Jayden Glaser Captain Hachi Cade Stanfield Bolexle Allen Ryerson Chris Botkin AP Richy Richy Greg Baloney Cojo490 Tyler Carson QuiltyPleasures Chotskies Matthew Rothmann Andrew Kisak Aefre TheMusicalDoc Gamer Skip Robbie Burnside Endo Mills Sasha Owen Matt, flamin hot braindead. Andrew Ross Canary Cale E SonOfBULITS SockHead Quiet269 Rocknerrad Haya Husain Nehkles TooBad Sky Legendary Jye Francis Compass jsoh Dinah Krone Zombie Monkey218 Thrinmon Josepheous yepsi Buttsmcgee HyaDoki A Tree Flinko Comrade of Homotopia Kenneth Sabian Minty Fresh BenT Nathan Fleming nflatei0n Luke Shepherd Daniel Dorfman ValiantBlade Devon Winrick Zack Jellyra Reed Schmidt Thaddeus Hamlet JonathanShorp Danny DeVoid of Life Danny Wolf Isaac Pilkington JoystickDrummer David Slavik quill Deneb Kusinwolf Alexander Guerrera Charles Kuzmech Rachel Han Ramsey Christopher Stoll Giovanni Z Lupo Allison Easley King Of Hats Reolio Hikiko Kirk Jesus A Flores Plantbat Max Levinton Kloud Jacob HeckYeck Jesse Bartels Noodles Redtimecat96610 Eric Hamilton Stargazerinferno peevin Benedikt Müller Keybladestrike1 AllOrNothing21 Trevor harrington Ryan Kniel ReferenceMaker LuLYeah Cort Sorry Officer Kaltag Shigloo Elysium Ervin inku EuroPascal

Halo is important


Get the best deals while shopping online ▸ 🤍 Honey is FREE and finds coupons with the click of a button. Thanks Honey for sponsoring! play it with a controller Halo on PC: 🤍 Halo on Xbox: 🤍 Teespring: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 - Intro, Foreword, and Sponsor 4:10 - Halo's Development 7:38 - Gameplay 11:54 - Atmosphere 15:37 - Music (and Audio) 19:02 - Conclusion I'm on Patreon and Twitter also; 🤍 🤍 All the Patrons who helped fund this video: -Hero The Triggered Aussie- 1trillionMPH A Tree Aefre AFilthyLeaf Alex Alexander Guerrera Alexander Mantel Allison Easley AllOrNothing21 Andrew Kisak Andrew Ross Ben Tiche Benedikt Müller Buttsmcgee Cale E Charles Kuzmech Chotskies Christopher Stoll Compass Comrade of Homotopia Cort Cup of Milo Daniel Dorfman Danny DeVoid of Life Danny Wolf David Slavik Deblobo Deneb Dessertpunk110 Devon Winrick Dinah Krone Elysium Ervin Emmitt Kennedy Endo Mills Eric Hamilton Ethan Clark EtherealGodz EuroPascal Flinko g3lin Gamer Skip Giovanni Z Lupo HATZ Haya Husain Hikiki Kirk HyaDoki inku Isaac Pilkington Jacob Jesse Bartels Jesus A Flores JonathanShorp Joseph White JoystickDrummer jsoh Jye Francis Kaltag Kenneth Sabian Kevin Pacheco Keybladestrike1 King Of Hats Kloud Kusinwolf Louis Escudie Luke Shepherd LuLYeah Matt, flamin hot braindead. Matthew H Land Matthew Rothmann Max Levinton MeKnowYi Minty Fresh Monkey218 Nathan Fleming Nehkles nflatei0n Noodles noz does stuff peevin Plantbat Polina Yurchenko Quiet269 quill Rachel Han Ramsey Redtimecat96610 Reed Schmidt ReferenceMaker Reolio Robbie Burnside Rocknerrad Ryan Gelatin Ryan H Hilliard Ryan Kniel Ryan Mraz Sasha Owen Shigloo Sky Legendary SockHead SonOfBULITS Sorry Officer Stargazerinferno Sterling Cicerone Thaddeus Hamlet The Ol' Scrungo Beepis TheMusicalDoc thewheelman84 Thrinmon Tom Mears TooBad Trevor harrington ValiantBlade Vanna Xanny the Slug yepsi Zack Zombie Thank you all so much!!

Halo: Combat Evolved Devs React to Speedrun (Marty O'Donnell, Marcus Lehto)


Join Marcus Lehto (the original creator of Master Chief) and Marty O'Donnell (Halo's original composer) as they watch and react to a LEGENDARY difficulty speedrun by GarishGoblin. They're also joined by three more Halo: Combat Evolved devs: Paul Russel (Artist), Paul Bertone (Designer), and Jaime Griesemer (Designer). With FIVE original developers onboard, you're basically watching the Halo: Combat Evolved DVD commentary. What more could you ask for? Enjoy! Check out more from speedrunner GarishGoblin here: 🤍 🤍 #ign #gaming

Halo Full Game Gameplay (4K 60FPS) Walkthrough (No Commentary)


Halo Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary running on Xbox Series X; this video covers the Full Game Walkthrough with No Commentary. Halo 4K Gameplay Walkthrough contains all Cutscenes, All Boss Fights, All-Story Missions & the ending of Halo with No Commentary. Enjoy!!! Publisher: Xbox Game Studios Developers: 343 Industries,Bungie Release Date: November 11, 2014 Genres: First-Person Shooter Platforms: Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One Halo Series Walkthroughs Halo 2 Full Game: 🤍 Halo 3 Full Game: 🤍 Halo 4 Full Game: 🤍 Halo 5 Full Game: 🤍 Halo infinite: 🤍 If you enjoyed the video, please leave a Like, Subscribe, and Share. Subscribe to Gameplay Remastered for new walkthroughs of old and new games! Follow me on Twitter - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Full Game Walkthroughs: 🤍 Gameplay Remastered focuses on no-commentary 4K gameplay walkthroughs of new and old video games. This channel aims to provide helpful educational walkthroughs of new and old video game releases for those gamers looking to either get a recap of a game, stuck on a particular part, or just looking to see if the gameplay is compelling enough to help decide on a possible purchase. All gameplay videos are recorded using Elgato 4K60S+ and edited by me.

Halo Anniversary Graphics That Make Absolutely No Sense


While the Halo Anniversary games are good looking for the most part, it is fun to just compare the Original Halo Vs Halo's Anniversary Graphics. Because sometimes the Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary graphics make absolutely no sense. And other times these remastered Halo textures don't line up at all. Patreon: 🤍 Podcast: 🤍 Rocketsloth2: 🤍 Livestreams: 🤍 Join our Discord: 🤍 Become a Member and join our Channel! 🤍 Halo 2 High Charity Trick by Harc The Shark: 🤍 Introduction 0:00 - 1:31 Halo CE Anniversary VS Original 1:32 - 9:29 Halo 2 Anniversary VS Original 9:29 - 14:46 Halo Textures That Make No Sense 14:47 - 15:17

Halo Combat Evolved: A Place for EVERYTHING


Nothing beats that moment when you walk out onto the Halo ring for the first time. Be it a fresh playthrough or a completely new game to you the effect is the same. Halo has fantastic world building. From it's beautiful sky-boxes to the fist pumps your marines give you when you catch some air. It took a long time to get the first Halo game to be on my show, so hop in with Master Chief as I take you through my Halo CE review. Subscribe: 🤍 NEW and exclusive content when you support Our Patreon: 🤍 WE GOT MERCH! 🤍 Let me know what you thought about my Halo review! Watch Us On Twitch: 🤍 Find Us On Reddit: 🤍 Follow Us On Twitter: 🤍 Like Us On Facebook: 🤍 Follow Us On Instagram: 🤍 TOVG is composed of: Jirard Khalil - Creator/Executive Producer/The Guy Who Completes Everything 🤍 Jacque Khalil - Producer / Financing Department 🤍 Patrick Stenglein - Showrunner/Lead Editor Michael Barryte - Creative Director 🤍 🤍 Frazier Perez-Yadon - Producer/Business Operations 🤍 Alex Faciane - Creative Consultant 🤍 Tom Guest - Associate Producer Ted Coonradt - Community Manager/Merch Coordinator 🤍 Megan Baldado - Social Media Lead 🤍 Brett Bayonne - Head Writer 🤍 Cameron Daxon - Writer Allen Barstow - Writer Jeremy Hanna - Writer 🤍 Eric Zipper - Writer 🤍 Nickolai Boulton - Editor, Motion Designer 🤍 Shawn - Thumbnail and Merch Artist 🤍 Carlos Padilla - Title Artist 🤍 Charlie Shipley - Assistant Editor 🤍 Josh Kotoff - Channel Manager/SEO Expert 🤍 The Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex - 🤍 Art by: Shawn (JetPackBraggin) 🤍 and Carlos Padilla 🤍 Music by Ben Briggs: 🤍 Watch more game reviews like my Halo 1 review on my channel | The Completionist #Halo #MasterChief #MCC

[WR] Halo: CE Legendary in 1:04:25


This is the run I've been trying to get for the past few months and after throwing away my best ever library on a previous attempt, this happened! I stream at: 🤍 Leaderboards: 🤍 0:00 The Pillar of Autumn 3:56 Halo 14:30 The Truth and Reconciliation 21:48 The Silent Cartographer 25:42 Assault on the Control Room 30:14 343 Guilty Spark 34:41 The Library 47:23 Two Betrayals 55:25 Keyes 58:16 The Maw

Why 343i Needs to Remake Halo CE AGAIN (Halo Combat Evolved)


Halo CE feels outdated and almost is the odd one out when playing through all the games on the Halo Master Chief Collection. 343 should give Halo CE the proper remake it desperately needs, after all the story and atmosphere are still what Halo is all about. The Halo CE gameplay when it comes to vehicles, etc on the other hand can feel very outdated. Livestreams: 🤍 Buy some Rocket Sloth Xbox 360/Xbox One Merch! 🤍 Join our Discord: 🤍 Become a Member and join our Channel! 🤍

Unremarkable and odd places in Halo: Combat Evolved


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343 updated Halo Master Chief Collection - and it's insane. 💥Get your FREE Halo audio book at ► 🤍 ✅ Twitter 🤍 ✅ Facebook - 🤍 🔴 Twitch 🤍 📢 Discord - 🤍 #halo #haloinfinite #halomcc 0:00 Preview 0:10 What's New? HUGE mcc update 0:47 New Halo 3 Ivory Tower Map 1:08 New Features in Campaigns 1:30 Steam Workshop News 3:22 ACCESSIBLE Mods! Mod Support, Uploader, etc. 5:14 TONS of maps/modes! 6:06 Match Rejoin EXPLAINED 7:49 H4, ODST MOD TOOLS, UPDATE! 8:55 Halo GMOD-like support 9:35 NEW Forge Worlds, Snow maps, etc. 10:27 2023 Plans, HIGHER population count? 11:34 Progression, Spartan Points 11:55 How the Workshop works 13:01 What's Next? I'M SO HYPED!!! SOURCE 🤍 Disclaimer: Halo © Microsoft Corporation. This video was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. If you have questions or concerns about this video, please contact my business email business (at) followergg.com

A Completely Accurate Summary of Halo Combat Evolved


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Halo Combat Evolved • E3 2000 Trailer • Xbox


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Halo: Master Chief Collection vs Original [PC] | Direct Comparison


A graphic comparison of the new PC release of Halo: Combat Evolved in the Master Chief Collection to the original 2003 PC release of Halo: Combat Evolved. #Halo #Comparison #PC

Longplay of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Remastered)


Longplay of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Remastered), played as the NTSC version on the Xbox One. This game's version was released on Nov. 11th, 2014. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Start 0:01:25 - Intro 0:05:08 - Tutorial 0:07:46 - Pillar of Autumn 0:20:43 - Halo 0:43:07 - Truth and Reconciliation 1:12:22 - The Silent Cartographer 1:30:18 - Assault on the Control Room 1:53:59 - 343 Guilty Spark 2:11:58 - The Library 2:32:17 - Two Betrayels 3:02:40 - Keyes 3:15:39 - The Maw 3:32:56 - Ending 3:33:45 - Legendary Ending 3:36:18 - Credits By: Spazbo4

Can You Beat Halo: Combat Evolved Without Taking Any Damage?


Halo: Combat Evolved is considered by many to be the first video game ever created. It’s got levels, gameplay, music, guns, multiplayer, and even graphics. The only problem is it’s not difficult enough, even if you crank up the difficulty and turn on all the skulls. But there’s a way to make it harder. Can You Beat Halo: Combat Evolved Without Taking Any Damage? Thumbnail art made by: 🤍 Mitten Squad Discord link: 🤍 Check out some of my other Can You Beat videos if you liked this one: Can You Beat Halo 2 Without Taking Any Damage: 🤍 Can You Beat Halo 3 Without Taking Any Damage: 🤍 Can You Beat Halo 4 Without Taking Any Damage: 🤍 Can You Beat Halo: Reach Without Taking Any Damage: 🤍 Can You Beat Fallout 3 as a Baby: 🤍 Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Shouts: 🤍 Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only A Commie Whacker?: 🤍 Can You Beat Honest Hearts Without Taking Any Damage: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Can You Beat Halo: Combat Evolved Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form) If you’re new here or are just stupid, I’ll explain how this works. Any time I take damage, I immediately reload the last checkpoint, forcing me to get through the entire game without taking damage. And I’ll tell you now, this was brutal. To prepare myself mental for the anguish to come, I practiced in Halo Reach multiplayer, we lost, I’ll blame Bob Ross for that one, dead people should’t be allowed to play video games. Onto Halo itself, our story begins where the game released 11 years later left off with Mr Chief awaking from his hangover. My emblem is a pink boot because it’s a metaphor, but I think you’re smart enough to figure out what that metaphor is for yourself. Also, before we go any further, I should point out that I was playing with a PS4 controller and it felt so ing wrong it’s unbelievable. It was so disgusting that Sony took notice and sent the fuzz after me. Without even getting into combat, just from a purely mechanical field of view, this was easily the worst No Damage run I’ve done yet. The fresh coat of paint and copious amount of edibles in my system did nothing to help with how janky this game feels. It’s so old. Anyway, story is as basic as a Halo Combat Evolved story gets. We’re the Halo and the Covenant is invading our vessel and because there are no soldiers anywhere, fleeing is our only option. I got the girl, got the gun, and the real game began. Speaking generally and with great nasally twang, close quarters are going to be your nightmare in shining armor. The more space between you and that which wants to do you harm, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to avoid taking damage. That’s what makes mental health problems so fun, there is no escape. The first level is not anything too traumatizing. You’d have to be exceptionally stupid to manage to run out of ammo. Disposable allies are all over the place, using the multiplicative property of future firearms, you can send a single bullet into the dome of a friendly soldier who you suspect may open fire on you after you stick the barrel of your assault rifle deep into their sinuses, and from that one bullet you’ll have gotten many more when their gun lands on the ground next to the corpse you just created.

How Combat Evolved was downgraded on MCC | How the original is being lost to time (THEY FIXED IT)


Halo CE.. Is being forgotten. In today's video we will talk about how the buggy and technically inferior Gearbox Software port of the game is slowly replacing the original game. Halo CE REFINED Mod: reddit.com/r/HaloCERefined/comments/9l9ujl/downloads/ Welcome to LateNightGaming where we discuss modern games on a regular basis and go in depth behind your favorite (Or least favorite) titles! Twitter: 🤍 EarlyMorningGaming: 🤍 Gamertag: LateNightHalo Facebook: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Spartan Company: 🤍

Halo: Combat Evolved - Part 1 - The Beginning (PC Remastered Gameplay)


Subscribe for more: 🤍 Halo Combat Evolved Playlist: Expand the description for more ▼ Check out my vlog channel: 🤍 Check out my COD channel: 🤍 Follow my primary twitter: 🤍 Follow the TmarTn2 twitter: 🤍 Like me on Facebook: 🤍 Thank you for watching! 😎 #halo #combatevolved #pc

HALO CE PC All Cutscenes (4K 60FPS) Game Movie


Remember to Subscribe and hit the bell! 343 Industries recently released Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary to the PC as part of the Master Chief Collection. It's been fully optimized for PC. We hope you enjoy! The game begins as Pillar of Autumn exits slipspace and its crew discovers a large ringworld structure of unknown origin. The Covenant pursues Autumn and attacks. With the ship heavily damaged, Autumn's captain, Jacob Keyes, entrusts the ship's artificial intelligence (AI) known as Cortana to Master Chief in order to prevent the Covenant from discovering the location of Earth. Keyes orders the crew to abandon ship and pilots Autumn to a crash-landing on the ringworld. On the ring's surface, Master Chief and Cortana rescue other survivors and help organize a counter-offensive. Learning that Keyes has been captured by the Covenant, Master Chief and a small contingent of soldiers rescue him from the Covenant cruiser Truth and Reconciliation. Keyes reveals that the Covenant call the ringworld "Halo" and that they believe it to be a weapon. Intent on stopping the Covenant from using Halo, Keyes searches for a potential weapons cache, while Master Chief and Cortana mount an assault on the ringworld's control room. Cortana enters Halo's computer systems; what she learns has her immediately send Master Chief to find and stop Keyes from continuing his search. ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Twitch: 🤍 ► Outro Song: 🤍 OUR GRAPHICS CARD: 🤍 OUR CAPTURE CARD: 🤍 OUR PROCESSOR: 🤍 OUR MONITOR: 🤍 OUR HEADSET: 🤍 OUR MIC: 🤍 Movies in 4K and 1440P 🤍 Our Recent Movies 🤍 A-D Game Movies 🤍 E-K Game Movies 🤍 L-R Game Movies 🤍 S-Z Game Movies 🤍

Halo Except It's Incredibly Cursed


This video is sponsored by Nau Drinks! 🤍 Mod Download and Instructions: 🤍 Rant Video on my second channel: 🤍 Thank you to everyone who helped test this mod!

Halo Combat Evolved Mission 4


Sorry for the backward upload on the last video -Zach Halo Combat evolved playthrough no commentary.

Was This LOST Halo CE Easter Egg Mystery FINALLY SOLVED 19 Years Later?


Halo CE came out 19 years ago and still has hidden secrets. For almost two decades this image was a great Halo CE mystery that nobody could solve. But now there might have been a finding in this lost Halo CE Easter Egg mystery. Make sure you check out Vengeful Vadam who was a huge help in the making of this video! 🤍 His HALO CE Beta Analysis: 🤍 Livestreams: 🤍 Buy some Rocket Sloth Xbox 360/Xbox One Merch! 🤍 Join our Discord: 🤍 Become a Member and join our Channel! 🤍



HALO COMBAT EVOLVED MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS AWESOME SHIRTS AND MERCH HERE: 🤍 #Halo#MasterChiefCollection#Movie BUY HALO MCC HERE: 🤍 Follow GLP on Twitter - 🤍 Follow GLP on Instagram - 🤍 Like GLP on Facebook - 🤍 The game that started it all has been brought to Xbox One through the Master Chief Collection, and it's been buffed up with native 1080p resolution and a smooth 60fps frame rate. There is nothing to say about Combat Evolved that hasn't been said already, It's a modern classic, and nothing short of a masterpiece. It's been 13 years since it's release, and the story and level design still hold up. The story starts fairly slow, but kicks into high gear midway through, with one of the best twist in gaming history. By now you all know the story, but back in 2001, the introduction of the flood was jaw dropping. This is the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary version of the game, which was released in 2011. As always, we included important gameplay, relevant dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy, and if you do, make sure you like, comment and share! We'll put up the entire Master Chief Collection movie this weekend, inlcuding the terminals and all 4 games. Keep an eye out! Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy Edited by Knowledge Check out the German Version by Game Movie Entertainment: 🤍 © Microsoft Corporation. "Halo Combat Evolved MCC 60FPS Game Movie" was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. Microsoft Content Usage Rules: 🤍 The Gaming Library: 🤍 Movies in 4K and 1440P 🤍 Our Recent Movies 🤍 A-D Game Movies 🤍 E-K Game Movies 🤍 L-R Game Movies 🤍 S-Z Game Movies 🤍

Ruby's REBALANCED Halo CE Mod!


[ SEE NEWEST VERSION OF THIS MOD: 🤍 ] A modded Halo CE Campaign that makes various balancing tweaks to make the game as close to perfect as possible. From weapons, vehicles, AI, some encounter tweaks and more. PATREON ►: 🤍 TWITCH ►: 🤍 TWITTER ►: 🤍 DISCORD ►: 🤍 DOWNLOAD FOR MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION: 🤍 DOWNLOAD FOR CUSTOM EDITION: 🤍 Halo Combat Evolved Refined: 🤍 Halo Custom Edition: 🤍 Other helpful downloads for Halo CE: Halo Mouse Tool: 🤍 OpenSauce: 🤍 CHANGE LIST: 🤍 #halo #halomods #halocerebalanced

Halo Combat Evolved Trailer


Trailer remake! 🤍 This is the Halo Combat Evolved Trailer from Gametrailers.com Just to get things straight, this is my list of most to least favorite Halo games: Halo 3 my favorite videogame, EVER; this is coming from a guy who plays mostly RPGs on PC. Halo: Reach ridiculous excuse for a "game"; proper term is "gasm". Halo 4 CORTANA!!!! T_T Halo opened the door. Halo 2 the stepping stone. Halo: ODST retains the same gameplay but lacks the heart. Halo: Wars meh.... P.S.: Would you believe that Youtube tried to get me to allow advertisements on this video? PFFFFT!

Examining Halo's Scariest Mission


343 Guilty Spark is my favourite mission in Bungie's Halo Combat Evolved and quite possibly in the entire Halo franchise, mainly because of the brilliant way it tells the horror story of Master Chief and the Covenant discovering the Flood. Not only is 343 Guilty Spark scary, it is also wonderfully designed and packed with clever details from start to finish, which make it the Halo Combat Evolved mission few Halo fans will forget in a hurry. In this video, I take a look at everything from 343 Guilty Spark's level design and gameplay to its story, scary setting and horror atmosphere, to try and explain why it's so brilliant, while also drawing comparisons to The Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room and other Halo Combat Evolved missions. If you enjoy the video, do consider subscribing, and thanks for watching! #Halo #HaloCombatEvolved #MasterChief Contents: 00:00 - Intro 00:24 - Previously On Halo Combat Evolved 01:28 - Details In The Swamp 06:53 - Discoveries In The Facility 10:52 - Flood Everywhere 15:05 - Allies At The Exit 16:29 - Anniversary Issues 17:22 - Halo Combat Evolved's Best Mission

Halo Combat Evolved - Parte 1: Master Chief Boladão [ Xbox One - Playthrough PT-BR ]


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Halo 1 - New Secret Alternate Ending (Cheaters Ending)


It seems like there may very well be one more secret alternate ending to Halo Combat Evolved. This ending you seem to get only when you're cheating the warthog run somehow. It's very similar to the You Lose ending but with some slight differences. Discord: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Subscribe for more: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Stay tuned!

Evolution of Halo Games [2001-2022]


With the release of Halo Infinite, it is time for the Evolution of Halo! SUBSCRIBE for more Animations: 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:34 Halo: Combat Evolved 03:05 Halo 2 04:05 Halo 3 05:55 Halo Wars 07:12 Halo 3: ODST 08:50 Halo: Reach 10:18 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 10:45 Halo 4 12:18 Halo: Spartan Assault 13:14 Halo: The Master Chief Collection 14:28 Halo 5: Guardians 16:02 Halo Wars 2 16:35 Halo Infinite If you find my work valuable or interesting, you can become a support on Patreon (thank you!): 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Affiliate Links* Adobe Animate (the Animation Program I use): 🤍 If you want to learn Animation yourself I would highly recommend the Courses from Bloop Animations: 🤍 *By making a purchase through the affiliate links, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This will greatly support this channel, so Thank You! Credits LongplayArchive YouTube Channel: Halo: Combat Evolved: 🤍 Halo 2: 🤍 Halo 3: 🤍 Halo 3: ODST: 🤍 Halo: Reach: 🤍 Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary: 🤍 Halo 4: 🤍 Halo 5: 🤍 Halo Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay: 🤍 Halo Infinite Multiplayer Trailer: 🤍 Halo E3 Trailer 2000: 🤍 By PlayscopeTimeline Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer: 🤍 By Gadget Unit TV Halo 3 Multiplayer: 🤍 By FatRat Halo 3 Forge Map Editor: 🤍 By Arrrash Halo Wars: 🤍 By Santosx07 Halo: Reach Trailer: 🤍 By moviemanicsDE Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Trailer: 🤍 By GameSpot Halo 4 Multiplayer Gameplay: 🤍 By AmusedAgder Halo 4 Forge: 🤍 By Certain Affinity Halo Spartan Assault: 🤍 By GrantsMod Halo Spartan Strike: 🤍 By GrantsMod Halo: The Master Chief Collection: 🤍 By Xbox Halo 2 Anniversary: 🤍 By World of Longplays - played By: Spazbo4 Halo 5 Multiplayer: 🤍 By UnitedG Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer: 🤍 By Salazag7 Halo Wars 2 Trailer: 🤍 By Xbox Halo Wars 2 Campaign Gameplay: 🤍 By Tom’s Hardware My name is Thomas and I’m the creator of these animations. I put a lot of hours and effort in my animations. More evolution animations are coming soon! Subscribe to stay updated with my newest animations: 🤍 Business contact: flatlifestudios🤍gmail.com

Halo CE Anniversary - Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)


This longplay of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary includes the full campaign and all the boss fights and cutscenes in this full playthrough and is recorded in Full HD on the Xbox One. It's recorded without commentary so you can focus on the game itself. ► Please subscribe if you liked, thanks! Social ● YouTube: bit.ly/gamearmyyt ● Facebook: bit.ly/gamearmyfb ● Twitter: bit.ly/gamearmytw

Halo: Combat Evolved - Original vs Remaster (Anniversary Edition)


Today, without any prior notice, the remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved for PC, better known as Anniversary Edition, was released. The original game was first released in 2001 for Xbox and 2003 for PC. The Anniversary Edition was released in 2011 for Xbox 360 and today for PC. As you can see in my comparison video, the graphics look a lot better now, but they are still on the level of a shooter from 2011 and can't quite keep up with today's games. The sound mixing is also not optimal: the voice output is much too quiet, so I had to increase the volume for the video. Even in the original and remaster on the Xbox, music and speech were poorly balanced. The game is interesting for people who haven't played this milestone of first person shooter history yet, or who want to play the original in 4K without frame limits and with good mouse control. If you are interested in the story of this title or even the whole series, you can watch my other Halo videos. You can buy the game individually on Steam or as part of the Master Chief Collection. Want to buy these games? The following links are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you: 🛒 Halo: Combat Evolved Original: 🤍 🛒 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: 🤍

How To Install Halo: Custom Edition On Windows 10 - 2022


How To Install Halo: Custom Edition (PC) On Windows 10 In 2018 and 2019 For Free! The Servers Are Still Up With Plenty Of People Still Playing On Them. SIDE NOTE: There has been a bit of confusion recently between Custom Edition and Combat Evolved. Combat Evolved is the base Halo game with campaign and multiplayer. Custom Edition is multiplayer only but you have the ability to play custom maps and gamemodes. So This does not include campaign! Download: 🤍 Product Key: T39RX-JH7Y2-XWTJD-VJX8X-G7MD8 Discord Server: 🤍 Gaming Channel: 🤍 This video help you out? How about buying me a coffee: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Music: "[Electro] Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes [Monstercat Release] - 🤍 "Theme for Harold (var. 2) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

Halo CE Warthog Run FIXED!!!


In this episode: We revisit the lore scale problem and look at a modded and fixed Halo CE Warthog Run! Original 00 Videos: 🤍 🤍 Killzone64: 🤍 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! -PATREON: 🤍 -MEMBERSHIP: 🤍 GET CONNECTED! -DISCORD: 🤍 -FACEBOOK: 🤍 -TWITTER: 🤍 -INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Halo 1 In 20 Minutes


In 20 minutes we will go over EVERYTHING about Halo Combat Evolved. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! - 🤍 Get One Free Halo Audio-book FOR FREE Using this link! - 🤍 Want more views on Youtube? Try TubeBuddy! I use it too! - 🤍 T-SHIRTS HERE! - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Content Creator - LukeTheNotable Business inquires = 🤍lukethenotable.com Editor - Tors Thumbnail Art - MH Art and Design 🤍 Disclaimer: Halo © Microsoft Corporation. Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo Reach, Halo 5: Guardians, Halo News, Top 5, Top 10, Halo Follower, and Halo Videos here was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft. New T-Shirts HERE -

Halo : Recap Evolved


"THIS IS MY MASTERPIECE" - Master Chief Full walkthrough by Lewis 🤍

HALO Combat Evolved fr - FILM JEU COMPLET


Montage film complet en français du jeu Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary sur PC. Résumé entier de l'histoire avec cinématiques et gameplay FR. Mission principale jusqu'à la fin en VF. Vidéo de Halo Combat Evolved Film jeu complet français en 1440p 60fps. Longplay playthrough walkthrough let's play fr non commenté. ● Promo -70% JEUX PC XBOX LIVE PSN CLICK HERE ►🤍 📌HALO INFINITE FILM COMPLET dispo ici 🤍 TOUS LES FILMS HALO dispo ici 🤍 🎬 TOUS LES GAME MOVIES 2020 🤍 👉 S'ABONNER À GAME MOVIE LAND 🤍 ❤️ SOUTIEN sur YouTube 🤍 🧡 SOUTIEN sur Tipeee 🤍 💛 SOUTIEN GRATUIT sur uTip 🤍 Editeur : Microsoft Game Studios Développeur : 343 Industries Sortie France : 14 mars 2002 / 15 novembre 2011 (anniversary) Genre : FPS Thèmes : Action, Science fiction, Animation ►Supports : PC XBOX ONE 360 ►Captures : PC ►Gameplay : Mhyre ►Montage Film : Game Movie Land~Mhyre #Halo #HaloCEAnniversary #HaloCombatEvolved #Film #GameMovie

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