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Sylvan • One To Zero • Neo-Prog • Full Album 2021


Sylvan • One To Zero • Neo-Prog • Full Album 2021 🤍 Artist: Sylvan Album: One To Zero Release Date: 2021 Genre: Prog Rock Country: Germany Total Time 01:05:51 Format: FLAC (tracks) Quality: lossless Bitrate: 828-1041 kbps Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit Tracklist: 01 Bit by Bit [00:06:16] 02 Encoded at Heart [00:06:41] 03 Start of Your Life [00:03:14] 04 Unleashed Power [00:07:31] 05 Trust in Yourself [00:05:32] 06 On My Odyssee [00:06:26] 07 Part of Me [00:09:16] 08 Worlds Apart [00:03:57] 09 Go Viral [00:06:40] 10 Not a Goodbye [00:10:14] Line-up Marco Glühmann - vocals Matthias Harder - drums Sebastian Harnack - bass Volker Söhl - keyboards With Johnny Beck - guitars #ProgressiveRock #ProgRock I WILL DELETE YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATELY! If you don't want your content to be on my channel. Please contact me by email:buba.dinner🤍

Hi Profile - A New Prog Order


Hi Profile - A New Prog Order 🤍 🤍

Dilemma - The Inner Darkness (Official music/lyric video).


🤍 The Inner Darkness, a song of the album 'Random Acts Of Liberation' by Dutch/UK progressive band Dilemma. Dilemma is: Dec Burke - vocals & guitars Paul Crezee - guitars Collin Leijenaar - drums Erik van der Vlis - bass Robin Z - keyboards Produced by Collin Leijenaar (Novae Studio, NL) Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (The Mouse House, LA) Video edit by Werner Prost. Camera by John Vis & Martijn Kremer. Subscribe on the channel: 🤍 Listen, buy, download or stream the album at: 🤍 Follow us at: 🤍 🤍 🤍 The Inner Darkness Lyrics: I – Phlegmatic you used to dwell in the red chair your dark eyes staring at the four of us a velvet shelter from the world a throne to emphasize your genius the chill of november the coldness of your voice too loud to be noticed too deaf to have a choice it’s a mystery, a tragedy a part of you apparently unknown to the ones that played your symphonies a virtual reality hidden from the world outside your head you just kept the inner darkness to yourself II – Choleric you used to occupy the stage your dark eyes staring at the audience the chill of november the will inside of you too blinded to find it too deaf to have a clue it’s a mystery, a tragedy a part of you apparently unknown to the ones that played your symphonies a fictional reality hidden from the world outside your head you just kept the inner darkness to yourself III – Melancholic remember the days we spent in the shed writing like hell in our little heaven finding the words to the chords flying by melodies came, overwhelming remember the nights we spent on the road driving back home, promising we would leave the rat race to the rats memories stay, neverending and so the more we have to change the more we realise the more we dream the more we stay awake and so the more we face the truth the more we fear to lie the more we die the more we stay alive remember the future we wanted to hold a slippery thief nearly took it away who would have thought, the last time we talked we’d be standing right here today and so the more we have to change the more we realise the more we dream the more we stay awake and so the more we face the truth the more we fear to lie the more we die the more we stay alive IV – Sanguine so here we are, the start of our new destiny a picture of the world that yet awaits and now we’re changing to a world of perfect symmetry connected to our fate and liberty it’s a mystery, a tragedy a part of you eventually known to the ones that shared your victories trapped in future history hidden from the world outside your head you just locked the inner darkness in so here we are, the start of our new destiny a picture of the world that yet awaits changing to a state of perfect symmetry connected to our fate and liberty it’s a matter of persistence just a matter of belief in this state of liberation we accept the invitation to the feast Dilemma Progressive rock Art rock Progressive metal Prog rock Prog metal Progressive art rock Post prog Come see Dilemma perform at Night Of The Prog 2019! concert

Android • Another Midnight Ball • Neo-Prog • Full Album 2022


Android • Another Midnight Ball • Neo-Prog • Full Album 2022 Artist: Android Title: Another Midnight Ball Genre: Progressive Rock / Neo-Prog Country: Hungary Release Date: 2022 Tracklist: 01. Dreaming In Daytime 04:14 02. REM Phase 03:57 03. Dream Of A Prime Crime 10:04 04. Before Dawn 02:29 05. I'll be One Of The Gods 04:23 06. Legacy Of A Pharaoh 11:22 07. Matthew 26:47 03:46 08. Judas Iscariot 09:39 09. The Church Bell Ringer 01:41 10. Another Midnight Ball 07:13 11. Let's Play Together 06:25 Line Up: - Janos Dudas / guitar, vocals - Istvan Letmanyi / guitar, vocals - Zoltan Nikolin / bass, vocals - Jozsef Tozser / keyboards - Orban Mezo / drums With: - Krisztina Nacsa / vocals (5,6) #neoprog I WILL DELETE YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATELY! If you don't want your content to be on my channel. Please contact me by email:azmteplo🤍

Pallas - The Edge of Time. 2019. Progressive Rock. Neo-Prog. Full Album


🤍 🤍 🤍 Tracks Listing 01. Ghostdancers (8-51) 02. Violet Sky (5-54) 03. New Life (5-26) 04. Just A Memory (5-47) 05. In Cold Blood (6-36) 06. Ark Of Infinity (8-20) 07. The Blinding Darkness Of Science (4-36) 08. Something In The Deep (6-28) 09. This Haunted Land (6-27) 10. Stranger On The Edge Of Time (7-01) 11. First Promo MegaMix (6-38) 12. Violet Sky Vocal Mix (5-54) 13. New Life Instrumental Mix (5-26) 14. Something In The Deep Instrumental Mix (6-28) 15. Stranger On The Edge of Time Instrumental Mix (7-01) 16. Bonus Free Track - Ascension Instrumental Mix - from Niall Mathewson's Eclectic Electric CD (5-36) #pallas#progressive#fullalbum#time

NewProgressive 'Dreamland' (Melodic Progressive Mix)


Hey friends around the world It's time to dream. Relax and enjoy... Email: newprogressive.worldwide🤍 Free download in better quality: 🤍 Picture: 🤍 Tracklist: [0:00:00] Hans Zimmer - S.T.A.Y. (Madis Remix) [0:05:35] Entis - Escapism (Original Mix) [0:12:00] Stan Seba - Lost Together (Entis Remix) [0:19:30] Entis - Dreamstate (Original Mix) [0:26:25] AKI Amano - Landscape (Vishal Haldankar Remix) [0:33:20] Gregory Esayan - Sweet Insomnia (Original Mix) [0:41:30] Entis - Lily (Original Mix) [0:47:15] Van Yorge - Acabanera (Morrison Kiers Remix) [0:53:30] Tropical Groove - Cloudwalk (Original Mix) [1:00:05] Vince Forwards - Sense Of Grey (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [1:06:05] Entis - Melancholy (Original Mix)



1Here's our roundup for the BEST Prog & Symphonic METAL albums of 2022 so far! From the 70's-era psychedelic prog to today's modern djent, we've got some great albums on this list. What are picks for best metal albums in the prog / symphonic category?! Let us know in the comments! ❗❗Get MORE out of your METAL and SUBSCRIBE! 🤍 🎶Check out our curated Spotify Playlists for your listening pleasure! 💀Best NEW Heavy / Power & Speed / Thrash Metal 2022 🤍 👿Best NEW Progressive & Symphonic Metal 2022 🤍 ☠Best NEW Doom & Sludge Metal 2022 🤍 🕷Best NEW Black & Dark Metal 2022 🤍 🦂Best NEW Death Metal & Deathcore 2022 🤍 🛒Show the world you're a FORGEMASTER. Check out our exclusive merchandise: 🤍 ▶Chapters for Best PROG / SYMPHONIC METAL ALBUMS of 2022 (So Far): 0:00 Subscribe! 0:19 Best PROG / SYMPHONIC METAL ALBUMS of 2022 (So Far) 13:07 Check out our other videos! 🎶Our Picks for [KEYWORD]: Amorphis – Halo Moon Tooth – Phototroph Neurotech – Symphonies II Wilderun – Epigone Silent Kingdom – The Shadowless Queen Steve Vai - Inviolate Michael Romeo – War of the Worlds Part 2 Animals As Leaders – Parrhesia Voivod – Synchro Anarchy Messa - Close 📅New videos every premiere week on Wednesday and Friday! At Forgemaster Metal Reviews we bring you the BEST in metal releases from metal album reviews, top lists, and exclusive interviews from some of the best metal talent in the scene. As metal musicians and music producers ourselves - we strive to give a different perspective on the music so you get something a little different from underground metal and beyond. Leave comments, start conversations - we want to hear from YOU! Some other channels we are big fans of include BangerTV, Ruthless Metal, Metal Trenches, The Metal Meltdown, Nik Nocturnal, Thralls of Metal, Quest for Metal, A&P Reacts, and Pair of Jeans Reviews. Be sure to check them out if you want more fantastic metal coverage. Horns up, Forgemates! 🤘 Get MORE out of your METAL with BEHIND THE SCENES ❗❗Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ❗❗Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 💿Ben's Bandcamp Collection: 🤍 #bestmetal #progmetal #symphonicmetal

Top 25 PROG Albums 2022


Here it is!!!! I have waited all year for this moment… This is the list I turned in to The Fire Note for publication (with links for your enjoyment): 1. Ben Craven "Monsters From The Id" 🤍 2. Kaprekar's Constant "The Murder Wall" 🤍 3. JPL "Sapiens Chapitre 3: Actum" 🤍 4. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso "Orlando: Le Forme dell'Amore" 🤍 5. The Flower Kings "By Royal Decree" 🤍 6. Ryo Okumoto "The Myth Of The Mostrophus" 🤍 7. Marillion "An Hour Before It's Dark" 🤍 8. The Tangent "Songs From The Hard Shoulder" 🤍 9. Evership "The Uncrowned King Act 2" 🤍 10. black midi "Hellfire" 🤍 11. Comedy Of Errors "Time Machine" 🤍 12. Pattern-Seeking Animals "Only Passing Through" 🤍 13. Porcupine Tree "Closure/Continuation" 🤍 14. Jonas Lindberg "Miles From Nowhere" 🤍 15. Fren "All The Pretty Days" 🤍 16. Kaipa "Urskog" 🤍 17. Von Hertzen Brothers "Red Alert In The Blue Forest" 🤍 18. Bubblemath "Turf Ascension" 🤍 19. Karfagen "Land Of Green And Gold" 🤍 20. Elder "Innate Passage" 🤍 21. Big Big Train "Welcome To The Planet" 🤍 22. Arena "The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance" 🤍 23. Motorpsycho "Ancient Astronauts" 🤍 24. Lobate Scarp "You Have It All" 🤍 25. (tie) Devin Townsend "Lightwork" 🤍 25. (tie) Verbal Delirium "Conundrum" 🤍 Here's the article over at The Fire Note: 🤍 #prog #progrock #progressiverock

Written in Sand - Shadowpath. 2022. Progressive Rock. Full Album


🤍 🤍 Tracklist : 01. Winds Of Scone 03:04 02. Shadowpath 05:28 03. Skyblue 05:19 04. Let It Rain 05:52 05. Under The Cross 06:28 06. Opeth 06:19 07. Who Do We Think We Are 04:57 08. Skydance 08:03 09. When Someday Comes Too Soon 07:15

Best Prog Albums Of 2022 (So Far…)


We’re almost at the six month mark for the year (and The Prog Corner) so let’s take a look at the best 2022 has had to offer so far!!! #prog #progressiverock #progrock

Timeshift - 88 minute BBC 4 Prog Rock Documentary from 2003 (Previously only available in the UK !!)


PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO GET EARLY NOTIFICATION TO NEW PROG UPLOADS - Thank You. Also, don't forget to check out our Facebook page 🤍 Our podcasts: 🤍 ...and our Fusion Prog Festival website - 🤍 URGENT - PLEASE BE AWARE, DUE TO A CONTENT ID CLAIM, THERE HAVE BEEN TWO MINOR CUTS (TOTALLING APPROX 45 SECONDS) TO THE ORIGINAL UPLOAD. MANY APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, ENJOY THE SHOW. Definitely a trip down memory lane from 2002 and BBC4 with a look-back at the "Golden Age Of Prog" with all your faves - Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson etc. Not a particularly "balanced" view and somewhat lacking when it comes to the state of Prog in the new millenium, but an interesting watch nonetheless !!! Enjoy - Steve & Lou xxx

DubVision - P.R.O.G.


DubVision - P.R.O.G. Listen / Download: 🤍 We're closing off the STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland EP with a new DubVision song! Their track P.R.O.G. is out now! #DubVision #PROG Subscribe to STMPD RCRDS: 🤍 and turn on notifications to never miss a release! 🔔 💬 Come hang out with us and STMPD RCRDS artists on our Discord server: 🤍 STMPD RCRDS ON SPOTIFY ↴ 🔥 Top 50: 🤍 🎧 Groove Radar: 🤍 🔊 Bass Work: 🤍 Not on Spotify? We got you covered! 😎 All our playlists: 🤍 Follow DubVision Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Follow STMPD RCRDS YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 🎶 Top STMPD RCRDS videos EDM O' CLOCK: 🤍 Boomerang: 🤍 We Did It: 🤍 HELP: 🤍 Not Afraid: 🤍 Lynx: 🤍 - STMPD RCRDS is an Amsterdam based record label founded in 2016 by Martin Garrix. We're featuring music from artists such as Matisse & Sadko, TV Noise, Julian Jordan, Brooks, CMC$, Blinders, GRX, Dyro, LOOPERS, Osrin, Bart B More, EAUXMAR, Todd Helder, Cesqeaux, Seth Hills, AREA21, Silque, Infuze and many more. #STMPDRCRDS #STMPD #RCRDS #MartinGarrix #Martin #Garrix

♫ Best Progressive House Mix 2023 Vol. #1 ♫


🔴 The Grand Sound 24/7 Live ↪︎ Progressive House Radio: 🤍 ↪︎ Deep House Radio: 🤍 🎧 Our Playlists ↪︎ Progressive House: 🤍 ↪︎ Deep House: 🤍 🎵 Download the Mix: ↪︎ 🤍 🔗 More The Grand Sound ↪︎ TikTok: 🤍 ↪︎ Instagram: 🤍 ↪︎ Website: 🤍 🏆 Become a Member / Patron ↪︎ YouTube: 🤍 ↪︎ Patreon: 🤍 🤝 The Grand Sound Community ↪︎ 🤍 📸 Photo licensed from Depositphotos: ↪︎ 🤍 Tracklist: [00:00] 01. Lumidelic feat. Mariami - Hold Me (Dub Mix) 🤍 [02:50] 02. Yasin Guven - The Adventure 🤍 [05:55] 03. Joe Schaeffer - Morning Fog (Fiben Remix) 🤍 [09:31] 04. Skyline Project - From Time To Time 🤍 [12:51] 05. Skyline Project - Happy Moments 🤍 [16:27] 06. Houce & Tristan Armes - Your Embrace 🤍 [21:34] 07. SixthSense - Marietas 🤍 [23:36] 08. Eric Olivier Mario - The Power Of Now 🤍 [27:10] 09. Skyhunter - Styria 🤍 [30:14] 10. Tristan Armes - Nightfall 🤍 [33:32] 11. Shion Hinano - Memories (Zyfaii Remix) 🤍 [37:51] 12. Syra - Celestial Sphere (Janusec Remix) 🤍 [40:53] 13. Caira - That Summer (Andrew Frenir Remix) 🤍 [43:33] 14. Skyline Project - Flying Carpet 🤍 [47:20] 15. JOAH - Root Access (Arentis Remix) 🤍 [51:37] 16. Yasin Guven - All About Melodies 🤍 [54:08] 17. Crystal Sand - Awakening 🤍 [58:14] 18. Caira - Loneliness 🤍 [1:01:44] 19. Sou Enomoto - Seseragi (Tristan Armes Remix) 🤍 [1:05:15] 20. Wolkengrau - Summer Nights (Cosmaks Remix) 🤍 [1:08:30] 21. 2bnsn - Whisper Of The Clouds 🤍 [1:12:00] 22. Mabshur - Last Train Home 🤍 [1:16:00] 23. Firas Tarhini - Where You Belong 🤍 [1:18:00] 24. Skua & Cosmaks - Mirage (Nipika Remix) 🤍 [1:22:00] 25. TheJohnArts - Down The Brook 🤍 [1:27:45] 26. Markus Hakala - Morning Call 🤍 [1:30:15] 27. Nipika - Take My Hand 🤍 [1:35:15] 28. 5h1a - Neverending 🤍 [1:38:30] 29. Daniel Corner - Feelings To You 🤍 [1:43:00] 30. Deidian - From Their Wish 🤍 [1:48:00] 31. Caira - Lost In Music (Coastal Child Remix) 🤍 [1:49:52] 32. Caira - Lost In Music (Francisco Cervantes Remix) 🤍 [1:53:22] 33. Manu & Bennett - Around The World 🤍 [1:57:22] 34. Cosmaks & Aria Deep x Jan Martin - We Feel It (Dub Mix) 🤍 - Music Genre: Progressive House #ProgressiveHouse #DJMix #TheGrandSound

[Deepwoken] Sweaty Starkindred Progression #1


FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH - 🤍 My clothing group - 🤍 Join my Discord server - 🤍 Subscribe to the channel if you're new! 🤍 Remember to like the video and comment down what I should do next! ⭐Use Starcode "Nano" whenever you purchase Robux or ROBLOX Premium Follow me on Twitter - 🤍 Game link -🤍 #Roblox #NanoProdigy Intro song - #1 - 🤍 Intro song #2 - 🤍 Outro song - 🤍 Music credits - 🤍

Karfagen - Land of Green and Gold. 2022. Progressive Rock. Symphonic Prog. Full Album


🤍 🤍 🤍 Tracklist Chapter 1: Land of Green 01. Kingfisher and Dragonflies (Part 3) (2-11) 02. Land of Green (Part 1) (11-00) 03. Land of Green (Part 2) (3-30) 04. Solis Festum (1-39) 05. Land of Green (Part 3) (4-58) 06. Pastoral (1-34) Chapter 2: Land of Gold 07. Garden of Hope (Part 1) (7-49) 08. Land of Gold (13-20) Chapter 3: Land of Jazz (bonus tracks) 09. Garden of Hope (Part 2) (4-31) 10. Land of Jazz (6-37) 11. Land of Jazz (outro) (0-44) Line Up: - Antony Kalugin / keyboards, vocals, vocoder, percussion With: - Alexandr Pavlov / electric, acoustic & nylon guitars (1-7,9) - Max Velychko / acoustic & electric guitars (8,10) - Yan Vedaman / tenor & soprano saxophones - Konstantin Ionenko / bass & double bass - Ivan Goritski / drums - Sergii Kovalov / accordion (3,4) - Elena Kushchii / flute (8) #karfagen#land#green#gold#progressiverock#fusion#fullalbum#needle#instrumental#epic#orchestral#progressive#symphonic#fantasy#rock#crossover#space#jazz#ukraine

Ars Pro Vita - Truth. 2022. Progressive Rock. Symphonic Prog. Full Album


🤍 🤍 🤍 Tracks Listing 1. 1st Intervention - "Truth", Said a Traveler (1-08) 2. Monkey Business (7-09) 3. Personal Liar (3-49) 4. Bribe (5-25) 5. Birdwatching (5-35) 6. Laika (6-16) 7. Jane D. (4-58) 8. 2nd Intervention - The Elephant and the Blind Men (2-16) 9. Walk in Those Shoes (3-06) 10. Cruce De Caminos (5-36) 11. Forget the Flowers (3-10) 12. Wowicake (6-48) 13. Equal (7-36) 14. Hiraeth (7-14) 15. 3rd Intervention - Truth (and Beyond the Infinite) (1-50) Line-up - Luis Fernando Venegas / vocals (2,6,7,14), voice (3), guitars - Paulo Jose Venegas / vocals (2-4,7,12,14), voice (10), flute, keyboards With: - Jon Camp / bass (2,4) - Kevin Brennan / narration (1,8,15) - Mike Mitchell / narration (13) - Manu Saggioro / vocals (3) - Anna Paz / vocals (5) - Dasa Munhoz / vocals (6) - Fabiana Cantilo / vocals (10) - Fern McNulty / vocals (11) - Lila Trentini / vocals (14) #ars#provita#truth#progressiverock#needle#fullalbum#fantasy#crossover#progressive#symphonic#eclectic#rock#portoalegre#brazil

The Prog Chamber | New Progressive Trance 2022


Buy Me A Beer 🍺 🤍 This mix will give you Chills, Close your eyes and feel the music. 15 latest progressive trance tunes from December 2022 mixed together by Tranzemaniac. Vocal | Melodic | Progressive | Female Vocals | DJ MIX | 2022 | DEEP TRACKLIST 01 Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade & Linnea Schossow - Searching In Your Soul (Extended Mix) 02 Shane 54 & London Thor - Kingdom (Shane 54 303 Extended Mix) 03 Kyau & Albert - Kiksu (Boss Axis Remix) 04 Tritonal & Susie Ledge - Keep My Dreams Alive (Hessian Extended Remix) 05 Sunny Lax - Emerald (Extended Mix) 06 Rodrigo Deem, Sirolf - All I See (Extended Mix) 07 Daniel Wanrooy - I'll Be Fine (Extended Mix) 08 Andy Moor, Adam White, Whiteroom - The Whiteroom (Marsh Extended Mix) 09 Ciro Parcheri - Glorious Time (Original Mix) 10 DT8 Project, Lustral, Ricky Simmonds - Sunshine In Human Form (Extended Mix) 11 Chris Schweizer Feat. Sarah Howells - Company (Extended Mix) 12 Ben Nicky & Greg Downey Feat. Christian Burns - Always (Richie Blacker Classic Trance Extended Mix) 13 Alpha 9 - Calling (Extended Mix) 14 Peter Illias - Morning Sun (Extended Mix) 15 Kyau & Albert - Made Of Sun (Adam Sobiech Remix) MIXED by TRANZEMANIAC: 🤍 🤍 Download All My Mixes: 🤍 #progressivetrance #vocaltrance #femalevocaltrance #malevocaltrance #deeptrance #trancemix #2022

Alan Parsons - From The New World [2022]


The new studio album "From The New World" by the legendary Alan Parsons is more than 50 years of a career combining elements of progressive, symphonic and classic rock. Genre: Progressive Rock Label: Frontiers Records Country: UK Release date: 2022-07-15 Tracks Listing: 00:00 Fare Thee Well 04:36 The Secret 08:52 Uroboros (featuring Tommy Shaw of STYX) 12:59 Don't Fade Now 17:14 Give 'Em My Love (featuring James Durbin, Joe Bonamassa) 20:34 Obstacles 24:09 I Won't Be Led Astray (featuring David Pack, Joe Bonamassa) 28:47 You Are The Light 33:12 Halos 37:28 Goin' Home 42:23 Be My Baby Line Up: - Alan Parsons / vocals, guitars With: - Tommy Shaw / vocals - David Pack / vocals - James Durbin / vocals, guitars - P.J. Olsson / vocals, guitars - Todd Cooper / vocals - Dan Tracey / vocals, guitars - Mark Mikel / vocals - Tabitha Fair / vocals - Jeff Kollman / guitars - Jeff Marshall / guitars - Tim Pierce / guitars - Guy Erez / bass - Danny Thompson / drums - Tom Brooks / keyboards - Doug Powell / keyboards - Matt McCarrin / keyboards - Kim Bullard / keyboards - Chris Shutters / backing vocals - Scott Hunt / backing vocals - Joe Bonamassa / guitars (5, 7) - Mika Larson / cello (7) #alanparsons #fromthenewworld #progressiverock I WILL DELETE YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATELY! If you don't want your content to be on my channel. Please contact me by email:eteienamel🤍

New prog metal music I've had the chance to compose!


Hi everybody! Here is an excerpt from the song WAR Chapter III: Sacrifice by Damascus Steel which is a new project I've had the chance to work on. Here is the video of the full song with the vocals: 🤍 A little history of the project: Back in 2020, I did a fundraiser to help me with the release of my second EP. In this fundraiser, I was offering to compose a song in exchange of a contribution. A great guy and singer named Sameer Hilal decided to support me and asked me to compose a prog metal song inspired by Symphony X and Dream Theater. He already had some lyrics that he provided me and I had to compose and record all the instruments (drums are programmed). The final result is the song with the instrumental section you just heard. He really liked what I did so we continued to work together on other songs based on his lyrics ideas. We now have an album which is almost ready and we can finally share some of this music with you! Thank you for watching! I am very proud to be a PRS Guitars Artist and to be able to play these wonderful instruments. If you want to support me and hear my own music: Bandcamp: 🤍 Buy/Stream: 🤍 TABS/TRANSCRIPTIONS: 🤍 Guitar Play-Along: 🤍 Here is my facebook artist page: 🤍 My Official Website: 🤍

Mike Batt: 'Croix Noire' | New Prog Concept Album


This is a fascinating concept piece in collaboration with Jean Charles Capelli which creates this, dark, dystopian underworld full of a medicated populice. 🤍 If you like my channel and appreciate the work that goes into my videos, please support my channel. You can - Become a Patron! - Be part of a Classic Rock Community! There is a fine body of work on there now. 🤍 Make a one-time donation! Help me to make more videos or buy stuff to annoy my wife with and unbox on my channel: 🤍 Gift me something to unbox from my Amazon Wish List: 🤍 Buy me a coffee. All that talk is thirsty work: 🤍 Like the Facebook page: I add stuff on a daily basis: 🤍 All music used in my videos come from the Free Music Archive: 🤍 #mikebatt #croixnoire #classicalbum



► Band : Boil ► Album : A New Decay ► Genre : #ProgressiveMetal #AlternativeMetal ► Release date : 2010 ► Get it at : 🤍 ► Contact us : Metalheadscorporation🤍 ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ► Track List: 1. Redefine 00:00 2. Transition 05:40 3. Sleepwalker 10:27 4. Quiet Hours 13:38 5. Faceless 21:58 6. Clarity 25:11 7. The Fall 30:05 8. Dead Inside 35:54 9. Hypersomnia 40:15 10. Starless 44:07 ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ VISIT & FOLLOW BOIL : Bandcamp: 🤍 FB: 🤍 MyS: 🤍 ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ALBUMS... • VISIT & FOLLOW Metalheads Corporation: Spotify: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 10,000 Albums: 🤍 PROG Archives : 🤍 Enjoy ... ©BOIL All Rights Reserved.

PFM, New Trolls, Orme - Il Prog. Italiano (album)


#Progressive #Musicaitaliana #Italiansongs

20 great OBSCURE Prog Song excerpts (1972-1980)


Here are excerpts of 20 GREAT songs by 20 great OBSCURE Prog Rock bands, all between 1972 and 1980. They all fall under the Prog Rock genre including sub-genres Symphonic Prog, Space Rock, Eclectic Prog, Jazz/Prog and Heavy Prog. Watch the video to see who is included. I discovered all these bands in the last 10 years (I'm 46 years old) and was first turned onto Prog Rock around 1990 by my friend Ron (R.I.P.). I started with more known bands like Amon Duul II, Rush, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, Genesis, King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, etc. But I'll bet even those who grew up in the 70's have never heard of many of these bands. They are THAT obscure. Enjoy.

Prog Rock Compilation - The Jester Volume 0


Prog Rock Compilation - The Jester Volume 0 We have reached the third chapter of Jester's story I try to insert groups unknown to someone, this to give the opportunity to get to know new bands and new songs, always with the hope of finding something interesting and always with the love I have for this music. Thank you all for your listening. The Jester Song List : 00:00 Albion - Call it a sin / Lullaby 09:56 Seven Steps to The Green Door - Prologue/ The Empty Room / The Realization 20:21 Chasing The Monsoon - Dreams 27:56 Kingcrow - At the Same Pace 35:41 Omega Zero - Memory of The Lost 44:29 Karibow - Never Last 49:32 Within Temptation - Whole World is Whatching 53:47 It - The Working Man 58:06 Lion Shepherd - What Went Wrong 1:03:20 Throes Of Dawn - The Understanding 1:13:07 Io Earth - Hold On

Prog Guy Gets the New Tool Album


Prog Guy returns just in time for the release of Tool's long-awaited album, "Fear Inoculum!" Patrons: Zoë Patten, Ashton Rottenberry, CyberianTiger, Larry Johnson, Andrew Brown, Tucker Cawley, Remington Gray, Adelle Felipe, Thach Truong, Alec Hicks, Jake Nunley, Mark Byrne, Parsa Rad, OopsAllBlackMetal, Matthew Marshall Buy a Killbot & Gor Gor Attack!! T-shirt or long sleeve! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 SPREAD THE METAL LIKE A PLAGUE!

Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal | 5 February 2023 | Fresh Episode 220 | GWAI


Catch Aftab Iqbal and his hilarious team on Aftab Iqbal's official YouTube channel with fresh episodes of the program Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal. Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe our channel: 🤍 Like our Facebook Page: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍​​​​​​​​ Aftab Iqbal, best known as the original host of Hasb e Haal, Khabarnaak, Khabardar, Khabaryar Khabarzar and Khabarhar has launched his own YouTube channel for his fans. The "Aftab Iqbal" (Old Name GWAI) channel will go with behind the scenes, new content, unlike anything that can be seen on normal television. We need your help to develop this special YouTube channel tailored to our fans that will feature new, never-before-seen content, unlike anything that has ever existed on Pakistani television. You will find exclusive content produced by the talented Aftab Iqbal only on this channel. Aftab Iqbal is a popular host, director, and producer of content in Pakistan. He revolutionized the TV show industry by introducing theater performers on to his television programs. His topics cover several subjects related to both Pakistan and Islam. This includes comedy, drama, politics, news, history, arts, literature, sports, and more. He has been on numerous channels including currently on Express News, but also Geo TV, Dunya TV, Neo News and Aap News. He has produced television content for many years. This new channel will have many different shows on many different subjects. Aftab Iqbal is also a noted journalist who writes for numerous English-Language and Urdu-Language publications including the English The News International and Newsweek Pakistan as well as the Urdu-language Nawa-i-Waqt. He graduated with a master's degree from the Government College University in Lahore in 1985 and studied media at San Jose State University in California in 1986. From 1994 to 1995, Aftab Iqbal even served as media adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. He brings his experience and broad breadth of knowledge to the table #Trending​​​​​​​​ #AftabIqbal​​​​​​​​ #Khabarhar​​​​​​​​ #GWAI​​​​​​​​ #AmanullahKhan​​​​​​​​ #NasirChinyoti #ZafriKhan #AghaMajid​​​​​​​​ #HoneyAlbela #SaleemAlbela​​​​​​​​ #BabbuRana​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #Khabaryar​​​​​​​​ #ZafriKhan #UkashaGul #Khabarnaak #Khabaryar #Khabarzar #DrArooba #MubeenGabol All shows: Hasb e Haal with Azizi (Dunya News) | Khabarnaak with Aftab Iqbal (Geo News) | Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal (Aap News and Oxygen TV) | Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal (Express News) | Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal (Samaa TV) All team members: Aftab Iqbal | Dr Arooba | Babbu Rana | Honey Albela | Sakhawat Naz | Mubeen Gabol | Waseem Punnu | Nazra Bhatti | Nasir Chinyoti | Zafri Khan



Hello all, and welcome to my channel! Thank you for checking out this video. I am a passionate music fan as well as an actively performing mobile DJ. I grew up on the progressive rock movement of the 70s and decided it's finally time to check out some modern prog!! Please join me on this journey and enjoy/discover along with me. If you are enjoying this, please LIKE the video, SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and click the notification bell so you are notified when I post another reaction. Also, PLEASE comment with any suggestions on what other modern prog music I should react to. Constructive criticism on how to improve the video/channel is welcome! LINK TO THE MODERN PROG MUSIC LIST MENTIONED IN MY VIDEOS: 🤍 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.



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RIVERSIDE - I'm Done With You (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Taken from the album "ID.Entity", out January 20th, 2023. Pre-order now: 🤍 Video animated and directed by Thomas Hicks / 🤍 Riverside are: Mariusz Duda - vocal, bass Piotr Kozieradzki - drums Michał Łapaj - keyboards and Hammond Organ Maciej Meller - guitar "I’m Done With You" music and lyrics by Mariusz Duda Arrangement by Riverside Recorded at The Boogie Town Studio by Paweł Marciniak and Serakos Studio by Magda and Robert Srzedniccy. Mixed by Paweł Marciniak and Riverside at The Boogie Town Studio Mastered by Robert Szydło I’m Done With You - Lyrics So you’ve always been on my side You’ve always been my "friend" And suddenly you don’t like it That I started doing something else This is not what you expect So you feel You have to wake me up You have to make me aware Tell me I lost my way You are not my judge You are not my God You are not my own CEO Why don’t you simply shut your mouth And take your poison from my soul Far away Why do you want to tell me what to do? Who do you think you are? Do you not realise it’s my choice, it’s my life, Yeah, draw me a chart, make an action plan, outline a strategy Educate me, cause I clearly Don’t understand And you’re so clever You are not my judge You are not my God You are not my own CEO Why don’t you simply shut your mouth And take your poison from my soul Far away Far away - Follow InsideOutMusic here: 🤍 🤍 Shop: EU: 🤍 US: 🤍 Twitter: EU: 🤍 US: 🤍 Spotify Prog Rock Playlist: 🤍 Spotify Prog Metal Playlist: 🤍

Cara ISP UFI UFS-Prog New Method 2023 #ufi #ufs #isp


Griyo Android berbagi Tips 2023 New Method ISP Menggunakan UFI UFS * Melayani jasa Konsultasi & Jasa Service dari penjuru tanah air contak di bawah ini : FB : Tukangpatri Handphone FB : Griyo Andro IG : Griyo Android WA : 081212999354 #ufi #ufs #easyjtagplus #isp Vidio lain klik : 🤍griyoandroid

Odd Dimension • The Blue Dawn • Prog Metal • Full Album 2021


Odd Dimension • The Blue Dawn • Prog Rock • Full Album 2021 Artist: Odd Dimension Title: The Blue Dawn Genre: Progressive Metal Country: Italy Release Date: 2021 Duration : 01:01:08 Format: FLAC (tracks) Quality: lossless Bitrate: 828-1041 kbps Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit Tracklist: 01. Mission N°773 02. Landing on Axtradel 03. The Invasion 04. Escape to Blue Planet 05. Solar Wind 06. Life Creators 07. The Blue Dawn 08. Sands of Yazukia 09. Flags of Victory 10. The Supreme Being Line Up: Gabriele Ciaccia - Keyboards (Secret Sphere) Gigi Andreone - Bass (Sweet Oblivion, A Perfect Day) Gianmaria Saddi - Guitars Marco Lazzarini - Drums (Archon Angel, Hell in the Club, Secret Sphere, Svart Vold, ex-Denial (live), ex-Overtures (live)) Gianbattista “Jan” Manenti - Vocals (The Unity, ex-Love.Might.Kill) #ProgressiveRock I WILL DELETE YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATELY! If you don't want your content to be on my channel. Please contact me by email:buba.dinner🤍

HI PROFILE - New Prog Order (Original Mix)


Download on Beatport : 🤍 It was a strange year ... Not just for me but for everybody. We all lost something last year but I believe we have also found something. Time for our families. Time for ourselves. Time to see what really matters for us the most. For me it was my family. During this period, I’ve found the time that I wanted for them. Time was always my enemy and after so many years of traveling at last I was finally home without knowing that I have to leave again for the weekend. Every day for the last 10 months, I’ve spent a lot of time in my son’s room, playing. My inspiration was only him & my wife. So when I decided to produce a new album I said to myself that I want to create something from my heart. So that people can see exactly what I have inside me and what I really like to produce. Not for the likes, not for the drops, not for the money, not for the views, not for the follows, only proving who I am & what I can do. Just an album “From my heart” that people can I do. And it’s finally here. On the 12th of February it will be finally out by DM7 Group I wish to all of you FROM MY HEART all the best for you and your families. 💚💛🧡❤️💙💜🤍 CU ALL IN THE DANCEFLOORS '''' Cover by : Rene // Cover DesignerJr Foi um ano estranho... Não apenas para mim mas para todos. Todos nós perdemos algo neste ano mas eu acredito que nós também achamos algo. Tempo para nossa família. Tempo para nós mesmos. Tempo para ver o que realmente nos é importante. Para mim foi minha família. Durante este período eu achei o tempo que eu queria para eles. O tempo sempre foi meu inimigo e depois de tantos anos viajando, eu finalmente estava em casa sabendo que não precisaria sair novamente no final de semana. Todos os dias dos últimos dez meses, eu passei incontáveis horas no quarto do meu filho, brincado com ele. Minha inspiração foi somente ele e minha esposa. Então quando eu decidi produzir um novo álbum eu disse a mim mesmo que queria algo que viesse do meu coração. Assim as pessoas poderiam ver exatamente o que havia dentro de mim e a música que eu amo fazer. Não para as curtidas, não para os drops, não pelo dinheiro, não pelas visualizações, não pelos seguidores, somente para mostrar quem eu realmente sou e o que eu posso fazer. É somente um álbum “Do meu Coração” para que as pessoas possam ouvir e curtir.. como eu fiz. E finalmente ele chegou. No dia 12 de Fevereiro finalmente lançarei meu novo álbum pela DM7 Records. Eu desejo a todos DO MEU CORAÇÃO tudo de melhor para vocês e suas famílias. Vejo vocês no dance floor!! ★ S & N America Bookings ★ booking🤍 ★ European Bookings ★ info🤍 _ 👍 Subscribe to my channel : 🤍 _ Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 SoundCloud : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Email : hiprofilegr🤍 _ Hi Profile (Tasos Antoniou) Born in Athens/Greece in 1981, is the founder of 'ProGREECEve Trance' genre and with this modern unique music style he has been rated as one of the most successful acts worldwide in progressive trance scene . He has worked with all the major labels like Armada, Smash The House, Black Hole Recordings and many more with three No.1 hits at Beatport's charts and 7 more singles at top 10 he has put bombs in many dancefloors and he has gain support from legends like Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Oakenfold, Vini Vici, Astrix, Liquid Soul, Neelix and many more respectful producers. Recently awarded by UNESCO Greece for his music heritage contribution in electronic dance scene in Greece and also as the best producer in electronic music of his generation in Greece. His recent collaboration with the most symbolic composer in Greece and one of the most important musicians of all time worldwide , Mikis Theodorakis , has gave him the music status that only few can achieve through the years ,since he has proved that music has no boundaries . Hi Profile's music from 2009 has entertained hundreds of thousands of trance fans around the world like Europe, Brasil, Mexico, United States, India, Australia, S.Africa, China, Japan. His own futuristic music style , has developed a new prospective with no borders in harmonies & groove and he has set new standards in Progressive Trance Music !!!



You are watching FEBRUARY 6th 2023 | RCCG SPECIAL DIVINE ENCOUNTER 2023 #SeasonofWonders #DivineEncounter #PastorEAAdeboye YOU CAN ALSO WATCH THE PROGRAMME FROM THESE LINKS: 🤍, 🤍, - For Our Online Resources : CONVENTION APP: 🤍 OFFERING: 🤍 ALTAR CALL: 🤍 TESTIMONIES: 🤍

Touring with a Prog Rock Big Band


A look into the logistics of touring with Sara McDonald's NYChillharmonic, a DIY Prog/Jazz Big Band. It gets hectic! Listen to the NYChillharmonic 🤍 NYChillharmonic's rhythm section on the midwest mini tour - Bass - Me, lol Durms - Jursh Bailey Keys - Eitan Kenner Guitar - Amit Peled (⌐■_■) ⦿ Adam Neely T-shirts! ⦿ 🤍 ⦿ SUPPORT ME ON PATREON ⦿ 🤍 ⦿ FOLLOW ME ON THE INTERNETS ⦿ 🤍 🤍 ⦿ Check out some of my music ⦿ 🤍 🤍 🤍 Peace, Adam

Most Underrated Progressive rock bands


These are the seven most underrated prog rock bands of the 70's. If we you liked the list then please subscribe the channel. For any bands that we missed in our list kindly mention them in the comments below and we'll upload a new list.

Annon Vin - A New Gate (Full Album , 1996, German Prog Metal)


Annon Vin - A New Gate (Full Album , 1996, German Prog Metal) 🤍 Produced by Zardoz music and Ralph Hubert, the mastermind behind legendary Prog-thrash metal band MEKONG DELTA 1. Black White Red, Not Rotten Yet 04:03 2. Today's Heroes 05:04 3. Remind the Differences 04:32 4. One Word 05:31 5. Somewhere in Life 07:12 6. A Spark, a Drop & the Universe 03:59 7. Higher Spheres 06:19 8. Invisible Scars 05:17 9. Mr. Roboto (Styx cover) 05:44 Track #9 Mr. Roboto, (Stux cover) was not added here due to copyright issues from Styx.



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X-PROG | 5th Generation Immobilizer Add New Key | LAUNCH


This video is to help LAUNCH X-PROG new users better understand how to use your Immobilizer Programmer Adapter with X-431 professional scanner to perform 5th Generation Immobilizer Add New Key.

PROG ROCK JESTER - Latest Releases of 2020 - Volume Two


PROG ROCK JESTER - Latest Releases of 2020 - Volume Two ~Disclaimer!!!~ To Artist/Labels, I do not own any of this music, nor am I making a profit off of it. For any reason why you want me to remove the video, I will do so! I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC OR PHOTOS! These lyric videos are created for the viewers' entertainment. The music and material of these videos belong to the artists and their record companies. A TIP FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THIS GENRE OF MUSIC For those who love Prog and are unfamiliar with the "Prog Rock Dock" channel, I strongly recommend that you visit it because, I guarantee you is an unmissable channel! This is his address: 🤍

Tears for tears and Scythe too late | FARFA BAN LIST LIVE REACTION FEBRUARY 2023


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