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iPhone OS 3.0 - Overview


TechnoBuffalo: 🤍 Follow me on twitter: 🤍 Giving an overview of OS 3.0 for the iPhone & iPod touch. Thanks for watching, Jon

Is iPhone OS 3 Still Useful In 2017??


For today I will be showing you . Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to comment your thoughts down below! PEACE! - Follow My Instagram! :D 🤍 - Follow My Twitter! :D 🤍 - Song Name: None Used Song Link: ^^ Artist Name: None Used Artist Link: ^^ - Freestyle Dance Teacher! 🤍 - Song Used For Intro: 🤍

History of iOS (Full Documentary)


iOS was first revealed in 2007 and has arguably become the most influential operating system in history. Before it existed, mobile phone software was cumbersome, complicated, and visually unappealing. But after its debut, the concept of a smartphone was completely redefined. With a touch-based operating system taking precedent over physical buttons. Eventually, the influence of iOS rippled across countless industries. From tablets, to watches, to cars, and even refrigerators. Since 2007, iOS has grown in ways many never expected. So let’s take a look at how it ended up where it is today. Starting with its development in 2005. _ Chapters In This Video: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:43 Early Development of iOS 00:02:25 iPhone OS 1 00:03:34 iPhone OS 2 00:07:28 iPhone OS 3 00:11:54 iOS 4 00:15:41 iOS 5 00:22:39 iOS 6 00:30:48 iOS 7 00:36:45 iOS 8 00:40:40 iOS 9 00:43:49 iOS 10 00:48:39 iOS 11 00:50:54 iOS 12 00:54:42 iOS 13 00:59:19 iOS 14 01:01:40 iOS 15 01:05:10 iOS 16

Apple Keynote 2009 WWDC Complete - iPhone 3GS, MacBook Pro Family & OS X Snow Leopard


Watch Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, unveil the new iPhone 3G S, the new MacBook Pro family, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

iOS 16.3: Everything New!


Apple today released iOS 16.3, the third major update to the iOS 16 operating system that first came out in September. iOS 16.3 comes over a month after the launch of iOS 16.2, an update that added the Freeform app, Apple Music Sing, Advanced Data Protection, and more. read more - 🤍

Apple Keynote 2008 Complete - iPhone 3G, iPhone OS & MobileMe.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicks off WWDC08 in San Francisco with a keynote that announces the iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 2.0 and the new MobileMe Internet service. Date: June 9, 2008 Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco

Slide to Unlock iPhone OS 3 - iOS 10


#shorts I slide to unlock from iPhone OS 3.1.2 all the way to iOS 10.3.3, where it becomes "Press Home to Open". I could've used iPads, but didn't for obvious reasons.

iPhone OS 3 vs. iOS 4 Speed Test


Twitter: 🤍 Site: 🤍 In this video I compare iPhone OS 3 to iOS 4 in a head to head speed matchup. I loaded a fresh install of iPhone OS 3.1.2 on my iPod touch 2G and then did the same with iOS 4. I ran several tests of the Safari browser that includes repeatedly opening websites over Wi-Fi and filming the results. I then did some general tests of the Maps application including timing the loading time and general speed and responsiveness. Lastly I timed opening up the graphically intense application Real Racing multiple times on both operating systems to see if there was any difference. Many people have reported that apps seem both faster and slower in some cases on iOS 4 so I decided to do a full test of a few major aspects of the operating systems to try and shed some light on the situation.

iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Features Overview


This is my hands on. It's got serious potential, but not ready to go live quite yet.

iOS 16.3 - 16 настроек iPhone, которые нужно изменить прямо сейчас на iOS 16.3!


iOS 16.3 - 16 настроек iPhone, которые нужно изменить прямо сейчас на iOS 16.3! 🎁Забери iPhone на crazybox: 🤍 Промокод на +150%💰 на баланс: Apple150 iOS 16.3 обновление вышло. На канале можно уже посмотреть самый полный обзор iOS 16.3. Как настроить новый iPhone на iOS 16.3? В этом видео я расскажу о 16 настройках iPhone, которые нужно поменять. Измени эти настройки iPhone, чтобы смартфон работал эффективнее и удобнее для тебя. С помощью видео ты сможешь идеально настроить iPhone на новой iOS 16.3. Приятного просмотра! ОБОИ из видео и новые видео тут: 🤍 Если не работает ссылка - впишите в поиск в телеграмме APPLETHEME Ставь палец вверх за годный контент! 👍👍👍 Подписывайся на канал! 🔆 🤍 iOS 16.3 обновление Настройки iPhone Измени эти настройки iPhone Правильная настройка iPhone iOS 16.3 Как настроить новый iPhone 12 Трюков iPhone которые вы можете использовать каждый день! 12 фишек iPhone - 🤍 iOS 16.3 обновление! Что нового iOS 16.3? Стоит ли обновляться на iOS 16.3? Полный обзор iOS 16.3 - 🤍 РЕАЛЬНОЕ Состояние Батареи iPhone! Как проверить реальный процент батареи на iPhone? - 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Мой твиттер: 🤍 00:00 Вступление 01:42 Шифрование резервных копий теперь работает по всему миру 02:24 Добавление ключа для доступа к Apple ID 02:59 Новый вызов SOS, выбор удобного режима вызова 03:41 Обязательно включите распознавание ДТП 04:03 Можно включить доступ к данным iCloud 04:34 Если виджеты или эфир активности не работают, включите их отображение 05:29 Выбор темы AOD 06:16 Сири может отвечать без звука 06:45 Выключить завершение вызова боковой кнопкой 07:15 Новая разблокировка iPhone 07:45 Если интернет падает во время загрузки приложений и игр 08:28 Не ставьте автоматически обновления приложений 09:00 Лучше обновления iOS ставить вручную 09:45 Включите обновление эфира активности чаще 10:35 Заключение #iOS16 #Настройки #iPhone

iOS 16.3 Released | Big Update | What's New?


Buy Security Key Here: 🤍 My Recommendations Best iPhone Cases: 🤍 Best Tempered Glass for iPhone: 🤍 Best Charger for iPhone: 🤍 Best Charging Cable for iPhone: 🤍 My Video Gear: Camera 1: 🤍 Camera 2 : 🤍 Lens 1: 🤍 Lens 2: 🤍 Mic 1: 🤍 Mic 2: 🤍 Light 1: 🤍 2: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 SoftBox 2: 🤍 Tripod 1: 🤍 Tripod 2: 🤍 Fluid Head: 🤍 Laptop: 🤍 00:00 - intro 00:20 - Update size, modem firmware, storage 02:27 - What’s new 08:57 - Resolved Issues 10:43 - performance & benchmarks 11:31 - wifi network 12:00 - battery 12:36 - storage bug 13:13 - WatchOS 9.3 13:58 - iPadOS 16.3 14:33 - Outro Follow me on Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/nawabnabeel SnapChat: 🤍 Facebook : 🤍facebook.com/nabeelnawabtech Twitter : 🤍twitter.com/nawabnabeel/ For business promotion & sponsorship email: nawabnabeel🤍gmail.com Nabeel Nawab is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.in.” Amazon and the Amazon logo (as applicable) are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

iOS 16.3 SALE HOY, importante ACTUALIZACIÓN para tu iPhone 🔥


La actualización iOS 16.3 está disponible para cualquier iPhone compatible con la versión de iOS 16 y en este vídeo te hablo de las novedades de esta nueva versión. Trae novedades en seguridad y también compatibilidad con nuevos dispositivos, así como arreglar algunos problemas de versiones anteriores. _ 🔥 MÁS CONTENIDO: Mi set up - 🤍 Nuestro blog - 🤍 Únete a nosotros - 🤍 _ 🌎 CONTACTO: Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Correo - contacto🤍tuapplemundo.com _

iOS 16.3 - more than you thought..


iOS 16.3 - Additional Features & Changes, Bugs, Performance, Battery Life & More | #AppleWeekly (ep. 44) iOS 16.3 was released a little bit ahead of schedule, so that meant hardly any major new features. However, now that the final version was released, we've uncovered more new features, along with surprising performance & battery life for most devices - so in this episode we're going to talk about that + the security patches included in the update. After discussing iOS 16.3 & iOS 16.4 Beta release expectations, we talk about the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and the latest rumors surrounding it, the 'Reality Pro' AR/VR headset and how it'll work, the disappointing Mac Pro news, AirTags, and much more. Enjoy! 🎨 New O C T A V E Wallpaper collection: 🤍 Other Wallpaper collections: 🎨 V E L V E T: 🤍 🎨 R I P P L E: 🤍 About the security content of iOS 15.7.3: 🤍 About the security content of iOS 12.5.7: 🤍 About Security Keys in iOS 16.3: 🤍 How Apple’s Upcoming Mixed-Reality Headset Will Work: 🤍 See all #AppleWeekly episodes: 🤍 iOS 16.3 Released - What's New?: 🤍 14” vs 16” M2 PRO MacBook Pro - Which Should You Choose? (Full Comparison): 🤍 Mac Mini M2 vs M2 Pro - Unboxing, Comparison, Benchmarks & Review: 🤍 14 ACTUAL iPhone Tricks You Didn't Know Existed: 🤍 iPhone 14 Pro Max Review - 🤍 Apple Watch Ultra Review - It should NOT be this good: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 What’s Coming 0:42 NEW wallpapers! 1:10 How’s iOS 16.3 running? + new change 1:53 Emergency SOS 2:49 HomePodOS 16.3 & tvOS 16.3 Updates 3:10 Home Architecture Upgrade coming in iOS 16.4? 3:52 iOS 16.3 Security Patches 4:26 More (official) details on Security Keys 4:52 iOS 17 Leaks - Are they real? 5:54 iOS 16.3 Performance & Battery Lfie 6:28 MORE iOS releases (more than meets the eye) 7:45 iOS 16.4 Beta 1 Release Date 8:02 iOS 16.3.1 & iOS 16.4 Final 8:50 iPhone 15 & why you should buy the 15 Pro 9:40 Wi-Fi 6E Coming..but not from Apple? 11:00 How the ‘Reality Pro’ Headset will actually work 12:55 We can all create AR apps for the headset via Siri!? 13:51 Why everyone is MAD at the new Mac Pro rumors 14:52 Here’s your funny AirTags story 15:19 …and why you should NOT steal Apple products.. 15:53 Closing thoughts Sources: MacRumors/9to5Mac/The Information Bloomberg Ming Chi Kuo/ShrimpApplePro/Mark Gurman How are you liking iOS 16.3 so far? Also, did you get any new Macs this past week? 🍎 Become a Channel Member to get access to exclusive wallpapers, see videos early, get VIP support + other perks: 🤍 💬 Join our Discord server to continue the conversation: 🤍 🔔 Subscribe Here (it's FREE!): 🤍 📱 Best tech deals (updated daily): 🤍 ▬ SOCIAL MEDIA ▬ ▶️ Twitter: 🤍 ▶️ Instagram: 🤍 ▶️ TikTok: 🤍 ▶️ Facebook: 🤍 ▶️ Apple Music: 🤍 ▬ GEAR used to make this video ▬ 📷 Camera: 🤍 📷 Lens: 🤍 🎙️ Mic: 🤍 🎤 Other Mic: 🤍 🎛️ Audio Interface: 🤍 🎵Outro: ▬ STAY UP-TO-DATE! ▬ Make sure to subscribe to the channel & opt-in for push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release new videos! Disclosure: This video might contain affiliate links, which help fund the channel if you make a purchase. Have a fantastic day & I'll see you in the next video!



Я купил себе iPhone 3GS в 2022 году, всего лишь за 1000 рублей! Так же у него есть небольшая особенность, о которой мы и поговорим в этом видео! Так же мы посмотрим старую iOS, как она вообще выглядела, и как раньше выглядели приложения! + К этому я сравнил iPhone 3GS со своим старым Android телефоном 2010 года выпуска! Приятного просмотра! ЦЕЛЬ: 300 ЛАЙКОВ 👉Полезные ссылки: •Помочь копеечкой: 🤍 •Телеграмм канал: 🤍 СТРИМ КАНАЛ, ТАМ ЕЩЁ И ВИДЕО: 🤍 •Моя инста карточка(если интересны фотки раз в год) 🤍 •Твич: 🤍 •Мой ВК: 🤍 •По поводу рекламы: 🤍 / либо на почту: reklamaeasyphone🤍gmail.com 👉Немного о моем канале: Привет, ты попал на мой YouTube канал Easy Phone. Это канал о гаджетах, здесь выходят ролики про технику, смартфоны и не только. Можешь заглянуть ко мне на канал и убедиться в этом сам. Если тебя интересует тематики смартфонов и так далее, то советую тебе подписаться. Спасибо за ваши лайки, подписки и комментарии! КУПИЛ ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНЫЙ iPhone 3GS В 2022 ГОДУ! Easy Phone #iPhone #iPhone3GS #Apple #Смартфон #Телефон #Айфон #Эпл #Easy_Phone iphone, iphone 3gs, apple, 3gs, review, iphone 3g, mac, iphone 4, ipad, touch, ios 6, unboxing, ipod, macbook, g3, 3g, iphone 3gs review, imac, ios, iphone 3, test, steve jobs, android, steve jobs (film producer), jobs'', jon4lakers, ibook, os, airport, steve, g4, technobuffalo, ''r.i.p, display, g5, mountain, steve jobs (businessperson),, айфон, iphone 11, iphone 11 pro, retina, safari, new iphone, apps, обзор, ipod touch, iphone 3gs unboxing, new, store, macworld (magazine), intro, iphone unboxing, wylsa, ijustine, iphone 2g, speed, jailbreak, wwdc, gadget, at&t, att, iphoneitalia, white, 2019, iphone 12 pro max, iphone 3gs in 2021, simplealpaca, apple iphone 3gs, smartphone, retro, стив джобс, tech, telefonino.net, iphone 5, app store, обзор айфон 3gs, apple watch, ign, wylsacom, ios 3, simple alpaca, everythingapplepro, iphone 5c, iphone 4s, iphone comparison test, iphone camera comparison, jojol, 5s vs 5c vs 5 vs 4s vs 4 vs 3gs vs 3g vs 2g, 5s vs 5c vs 5, every iphone comparison, iphone comparison, iphone startup comparison, startup test, iphone speed test, speed comparison, analisis, iphone 5s vs iphone 5c, ios 7, iphone 5s, 2011, mac srbija, ipod srbija, iphone srbija, iphone 3gs recenzija, iphone3gsprobotzor1, gs, throwback tehnologija, 2010, apple srbija, iPhone 3GS, iphone, iphone 3gs, apple, ios 6, 3gs, iphone 3g, ios, iphone 4, iphone 3gs in 2021, incoming call, 4s, it channel, iphone 2g, ipad, iphone 3, android, review, history, wylsacom, simple alpaca, it channel incoming call, touch, iphone 3gs in 2021 still worth it, smartphone, iphone 2021, tech, айфон, iphone 3gs 2021, introduction, whatsapp, siri, simplealpaca, iphone 3gs в 2021, 2022, входящий звонок, steve, iphone 3gs review, call, samsung, instagram, mac, iphone 3gs in 2022, steve jobs, ipod, iphone 12, android incoming call, retro, 3g shutdown, 3g, iphone 13, whatsapp app, iphone 3gs in 2021 review, iphone in 2021, ios 14, mobimix tv, iphone 6 в 2021, iphone 13 обзор камеры, айфон 13 обзор камеры, обзор камеры айфон 13, айфон 13 про макс обзор камеры, iphone 13 камера, iphone 3gs vs iphone 13, iphone x vs iphone 13, iphone 13 vs iphone 3gs, iphone 6s, распаковка, wylsa, iphone 13 vs, 10 лет спустя, jailbreaking, documentary, 91tech, iphone 4s, ainda, funciona, ios 13, ios14, iphone 13 vs iphone x, ios6, обзор каждого айфон, celular, sistema, sistema operacional, iphone x против iphone 13, is the iphone 3gs usable in 2021, edge speeds, edge, 2g vs 3g, cell phone networks, edge iphone, wall street journal, wsj, joanna stern, wsj tech, att 3g shutdown, att 3g, instagram iphone 3g, uber iphone 3g, uber, iphone 3g vs iphone 12, old uber, old instagram, 3g shutdown iphone, 3g shutting down, iphone comparison, apple iphone 4 8gb, apple iphone 4, 2021 iphone review, iphone 3gs 2021 review, iphone 3gs 10 years later, the iphone 3gs in 2021, старый iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS в 2022, iPhone 3GS в 2022 году, стоит ли покупать iPhone 3GS в 2022 году, стоит ли брать iPhone 3GS в 2022 году, iPhone 3GS как себя показывает, обзор iPhone 3GS, что изнежилось в Apple за 10 лет, iPhone 10 летней давности, iPhone 3GS VS iPhone 4S, можно ли пользоваться старым iPhone, iphone, iphone 7, overtake lab, wylsacom, iphone se, xiaomi, телефон, iphone 8, iphone 6s, overtakelab, iphone 4s, эпл, обзор, iphone 7 plus, iphone 12 pro, iphone 5s, смартфоны, iphone 2g, ipad, wylsa, айфон 7 плюс, iphone 13, thebox, icloud, iphone x, купил айфон 11 про макс, айфон 7, iphone xr, как сбросить iphone, iphone 5s как ускорить работу, mac, андроид, старые айфоны, старые iphone, айфон 11, samsung, первый, ios 14, iphone 3g,

رسميا تحديث الايفون iOS 16.3 | اخيرا وصلت الميزة المنتظرة للوطن العربي 🤩


أعلنت شركة أبل اليوم أن حماية البيانات المتقدمة ستتوسع خارج الولايات المتحدة. فبدءًا من iOS 16.3، ستكون ميزة الأمان متاحة عالميًا، مما يمنح المستخدمين خيار تمكين التشفير من طرف إلى طرف للعديد من فئات بيانات iCloud الإضافية، بما في ذلك الصور والملاحظات والمذكرات الصوتية والنسخ الاحتياطية للرسائل والنسخ الاحتياطية للجهاز والمزيد. بشكل افتراضي، تخزن أبل مفاتيح التشفير لبعض أنواع بيانات iCloud على خوادمها للتأكد من أن المستخدمين يمكنهم استعادة بياناتهم إذا فقدوا الوصول إلى حساب Apple ID الخاص بهم. إذا قام المستخدم بتمكين الحماية المتقدمة للبيانات، يتم حذف مفاتيح التشفير من خوادم ابل وتخزينها على أجهزة المستخدم فقط، مما يمنع أبل أو تطبيق القانون أو أي شخص آخر من الوصول إلى البيانات، حتى إذا تم اختراق خوادم iCloud. يوفر iCloud بالفعل تشفيرًا شاملاً لـ 14 فئة بيانات بدون تشغيل حماية البيانات المتقدمة، بما في ذلك الرسائل (باستثناء النسخ الاحتياطية) وكلمات المرور المخزنة في iCloud Keychain وبيانات الصحة وسجل بحث خرائط أبل ومعاملات بطاقة أبل والمزيد. وتعمل حماية البيانات المتقدمة على توسيع هذه الحماية لتشمل الغالبية العظمى من فئات iCloud، مع استثناءات رئيسية بما في ذلك تطبيقات البريد وجهات الاتصال والتقويم. ولقد تم إطلاق Advanced Data Protection لأول مرة في الولايات المتحدة في ديسمبر مع نظام التشغيل iOS 16.2، وقالت الشركة إن الميزة ستطرح في بقية العالم في أوائل عام 2023، وبالتالي فإن التوسع العالمي يسير في الموعد المحدد. يجب تحديث جميع أجهزة المستخدم إلى إصدارات برامج أبل التي تدعم حماية البيانات المتقدمة في بلدهم لاستخدام هذه الميزة خارج الولايات المتحدة، ويشمل ذلك iOS 16.3 و iPadOS 16.3 و macOS 13.2 و tvOS 16.3 و watchOS 9.3. Subscribe : 🤍 instagram : ‏🤍 Facebook : ‏🤍 TikTok : 🤍 Snapchat : 🤍 My Gear : ‏‏🤍 Wallpapers Channel Telegram : 🤍

iOS 16.3 - Finally!


iOS 16.3 Released to the Public a few days ago. iOS 16.3 is the same as the iOS 16.3 RC version and if you are a developer on iOS 16.3 RC or iOS 16.3 Public Beta you just had it early. iOS 16.3 includes new features, changes and updates such as updates to Fido security key support for your Apple ID, iPhone 14 Pro Max display fixes and more. In this video I show you updates, and features using the M2 iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. #iOS16 #Apple #AirPodsPro #iPhone This is also the Weekly iOS 16.3 Follow Up Review (A Few Days Later ) where we go over Battery life, bugs, future features and what to expect from iOS 17. We also discuss when to expect the iOS 16.4 Beta 1 Release. We also talk about iOS 17 rumors and leaks along with iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s AR and VR headset and other weekly Apple News. Apple also released iOS 12.5.7 and iOS 15.7.3 released to the public this week iOS 16 Website - 🤍 Google Titan Security Key - 🤍 Yubikey Security Keys - 🤍 📱Case used in this video from Casekoo - 🤍 Use Code Zollotech for 10% off. Anker is The Official and Exclusive Charging Partner of my channel. Learn more 👉 🤍 ⌚️ Watch Band I am using - 🤍 Nomad Titanium Band *Chapters* 00:00 - Introduction 00:42 - New Features and Security Keys 01:02 - What Security Key Should I Use? 02:55 - Updates and Releases this week 03:59 - iOS 12.5.7 and iOS 15.7.3 updates 05:35 - Upcoming features 06:57 - iOS 16.4 Release 07:40 - iOS 17 08:39 - iPhone 15 09:48 - Apple AR and VR headset 10:20 - iOS 16.3 Follow Up 11:04 - Bugs 11:39 - iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bug 12:07 - Swipe home lag 13:00 - Battery life 14:23 - Battery Statistics 14:48 - Should You Update to iOS 16.3? 15:10 - Speed and Performance 15:50 - Comments 17:47 - Conclusion ————————————————— *Check Out Some of My Other Videos* M2 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro Unboxing, Comparison and First Look - 🤍 M2 Pro Max mini - Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know - 🤍 macOS 13.2 Ventura is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 watchOS 9.3 is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 iOS 16.3 is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 AirPods Update 5B59 is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 iOS 16.3 RC is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 New Major iOS App Updates - What’s New? - 🤍 Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2023? - 🤍 iOS 17 Features - 10+ Apple Needs to Make It Perfect iPhone 14 Pro - 3 Months Later - 🤍 iOS 16 iPhone Battery Tips That Truly Work - 🤍 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro Max - Full Comparison - 🤍 iPhone 14 Pro Max Unboxing, Setup and First Look - 🤍 iOS 16 is Out - What’s New? - 165+ New Features - 🤍 *Gear I use* 🎥📷 CAMERA: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 🎤 Microphone - 🤍 *Socials* Website - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Recent Wallpaper by Hk3ToN - 🤍 Support ZOLLOTECH on Amazon: 🤍 🎶 Outro Music: “Halos” by Yung Logos - Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library [DISCLOSURES] This post may contain affiliate links, which help Aaron / Zollotech with a commission if you make a purchase. ➡️ Please Subscribe For Even More Videos - 🤍 Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the bell push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video. If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you have any questions, give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

iPhone 3G - Как работает в 2020 году?!


Ролик создан специально для конкурса Wylsacom Даю согласие на использование этого видео для демонстрации команде Wylsacom Media. ● Мой телеграм канал - 🤍 ● Мой Live канал - 🤍 ● Группа в ВК - 🤍 ● Мой инстаграм - 🤍 ● Второй инстаграм - 🤍 * ● Обзор на iPhone 2G - 🤍 ● Обзор на iPhone 3GS - 🤍 ● Обзор на iPhone 6 - 🤍 ● Обзор на iPhone 7 - 🤍 ● Неделя с iPhone 3GS - 🤍 ● Неделя с iPhone 4 на версии iOS 4.3.5 - 🤍 ● Неделя с iPhone 4S - 🤍 ● Неделя с iPhone 5S - 🤍 ● Неделя с iPhone 6S - 🤍 ● Неделя с самым дешёвым смартфоном - 🤍 ● Неделя с бюджетным Xiaomi за 6000 рублей - 🤍

iPhone 3G Comparison 2020 iOS 3 vs iOS 4


In this video we’re taking a look at two iPhone 3G models with iOS 3.1.3 and 4.1.2 to see some key differences and if Apple even back then was slowing down your iPhone so you’d have to get a new faster one. Not that they would EVER do such a thing.

Secret iPhone Settings You Didn't Know Existed


David & David tell you about a secret section of iPhone settings and show you how to find it. These settings can be found by enabling Developer Options on your iPhone. While these settings are primarily for app developers, there are a lot of useful things for all iPhone users! 1. Turn On Developer Mode [0:23] 2. Clear Trusted Computers [2:14] 3. UI Automation [3:00] 4. Hang Detection [3:12] 5. Network Link Conditioner [3:21] 6. Responsiveness Test [3:51] 7. Throughput [4:27] 8. Fast App Termination [5:06] 9. Media Services Testing [5:52] 10. News Testing [6:36] 11. Core Spotlight Testing [6:53] 12. Shortcuts Testing [7:32] 13. Display Upcoming Media [7:56] 14. Display Donations On Lock Screen [9:34] 15. MIDI CI Testing [9:43] 16. AirPods Testing [10:08] 17. Graphics HUD [11:09] 18. Is Developer Mode Worth It? [11:33] 👾 Join our NEW Discord: 🤍 👾 🎁 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 📱 For awesome iPhone fixes and tips, check out our website, Payette Forward: 🤍 📱 Compare every cell phone, every plan, and every carrier on UpPhone: 🤍 👋 Get Social With Payette Forward: On Facebook: 🤍 On Twitter: 🤍 On Instagram: 🤍 #iPhoneHacks #iPhoneTips #iPhone #Settings

History of the iPhone (Full Documentary)


Check out which Full Sail tech degree is right for you: 🤍 _ The iPhone. Arguably the most influential product in Apple’s history. It has been fifteen years since its release in 2007, and during that time, Apple has released over thirty different models. Transforming the tech industry and our lives in the process. Learn how iPhone has evolved since the original 2g model in 2007 to the latest iPhone 14, 14 Plus, and 14 Pro Max. This video was sponsored by Full Sail University

ATENCIÓN⚠️ iOS 16 3 y todas sus NOVEDADES


Descubre las novedades de iOS 16.3 para iPhone y que hay nuevo en el sistema: Cifrado, correcciones etc. Además te cuento algo de watchOS 9.3 y que otras novedades llegan al mundo Apple. ÚNETE al MEJOR CANAL de APPLE y TECNOLOGÍA👉✅ 🤍 ✅👈 📹 DIRECTOS Twitch: 🤍 🎙MI PODCAST: 🤍 🔸MIS REDES📲 🤍 📺SECUNDARIO: 🤍 SER UN VIP DEL CANAL🔰 Charlas privadas, grupo Telegram y ventajas EXCLUSIVAS➡️ 🤍 😎VIPS: Alfredo Barahona, Jeanny, Rene Gonzalez, Juan Luis,Raul Prior, Javier S, Laura Negro,Erika Maya, Mayka Ortiz, José Triviño, Victor Munera,Hidalgo Amauri, Jonny Isac,Rubén Vilches, Merche Martínez, Emilio Toledo, Adriana Ruiz Conviértete en miembro de este canal para disfrutar de ventajas: 🤍 📷🎙Mi equipo completo (Afiliado): 🤍amazon.es/shop/cristovega 💻💰 COMPRAS EN AMAZON( afiliado): 🤍 💸DONACIONES: 🤍 APRENDE A USAR 📲iPhone/ iPad: 🤍 APRENDE A USAR💻Mac: 🤍 APRENDE A USAR⌚️Apple Watch: 🤍 📩CONTACTO SÓLO COMERCIAL: cristovegacomercial🤍gmail.com

A Montblanc Smartwatch (Not A Google One): Wear OS 3 on the Summit 3


It's the smartwatch reboot Android wearable fans have been awaiting since 2017, when a combination of confusing software and underwhelming hardware kicked off a dark age that saw Google's Wear OS platform lose mind- and market share to competitors like Garmin and Apple. Well, after launching nearly a year ago with a heavily modified look and feel on the Galaxy Watch, we finally get to see what Google’s Wear OS 3 looks like without all that Samsung software skin – and we get to see it on a timepiece from one of the world's top luxury brands. But fair warning: Wear OS 3 isn’t the “pure Google experience” you might be expecting – in fact, in many ways it’s just the opposite. I'm Michael Fisher; join me for MrMobile’s first look at Wear OS 3 on the Montblanc Summit 3! [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] 🤍 [ABOUT MRMOBILE’S WEAR OS 3 HANDS-ON / MONTBLANC SUMMIT 3 FIRST LOOK] MrMobile’s Montblanc Summit 3 First Look / Wear OS 3 First Impressions was produced following four days with a Summit 3 review sample provided by Montblanc. The device received two software updates during the test period. Production hardware running retail software. MrMobile does not accept compensation from the manufacturers of the products he reviews in exchange for producing content. No payment was provided and no manufacturer or carrier was afforded a preview, editorial input or copy approval rights concerning this review. [PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO] Montblanc Summit 3 Smartwatch: 🤍 Wireless charger provided by Carved: 🤍 [MUSIC] “Moonshine & Molly” by Wilasco [Soundstripe]: 🤍 "Gotta Get It" by Famous Cats [Soundstripe]: 🤍 "Are You Ready" by Strength To Last [Soundstripe]: 🤍 [CHAPTERS] 00:00 Rebooting the Android smartwatch 00:47 Luxury with a capital "L" 01:39 Unboxing & Setup 03:30 Welcome (back) to Wear OS 06:19 A Montblanc watch, not a Google one [SOCIALIZE] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [DISCLOSURES] This post may contain affiliate links, which afford Future plc a commission should you make a purchase. This does not affect MrMobile’s editorial content. See Future's disclosure policy for more details: 🤍 Additional information concerning MrMobile’s ethics policy can be found here: 🤍 #wearos #montblancsummit3 #wearos3 #google #montblanc #summit3 #smartwatch

watchOS 9.3 Update ist da - Was ist neu? | Das müsst ihr wissen!


Mit watchOS 9.3 hat Apple ein neues Update für die Apple Watch veröffentlicht. In diesem Video erzähle ich euch kurz und kompakt alles, was ihr über dieses Update wissen müsst. ➤ iOS 16.3 Update ist da - Was ist neu? | Über 12 neue Funktionen & Veränderungen 🤍 ➤ macOS Ventura 13.2 Update ist da - Was ist neu? | Das müsst ihr wissen! 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 PAYPAL SPENDE: 🤍 ➤ Diese Kameras nutze ich: Sony Alpha 1 - 🤍 Sony Alpha 7 III - 🤍 ➤ Diesen Gimbal nutze ich: 🤍 ➤ Diese Objektive nutze ich: 24-70mm f/2.8: 🤍 90mm f/2.8 Macro: 🤍 35mm f/1.8: 🤍 24-105mm f/4.0: 🤍 ➤ Dieses Mikrofon nutze ich: 🤍 00:00 Einführung 00:15 Zifferblatt (watch face) 00:56 iPhone Hintergrund 01:14 Armband 01:34 HomePod 01:53 Fehlerbehebungen/Optimierungen 02:45 Akku 03:02 Sicherheitslücken 03:30 Meine & Eure Erfahrung * Bei den Amazon Links handelt es sich um sogenannte Affiliate Links. Mit einem Kauf über so einen Link unterstützt du meinen Kanal, da ich am Amazon Partnerprogramm teilnehme und eine kleine Provision erhalte. Für dich entstehen dabei KEINE Mehrkosten. ( watchOS 9.3 deutsch )

Run ANY OS on iPad or iPhone!


Quinn runs Windows, macOS, Android, and more on his iPad Pro. No remote desktop or other clickbait. This is REAL emulation on iPad Pro thanks to QEMU and UTM. UTM - 🤍 AltStore - 🤍 GameCube/Wii on iPad tutorial - 🤍 AltStore Tutorial - 🤍 Purchase an iPhone 11 Pro - 🤍 Purchase an iPad Pro - 🤍 Purchase a MacBook Pro - 🤍 Subscribe to my podcast Flashback! - 🤍 Follow me on Twitter - 🤍 Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 #SnazzyLabs #Emulation #iPadPro

How to Install Apps on iOS 3 in 2022


#apple #iOS #iPhone #windows #windows7 Please like, subscribe, and share! iPA Files: 🤍 Download iTunes (NOT the Microsoft Store Version): 🤍 Download iFunBox: 🤍 iTechOS's Instagram: 🤍 iTechOS's YouTube Channel: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍 My Other YouTube Channel: 🤍 My Podcast (Video Version): 🤍 My Website: 🤍

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2023: Official Replay


Relive the epic moments from #SamsungUnpacked, Live on February 1, 2023. Learn more: 🤍 Learn more: 🤍 #GalaxyS23 #GalaxyBook3Ultra #samsung 00:00 Galaxy Unpacked 00:50 Opening Keynote: TM ROH 05:08 Galaxy S23 Series Unveil 06:08 Galaxy S23 Series Intro 07:57 #withGalaxy: Ridley Scott Interview Film 10:45 Pro-grade Camera 14:03 Camera Experience 17:10 #withGalaxy: Na Hongjin Interview Film 20:46 Galaxy S23 Series Camera Summary 26:58 Galaxy S23 Series Performance 32:11 Galaxy Book3 Ultra 45:05 Galaxy Experience 45:13 Galaxy S23 Series Summary 46:51 Everyday Sustainability 51:06 Open Collaboration with Qualcomm & Google 58:41 Closing: TM Roh

How to Downgrade an iPad 1 to iPhone OS 3.2 (Tethered)


Tethered iPad 1st Generation downgrade. IOS 5.1.1 to iPhone OS 3.2. iPhone OS 3.2 was the original operating system that came with the release of the first iPads. Downgrade kit: 🤍 How its going everyone? In this video I am going to be showing you all how to downgrade an original iPad on IOS 5.1.1 all the way back to iPhone OS 3.2. Now before we begin I have to go over a few things. The first of them is that this is only a tethered downgrade. Tethered means that every time your device shuts down because of say low battery or a crash you will need to boot back into the os using a computer because the device will go into recovery mode. The other type of downgrade is called an untethered. The cool thing about untethered is that your device can reboot and it’ll still be booted into the os. The only problem with untethered is that you need to have the SHSH Blobs on hand. And most likely all of you guys watching this video dont have these. SHSH Blobs are basically the digital signature which signs off on which Operation systems are aloud to run on your iDevice. If you have saved these in the past, which can be done with a tool such as TSS Saver(🤍 then you will be able to download an unsigned ipsw file, or a IOS bootable file, sign it, and restore it onto your device. Hopefully this helped to explain the difference between tethered and untethered a little better. The second major thing is that redsn0w and iTunes 10.6.3 are pretty old software. Which means that your going to need a older Mac running a older Mac OS, preferably Mac OS 10.11.16 or bellow, anything above that will most likely be incompatible with these apps.

3G Is Shutting Down. I Brought My iPhone 4 Back to Life to Say Goodbye. | WSJ


Starting in February, U.S. cellular carriers will begin to shut down 3G. WSJ’s Joanna Stern got an old iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 working on the old network, in order to remember all it did to shape the smartphone revolution. Photo illustration: Preston Jessee for The Wall Street Journal More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: 🤍 Visit the WSJ Video Center: 🤍 On Facebook: 🤍 On Twitter: 🤍 On Snapchat: 🤍 #3G #iPhone #JoannaStern

iOS - The Best features from iPhone OS to iOS 13.6 and beyond


iOS 14 will be shown in a few days for the first time and should have some new features. In this video I go over all of the features that has made iOS and iPhone great from the original iPhone OS to iOS 13.6 today. Many features like iMessage and Siri we take for granted today, but hey were revolutionary at the time and we continue to use them today. I show you using iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. #iOS13 #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple ————————————————————————— Watch Band I use on Amazon - 🤍 Screen Protectors on Amazon: 🤍 Apple Case I use on Amazon: 🤍 ————————————————————————— *Time Codes* 00:00 - Introduction 00:38 - iPhone OS 2 00:52 - iPhone OS 3 01:27 - iOS 4 02:10 - iOS 5 04:12 - iOS 6 05:07 - iOS 7 06:10 - iOS 8 06:52 - iOS 9 07:28 - iOS 10 07:44 - iOS 11 08:04 - iOS 12 08:32 - iOS 13 09:13 - iOS 14 10:00 - Conclusion 10:14 - Wallpaper 10:27 - Outro 10:46 - End iOS 13.6 (All Videos) playlist - 🤍 Check AirPods Pro Prices - 🤍 Check AirPods 2 Prices - 🤍 Wireless Charger I use for AirPods and iPhone - 🤍 📷🎥 CAMERA: Panasonic GH5: 🤍 Leica Lens: 🤍 Memory Card: 🤍 🎤 Microphone Heil PR40 - 🤍 Focusrite 2i2 - 🤍 iOS 14 - Everything to Expect at WWDC 2020 and Supported Devices - 🤍 Official iPhone Cases & Apple Watch Bands - Summer 2020 - 🤍 iOS 13.6 Beta 2 is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 iOS 13.5.1 Turning iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Display Green? - 🤍 iOS 13.5.1 is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro (Core i7) - Unboxing, Setup, Comparison and Review - 🤍 iPhone XS Max 1.5 Years Later - Should You Still Buy It in 2020? - 🤍 iPad Pro 2020 Review - MacBook Replacement? - 🤍 iPhone SE 2020 Review (Recorded with iPhone SE) - 🤍 iPhone XR vs iPhone SE (2020) - Which Should You Choose? - 🤍 Which iPad Should You Choose in 2020? - 🤍 2020 MacBook Air - Unboxing, Setup and First Look - 🤍 How to Clean and Disinfect iPhone properly - 🤍 Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2020? - 🤍 iPhone 11 - Full Review - 🤍 iPhone 11 Pro Max Review - the Good and The Bad - (4K60P) - 🤍 5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know 🤍 ——————————————————— Support ZOLLOTECH on Amazon: 🤍 Outro Music: “Halos” by Yung Logos - Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library - Wallpaper - 🤍 Wallpaper on Pinterest - 🤍 By 🤍Hk3ToN on Twitter Website - 🤍 Follow me on Twitter - 🤍 Facebook page - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 ——————————————————— ——Subscribe to stay up to date with the channel! —— Subscribe - 🤍 Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the bell push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video. If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA vs iPhone 14 Pro Max!! El primer duelo ⚔️


He probado el Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 plus y S23. Vuelve el mejor Samsung vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max en 2023. Además del Unpacked 2023 con los Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Galaxy Book 3 Pro y Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. _ 🔥 MÁS CONTENIDO: Mi set up - 🤍 Nuestro blog - 🤍 Únete a nosotros - 🤍 _ 🌎 CONTACTO: Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Correo - contacto🤍tutecnomundo.com _

Wear OS 3.0 updates explained!


Wear OS 3.0 is coming, but unfortunately not to everyone... Subscribe ► 🤍 | Read full article ► 🤍 FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links: 🤍 My favorite gear: - Panasonic Lumix S5: 🤍 - Panasonic 85mm f1.8: 🤍 - Sigma MC21 EF to L-mount adapter: 🤍 - Sigma 50-100mm f1.8: 🤍 - Sigma 18-35 f1.8: 🤍 - Godox SL-60W: 🤍 - RODE NTG-3: 🤍 - MacBook Pro 16-inch: 🤍 Want to sponsor the next 9to5Google video? Get in touch: ads🤍9to5mac.com ## Follow us 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🎥 Other channels 🎥 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

iOS 16.0.3 - Everything New


iOS 16.0.3 is Out and released to the public and contains bug fixes and security updates. Here is everything new in the iOS 16.0.3 release. #Shorts In this video I go over the changes, features and updates of iOS 16.0.3. Along with this, Apple also released watchOS 9.0.2 Full Length iOS 16.0.1 video - 🤍 Check out My Other Videos: Apple Watch Series 8 Unboxing, Setup and Review - 🤍 iPhone 14 Unboxing and What’s New? - 🤍 iPhone 14 Pro Unboxing, and First Look - 🤍 iPhone 14 Pro Max Unboxing, Setup and First Look - 🤍 watchOS 9 is Out - What’s New? - 🤍 iOS 16 is Out - What’s New? - 165+ New Features - 🤍 iOS 15.7 RC is Out! - What’s New? - 🤍 macOS Ventura - Very Best Features - youtube.com/watch?v=5E83sEl7e5U iOS 15.6 is Out! - hat’s New? - 🤍 2022 MacBook Air M2 - Unboxing, Review and Comparison - 🤍 Gear I use: 🎥📷 CAMERA: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 🎤 Microphone - 🤍 ☑️Visit Me Here: Website - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Wallpaper by Hk3ToN - 🤍 Support ZOLLOTECH on Amazon: 🤍 🎶 Outro Music: “Halos” by Yung Logos - Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library [DISCLOSURES] This post may contain affiliate links, which help Aaron / Zollotech with a commission if you make a purchase. ➡️ Please Subscribe For Even More Videos - 🤍 Make sure to subscribe to the channel & select the bell push notifications (click the BELL icon next to the subscribe button) to be notified immediately when I release a new video.+ If you watched this video and scrolled to the bottom and are reading this I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you have any questions, give me a shout on social media & I'll try and answer all the questions you might have. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

3 Contos | O Lobo e Os 7 Cabritinhos + Os 3 Porquinhos + Chapeuzinho Vermelho | Desenhos Animados


OS AMIGUINHOS tambem é um aplicativo 🤍 🤍 Acompanha-nos 🤍 🤍 🤍 Clique aqui para subscrever. 🤍 Novo CD audio 🤍 🤍 Os Três Porquinhos é uma fábula cujos personagens são exclusivamente animais. As primeiras edições do conto datam do século XVIII, porém, imagina-se que a história seja muito mais antiga. 🤍 O Lobo e os Sete Cabritinhos (em alemão: Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geißlein) é uma fábula alemã publicada pelos Irmãos Grimm.Fábulas deste tipo eram, provavelmente, contadas para as crianças com um sentido didático necessário a sua sobrevivência, quando os pais tinham que deixá-las sozinhas em casa durante o dia. 🤍 audiolivro literatura filmes peppa pig #OsAmiguinhos

Features of Apple iOS 16.3 Beta! / Major problems - Tamil


#ios16.3betatamil #ioslatestupdate #ios163 #iphone11 TO BUY SECURITY KEY FROM AMAZON 🤍 in this video.. IOS 16.3,Ios 16 features, apple Ios 16.3 tamil, IOS 16.3 update, Ios auto brightness off, Ios brightness keeps changing, Ios 16.3 battery, Ios 16.3 iphone 11, Ios 16.3 battery test, Ios 16.3 new features, Ios 16.3 beta tamil, Ios 16.3 problems, Ios 16.3 beta problems,Ios 16.3 network problems,Ios 16.3 advanced data protection, ios 16.3 beta 2,ios 16.3 features, ios 16.3 beta, iphone 14 pro max, iphone 13 pro max, iphone 11 pro, iphone 12 pro max, iphone 11

iPhone OS 3.0 - Spotlight


Videobespreking van de nieuwe Spotlight-zoekfunctie in iPhone OS 3.0 Beta - iPhoneclub.nl (Dutch). Lees ook het bijbehorende artikel: 🤍

IOS 15.7.3 New update on iPhone 7 - New secret hidden features


I hope you will like this video Subscribe to my 2nd Channel 🤍 How to Jailbrerak iPhone 5s, 6 and 6Plus 🤍 Get iPhone X like swipe up gestures (without Jailbreak) 🤍 My Setup Tour 🤍 How to Jailbreak any iPhone with Computer 🤍 Thanks for watching Followm me On Instagram 🤍J.a.s.h.a.n_7 Share Subscribe and like Please Watch till end

How To Install Steam Deck OS on Any Laptop, Desktop, Or Hand-Held, It's Pretty Awesome!


You Can Now Install Steam Deck OS on Any Laptop, Desktop, Or Hand-Held using HoloISO and in this video, I will show you how. This is HoloISO it's based on Steam OS 3 from the STeam Deck recovery image but we can install it on basically anything! AMD is the preferred way but it now works with Intel and Nvidia GPUs! WHats WOrking SteamOS OOBE (Steam Deck UI First Boot Experience), Deck UI (separate session), Deck UI (-gamepadui), TDP/FPS limiting, Global FSR, Shader Pre-Caching, Switch to Desktop from plasma/to plasma without user interference, Valve's exclusive Vapor appearance for KDE Plasma, Steam Deck Pacman mirrors. Download HoloISO Here: 🤍 Laptop Used In Video, Get it on eBay Price was at $469 but it looks like its back up to $529 but keep your eye on it because it will come back down - 🤍 Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 Follow Me On Instagram: 🤍 00:00-Intro 00:15-Overview and Showcase 03:00-Setting Up and Flashing the USB 06:50-How to Install HoloISO 11:55-Booting Up Steam OS 3/HoloISO Equipment I Use: Screen Capture Device: 🤍 Tool Kit: 🤍 Soldering Station: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Raspberry Pi 4: 🤍 Flirc Case: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. No Games Are Included Or Added This video and Channel and Video are for viewers 14 years older and up. This video is not made for viewers under the age of 14. Want to send me something? ETAPRIME 12520 Capital Blvd Ste 401 Number 108 Wake Forest, NC 27587 US THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! #linux #steamos #steamdeck #etaprime

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review | Nieuw leven voor Wear OS | SmartphoneMan


Samsung besloot met de Galaxy Watch 4-serie over te stappen van het eigen Tizen naar Google's Wear OS. Een goede stap voor Google, maar óók voor Samsung zoals ik je in deze Galaxy Watch 4-review uitleg. De Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 kopen: 🤍 De Galaxy Watch 4 komt in twee versies: de 'gewone' Galaxy Watch 4 en de Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. De namen doen misschien vermoeden dat er flinke verschillen zijn tussen de twee, maar dat valt wel mee. De Watch 4 heeft een platte voorkant, terwijl de Watch 4 Classic een draaiende ring om zijn scherm heeft en daarmee wat makkelijker te bedienen is en een klassiekere uitstraling heeft. Los daarvan zijn de twee horloges identiek, en het is dus vooral een kwestie van wat je voorkeuren zijn welke voor jou de betere keuze is. De Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is een fijne en uitgebreide smartwatch met heel veel mogelijkheden. Door de overstap van Tizen naar Wear OS heeft het apparaat direct meer opties gekregen (bijv. Google Pay, Google Maps). Verder is de lichaamsmeting uitgebreid en kan het toestel nog steeds ontzettend veel voor een smartwatch. Het is alleen jammer dat de batterijduur beperkt is en sommige functies - zoals de ECG - alleen met een Samsung-smartphone werken. Desondanks is dit voor Android-bezitters een van de beste en meest uitgebreide smartwatches, en valt de vanaf-prijs van €220 best mee. Deze hoofdstukken worden in de video behandeld: 00:00 Intro 00:21 Design 02:27 Bediening 03:27 Functies 05:28 Fitness 07:24 Batterij 08:15 Conclusie - Steun SmartphoneMan door een aankoop te doen via een van deze affiliate links: - Amazon: 🤍 - Bol.com: 🤍 - CoolBlue: 🤍 - Graphics met dank aan 🤍markelijk: 🤍 SmartphoneMan: 2x per week een nieuwe video die jou helpt met het kiezen van de juiste smartphone. SmartphoneMan is hét YouTube kanaal dat jou helpt met het kiezen van een nieuwe smartphone. SmartphoneMan Dominick was jarenlang actief als reviewer bij WANT en All About Phones en richt zich met dit kanaal op iedereen die een smartphone wil kopen. Met gedegen onafhankelijke reviews en kooptips die voor iedereen begrijpbaar zijn. Daarbij komen juist ook de minder dure smartphones die veel waar voor hun geld bieden aan bod. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi enzovoorts; u vraagt, wij draaien!

Set up and pair a Wear OS watch with an iPhone: Tutorial and feature guide


Whether you have a Fossil, Skagen, Diesel, Moto 360, TicWatch or any other Wear OS smartwatch, you can pair it with an iPhone. In this video we'll show you how to set it up, as well as setting up features like Google Fit, using the watch to answer calls and activating GPay. 0:00 - Intro 0:35 - Download and initial setup 2:10 - Answer phone calls from your wrist 2:47 - Change the watch face 2:59 - Set up Google Fit 3:32 - Activate Google Pay/GPay contactless payments Written, shot and edited by Cam Bunton Twitter: 🤍 Find Pocket-lint online: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Shot using - Panasonic GH4: 🤍 Lumix X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 lens: 🤍 Peak Design carbon fibre travel tripod: 🤍 Rode RodeLink Filmmaker system: 🤍 #skagenfalster #wearos

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