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office vlog 2022 | work day in the life, free food, kbbq


hi everyone! finally sat down and edited my first office vlog. obviously this isn't what a usual day looks like, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless! (watch in 4k for the best quality!) about me hi! my name is stella, and i'm a 22 year old documenting her life through stories. i post about post-grad, skincare, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. i hope you join me 💛 stay connected with me! instagram: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 business: contactstoriesbystella🤍 music Music by Mykyl - Wrong Direction - 🤍 Music by Boyu - Glass Of Wine - 🤍 Motion by Ikson - 🤍 key words office vlog, day in my life, office life, corporate life, corporate vlog, office vlog #dayinmylife #productive #postgrad #corporatevlog #workvlog #officevlog

Day in the Life Working a 9-5 Office Job | Productive Morning Routine Before Work


a day in my life working my 9-5 corporate job... I show you my productive 6 am morning routine before & after work & give my best productivity tips for staying focused during the day. work week in my life: 🤍 items mentioned: nespresso machine: 🤍 nespresso pods: 🤍 dress pants: 🤍 flats: 🤍 claw clip: 🤍 leather desk Pad: 🤍 pen holder: 🤍 paper organizers: 🤍 printer stand:🤍 blue light glasses: 🤍 blue light glasses 2: 🤍 amazon storefront: 🤍 daily face products: elta md: 🤍 foundation: 🤍 powder: 🤍 mascara: 🤍 eyebrow pencil (similar): 🤍 lip stain: i can't find it anymore mine is really old :( aczone: 🤍 acne: 🤍 I also use Retin-A prescription let's be friends: instagram: 🤍 business: contact🤍 PR/subscribers: contact.rachelvinn🤍 mom’s derm channel: 🤍 Send me something: 4700 Sheridan Street Suite # I (the letter i) Hollywood FL 33021 thanks for watching :) -rach *some links may be affiliate #dayinthelife #workvlog #officejob #morningroutine #healthyhabits

9-5 Work Week In My Life • What Life In London Looks Like • Cooking, Gym, Cleaning 🇬🇧


Hello :) This new vlog is a little different compared to our usual videos. I am showing you what a working week in London looks like where I'm cooking, going to the gym and working 9-5! I have spent a week capturing what life in London looks like and I hope you enjoy these kinds of videos :)) Please like and subscribe and please let me know if you'd like to see more of this! *Follow us on our social media* :D Facebook 𝑭𝑩: House Number 26 Instagram📸: House Number 26 Twitter🐦: House Number 26 Email💌: houseenumber26🤍 aesthetic vlog, 9-5 vlog, work week in my life, work week in my life 9-5, productive work week in my life, Work week in london, work week Vlog, 9-5 job, Full time job week in my life, full time job, week in my life working full time, work vlog 2021, work week in my life london, london work vlog, 9-5 work vlog, full time office vlog, a day in the life office job, deemd, life in london, working life in london, work week, working 9 to 5, work in my life, slow living silent vlog, productive day in my life, in person work week, working 9 to in london, productive week in london, silent vlogs, silent vlog philippines, week in my life, weekly vlog aesthetic, productive week, what i eat in a week, what i eat in a day, london lifestyle, london life, london vlog

first OFFICE VLOG for 2022 💻 pinterest hq, tech company perks, free food


finally back to reality and I'm off to the office 🤓 for those who don't know I work for Pinterest in their recruiting department! That's why it's been flexible for me to work when I travel + what funds all my adventures hehe we had a department onsite right after coachella so I was a bit tired but it was nice seeing my coworkers! was loving all the free food and swag too hehehahahoho b u s i n e s s i n q u i r e s maliaramos12🤍 s o c i a l s »Instagram: 🤍 »TikTok: 🤍 »Pinterest: 🤍 e q u i p m e n t »Camera: 🤍 »Mini Selfie Stick/Tripod: 🤍 »Tripod: 🤍 »2nd Tripod: 🤍 m u s i c »Song : danmoo - sweet memories, 🤍 »Coccona, Giants’ Nest - Epidemic sound »Music by Anja Kotar - April - 🤍 »Music by Eric Reprid - June Blues - 🤍 »Lukrembo - Donut, 🤍 #officevlog #techlife #workvlog s u b c o u n t »19,200 t a g s office vlog, work vlog, tech life, tech office, tech job, pinterest, sf life, san francisco life, san francisco office,

Office Vlog on Friday 😃 Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (ep. 26)


Head to 🤍 to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code marko Follow me on instagram: 🤍withmarko = Links = ☕️ Free Wallpaper Pack: My Free Window Manager: ☕️ 🤍 My Productivity Mouse: ☕️ 🤍 My New Keyboard: ☕️ 🤍 My Headphones: ☕️ 🤍 My Backpack ☕️ 🤍 Get one month for FREE on skillshare (code DEAL) ☕️ 🤍 = Business Inquiries = Email: business🤍 Instagram: 🤍withmarko = Affiliate Disclaimer = I might earn a small commission at no cost to you, if you click on the product links above.

day in my life as a software engineer in NYC * in-office edition *


hi friends! we're back again today to do another day in my life video :) it's taken a while for me to muster up the courage and actually film in the office so apologies if this is long overdue ~ regardless, i hope you enjoy! watch my day in my life *wfh version*! 🤍 ✰ MY WORK SETUP ✰ Evoluent Vertical Mouse ↳ wired version: 🤍 ↳ wireless version: 🤍 Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard ↳ 🤍 FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo Texture Top ➭ 🤍 ↳ referral link for $30 off: 🤍 * Please note, this video and all opinions stemming from it are not affiliated with my company * ♡ CONNECT WITH ME ♡ instagram ➭ 🤍 subscribe ➭ 🤍 ✰ FILMING EQUIPMENT ✰ ➭ canon t6i (🤍 ➭ canon g7x mark ii (🤍 ➭ manfrotto compact action tripod (🤍 ♫ MUSIC ♫ ❀ epidemic sound Music by Gil Wanders - Ako - 🤍 Music by Citrus Avenue - Elsewhere Palms - 🤍 Music by ninjoi. - Outro - 🤍 disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video ✰ REFERRAL CODES ✰ ❀ YesStyle: 🤍 (code: SAPASAPA) ❀ BeFrugal: 🤍 ($10 sign up bonus) ❀ Rakuten: 🤍 ($10 sign up bonus) ❀ Firmoo code: 🤍 (code A8T7T5 for 50% off) ❀ EyeBuyDirect: 🤍 (code IFKKDHGC3L for $10 off) ❀ Zinff Optical: 🤍 (code *pan* for 50% off frames & 10% off lenses) current sub count: 127,146

office worker's weekly vlog👩‍💻🌧 enjoying stay home, work hard, homemade waffles, cooking🍳


Thank you for watching🤍 Have a nice weekend! :) broccoli pasta🥦 🤍 * Subtitles are incomplete🙇‍♀️ 〰️music Music provided by Daystar 샛별 - COOK / 🤍 Chillpeach - Cherish : 🤍 Music provided by BGM President Kid's Room - 🤍 Title: Imagination Artist : Ryan Genre : BGM, Jazz Mood : Fresh, Refreshing, flutter 🤍 〰️ instagram 🤍 edit: VLLO camera: sony zv1, iphoneSE

office vlog 💌 | first week of work as a fresh uni grad ✨👩🏻‍💻 | life in singapore


hello everyoneee here's the long awaited update of my life 🤗🤗 i've officially stepped into the world of adulting and having a full-time job!! join me on my first week of work in singapore's cbd 🥰 {💌 open for more details ↓} super thrilled to finally have the time to put this months-old vlog together and give everyone the much anticipated update of my life after uni graduation 😄 i’ve started my full-time job wayy back in july, but i never thought that i would have been so busy to hardly have the time to edit :’)) this first week at work was predominantly filled with general onboarding and training sessions, so i haven't gotten down to doing my actual jobscope yet. nevertheless, it was a really exciting week of meeting new colleagues and beginning a whole new chapter of my life!! 🤩🤩🤩 i’m really excited to be vlogging more of my office life in the future, so do let me know what you all would like to see and hope you guys enjoy this vlog!! 🥰 ⌛ timestamps 00:00 intro 00:57 day 2 04:51 day 3 09:29 day 4 also, as mentioned in the video, Teddy Blake's handbags are of superb quality and are really pretty 🥹🥹 do check out their huge range of luxury handbags and be sure not to miss their upcoming National Handbag Day sale from 7 Oct to 16 Oct 2022!! 👜 Find your perfect bag! Shop it here: 🤍 Enjoy up to 60% off! Use code TBZhiZone30 for an extra $30 off! 🧸 Follow Teddy Blake on social media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🎵 music lukrembo - jay 🤍 obie hans - pastel memories 🤍 mark generous - feeling tired today 🤍 brentin davis - watch my back 🤍 mark generous, jasper the cat - back to school 🤍 kissmykas - theraputic 🤍 obie hans - artful haze 🤍 💌 contact zhizone.mail🤍 💎 follow my instagram! 🤍 🏷️ tags #singapore #office #work #corporate #cbd #business #adulting #university #college #graduation #vlog #vlogs #aesthetic #productive #dayinthelife #dayinmylife #weekinmylife #teddyblake

Carlos Correa compliments Trevor Plouffe (TwinsFest Behind the Scenes) | Office Vlog 120


Jomboy Media's Trevor Plouffe heads back to Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota for TwinsFest 2023! Featuring current and former Twins: Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Carlos Correa, Kenta Maeda, and more! Get 20% off your first order at 🤍 00:00 - TwinsFest Live! 08:41 - Best burger in Minneapolis 10:16 - Thank you Roman! 11:23 - Congrats Cole Tucker & Vanessa Hudgens on engagement! 11:26 - Signature Saturday 18:11 - Awesome weekend Featuring: Trevor Plouffe Edited by: Matt Massina



Instagram: 🤍 Edited by: 🤍

朝5時から始める朝活モーニングルーティン|5AM Morning Routine of Japanese office worker VLOG


字幕はお好みの色・大きさに変更することができます。 PCの場合、動画の⚙アイコン→字幕→オプション iPhoneの場合、端末の設定アイコン→アクセシビリティ→字幕とキャプション コメントなどを日本語字幕に載せています。 よろしければONにしてご覧ください。 スマートフォン▶︙→CC→日本語を選択 パソコンの場合▶⚙→字幕→日本語を選択 お使いいただければ幸いです☺ ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 動画をご覧くださりありがとうございます✨ 朝5時に起床した休日のルーティンです🏠 春は訪れた、と言うけど 夏はやってきた、と言いたくなる季節だなと大きな雲を見ながら考えていました☁笑 ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー ▶index 00:00 キッチンリセット 04:30 散歩 05:38 トルティーヤボウル 08:34 衣替え 12:22 作り置き5品 25:36 ホットドック 27:14 代官山散歩 29:30 購入品 30:53 夏支度 32:27 豚骨ラーメンと高菜レタスチャーハン 35:05 ナイスクリーム ▶item 丸いまな板:curve-design 取っ手が取れるフライパンと鍋のセット:アイリスオーヤマ 【1日目】 犬のパジャマ:gelato pique エプロン:Anthropologie ブラウス・パンツ・靴:ZARA 猫のパジャマ:UNIQLO 【2日目】 セットアップ:PROPORTION エプロン:Amebeaute パジャマ:gelato pique 楽天ルーム、インスタグラムのハイライトにお気に入りのアイテムを載せているので、もしよかったら遊びにいらしてください☺ 楽天ROOM 🤍 Instagram 🤍 ▶VIDEOS ルームツアー 🤍 1週間の食事 🤍 キッチンツアー 🤍 ▶ABOUT NAMI NO KURASHI 都内で一人暮らしをしているNamiです。 東京はたくさんのキラキラが溢れているけど、自分らしくマイペースに生きていこう!そんなモットーの「並みのくらし」にかけたNamiのくらしです。 なにか特技があるわけでもない、特別なことができるわけでもない、そんな、なんでもない日常を綴っているvlogです。 ごゆるりと見ていただけると嬉しいです もしよければベルの通知をONにしておまちください🔔 いつも温かいコメントありがとうございます💛 返事が追いついておらず申し訳ございません💦 とても大きな力をいただいております🙇💕 #vlog #1人暮らし

Day in my life as a management consultant | working from the office vlog


Day in the life of consultant, working as a strategy consultant, 9 to 5 vlog Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. Today I have an office vlog for you guys, and I'm sharing what a day in the life of a big 4 consultant looks like, as well as what it's like to work a 9 to 5 as a graduate student! I've also made sure to film this on an office day, and bring you all an office vlog. 🔗ITEMS MENTIONED: Logitech G305 lightspeed mouse: 🤍 📹RELATED VIDEOS: day in my life as a consultant: 🤍 I quit my job in Consulting: 🤍 How to choose your career: 🤍 Day in my life as a consultant WFH: 🤍 ⚙️ MY EQUIPMENT: Camera 🤍 Tripod 🤍 🎵MUSIC: Rose (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link: 🤍 🌸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🎵TIKTOK: 🤍 👩🏻‍💼WHO AM I: Heyo! I'm a Masters in Management graduate from London Business School who is currently working as a strategy consultant. I am also a former recruiter for an investment bank, and have worked in marketing throughout uni (wow this sounds like a CV). I make videos about the university experience, kickstarting your corporate career, life in London, and other lifestyle videos! If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to subscribe and start your success journey with me 😊❤️

office vlog ☁️ | a typical day in office, 7-11 coffee, dinner in town ☕🌱| singapore


hey everyone, thanks for the support on my first office vlog previously!! 🥰 it has been three months since i've started working full-time and here's how a typical day in office looks like for me ☺️ {💌 open for more details ↓} as mentioned in the video, i won't be able to share much details regarding my job so apologies that i cannot answer you guys' questions!! nevertheless, do feel free to ask anything more generic in the comments and i'll be happy to answer if i can 🤗 also, i know i've created by instagram account months ago, but i'm aiming to finally start posting there hopefullyyy before 2023 begins 😅😅 so please do give it a follow (so i have more confidence to start posting too 🥲) 💎 follow my instagram 💕💕 🤍 ⌛ timestamps 00:00 preview 00:40 7-11 morning coffee 01:36 work & meetings pt 1 04:38 lunch break 05:39 work & meetings pt 2 07:38 dinner at september coffee 🎵 music get some - cozy mozzy 🤍 mr. jello - no better place 🤍 studio beyond - love week 🤍 naomi - aurora 🤍 💌 contact zhizone.mail🤍 🏷️ tags #singapore #office #work #corporate #cbd #business #adulting #vlog #vlogs #aesthetic #productive #dayinthelife #dayinmylife #weekinmylife #cafe #cafevlog #septembercoffee #7eleven #711 #coffee #routine #subs #sub



Jewelry and more: 🤍 (worldwide shipping) Subscribe for new videos: 🤍 Here's where I get my music from: 🤍 Personal: 🤍 🤍 Business: info🤍



Yeah!! Zoals je in de titel al ziet, we hebben een eigen kantoor/atelier voor Bomb. Ik neem je in de video mee in dit proces! Enjoy :) 🤍 - INSTAGRAM: 🤍 MAIL: madebynoelle🤍 Om iedere week op de hoogte te blijven van mijn video's kan je abonneren op 🤍 - Hoi hoi, welkom op mijn kanaal! Mijn naam is Noëlle As, ik ben 23 jaar oud en ik woon al een paar jaar op kamers in Amsterdam. Ik studeer Fashion & Management op het Amsterdam Fashion Institute en ik zou jou heel graag een kijkje willen geven in mijn studentenleven. Ik ben een arm studentje met een low budget, dus bij alles wat ik doe of koop probeer ik zo weinig mogelijk geld uit te geven. Wie weet heb ik misschien nog wat handige studenten tips voor je. Oh ja en af en toe kook ik even een heerlijk receptje voor je. Dus wil je hier niks van missen? Abonneer je dan nu op mijn kanaal!

a day in a life ☁️✨ | salary woman in Manila, office vlog, work with me, sourdough cafe weyatoons


Hello guys, sorry for being late. I think, I will make my uploads every Friday moving forward. Will do my best to stick to the schedule! This vlog is a glimpse to my corporate life. It is also realistic. But as usual, I cannot show anything about my work due to confidentiality. Thanks for always watching 🤍✨ = 💐 please watch in HD: atleast 1080p 60fps PS: so much better in 2K resolution Uploaded file: 4K resolution 60fps 🎥 camera: Ip11 💻 editor: vllo IG: weyatoons #silentvlog #adayinalife #aestheticvlog #corporatelife #weeklyvlog #officegirl #productivevlog #manilavlog #edit #corporatelife #officegirl #sourdough #sourdoughcafe Subs count: 1,878

office vlog 🏙 | corporate life 🏢 at filinvest, greenhouse 🌿 at the village square, & starbucks ☕️


Hey guys ~ 안녕하세요! 💗 Do you have a "9-5" office job like me too? 👀🏢 This is my first ever vlog and I had a lot of fun filming and editing it! This video diary is a glimpse of what happens at my current corporate job! Oh, and I also stop by Greenhouse at Village Square Alabang 🌿and Starbucks! ☕️ Honestly, I can't show a lot of what happens in my job for privacy reasons but I hope you still enjoyed this video! 🏙 'til next time! 또 봐요! ♡ elsa 엘사 ︾ ⏰ T I M E S T A M P S 0:00 intro 0:05 thursday 1:50 lunch break 2:17 back to work 4:35 home 5:00 friday 8:17 starbucks 8:59 outro ︾ Copyright Disclaimer: All songs, sound effects, images, and graphics used in this video belongs to their respective owners. This channel does not claim any right over them. Please see the credits down below for all the products bought, equipment & software used, the music used for this video, and etc. („• ֊ •„) Thank you! 감사합니다! 🙏🏻 💌 Business Email: elsas.diaries🤍 ︾ P R O D U C T S ┊Ink Proof Marker Pen Liner Ligneur Ink Proof (fmgt) in 02 Brown ˖ The Face Shop ︾ M U S I C ˖ Ghostrifter Official • Morning Routine by Ghostrifter Official 🤍 • Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 • Free Download / Stream: 🤍 • Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 🎶 Track Info: Title: Morning Routine by Ghostrifter Official Genre and Mood: Hip Hop & Rap + Calm ˖ Tokyo Music Walker • When I Was A Boy by Tokyo Music Walker 🤍 • Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 • Free Download / Stream: 🤍 • Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 🎶 Track Info: Title: When I Was A Boy by Tokyo Music Walker Genre and Mood: Hip Hop & Rap + Calm ˖ frad • 🤍 • soundcloud: 🤍 • spotify: 🤍 • instagram: 🤍 • bandcamp: 🤍 • twitter: 🤍 🎶 frad - first date 🤍 ˖ Tokyo Music Walker • Colorful Flowers by Tokyo Music Walker 🤍 • Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 • Free Download / Stream: 🤍 • Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 🎶 Track Info: Title: Colorful Flowers by Tokyo Music Walker Genre and Mood: Pop + Calm ︾ T E C H 📸 CAMERA ┊iPhone 11 🎬 EDITING PROGRAM ┊Da Vinci Resolve 17.4.2. Build 9 ︾ 🏷 T A G S #workwithme #aesthetic #philippines

OFFICE VLOG | Pinterest HQ, eating all the free food, commuter life 📌


Hello again friends! Very excited to share a 2 day office vlog that I got to film these last few weeks. I didn't think that I'd get to finally visit Pinterest's office so soon but the day has finally come! Definitely was what I imagined it would be like and loved all the cool things the building I was in had to offer. Please enjoy watching me be amazed while eating all the free food they have. Not sure if I'll keep going in too often, but when I do, I'll be sure to film it again (: s o c i a l s »Instagram: 🤍 »TikTok: 🤍 »Twitter: 🤍 »Pinterest: 🤍 e q u i p m e n t »Camera: 🤍 »Mini Selfie Stick/Tripod: 🤍 a b o u t »Hi! I'm Malia ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ I love food, traveling and making videos! I'm still new to this Youtube thing, but can't wait to show you a little of my life, knowledge and journey through this channel and hope to inspire others to create a life that they love to live. m u s i c »Music by Naomi - 1995 - 🤍 »Music by Naomi - Colours of You - 🤍 »Music by MYSM - Soft Cream - 🤍 »Music by Naomi - Osaka - 🤍 #officevlog #pinterest #pinteresthq

A Day in the life of a CS 😍 | Office Vlog 💃 | Neha Patel


🤍 Use Code: CSNEHA Connect with me ✨ Instagram: patelneha Mail: queryneha07🤍

work day at the office vlog ft. happy hour & a self care day | software engineer in LA


insta: 🤍 ✨🌸 hii come along with me for a day at the office! It was such a spontaneous vlog ft. an office tour, running around LA, and even a self care day on Friday! Hope you enjoy!! I had such a fun office day and even more fun at the happy hour after! 👀🍻 🔗 links My amazon shop: 🤍 My standing desk: 🤍 Apple charging stand for phone, watch, and airpods: 🤍 Laptop Stand: 🤍 my keyboard: 🤍 my mouse: 🤍 my mouse pad: 🤍 my wrist guard: 🤍 my monitor: 🤍 💫 more me 🤍 insta: 🤍 unsplash: 🤍 goodreads: 🤍 🦋 about me hi everyone! I'm Marsela! I'm a 20-something based in Los Angeles, California ☀️ I make all sorts of videos, mainly related to being a software engineer. I'm super new to all of this, and appreciate your support, so thank you so much for watching 🤍 👋 contact me for business inquires only: contactmarsela🤍 🎶 music Epidemic Sound - 30 Day Free Trial 🤍 ♪ Affogato (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍 ♪ Donut (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍 ♪ Morning (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍 ♪ Boba tea (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍 ⏳ timestamps 00:00 intro 00:17 morning stretch 01:33 grwm 02:04 working 03:14 office tour 04:33 lil chat 05:34 lunch 06:34 work 07:36 happy hour 08:20 friday morning journaling 10:32 running errands in dtla 12:12 workout routine 13:47 honest chat 15:30 ttyl 🔎 video topics in this video: day in the office vlog, a day in the office, day in the life at the office, day in teh office vlog, a day in teh office, day in teh life at teh office, vlog day at the office, a day in the life office job, a day in the life office worker, day in the life of a software engineer, week in the life software engineer, software engineer vlog, software engineer day in the life, software engineer in la, marselaaa, marsela, marsela sulku, tech office tour, software engineer, workout routine, self care vlog, self care day, self care workout, journaling, yoga, grwm, honest chat ❗️disclaimer FTC: This video is not sponsored! All opinions expressed in this video and all videos on this YouTube channel are solely my own, and do not express or reflect the views or opinions of my employer. In addition, they do not reflect the views or opinions of any of the brands / companies that I may mention. 41654



Es ist soweit! Wir ziehn mit Shurjoka zusammen in ein Büro! Möbel shoppen, Küche einrichten, Studio aufbaun...eine Menge zu tun. LET'S GO! Crowdfunding Kampagne REH CAFÉ: 🤍 Die Vlogs kommen immer im wöchentlichen Wechsel bei Shurjoka und mir. Hier kommt ihr zur Playlist: 🤍 Zweitkanal: 🤍 Outdoorkanal: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Podcast für Nicht-Spotify-User: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Going Back to Office VLOG | Week in my Life! 👩🏻‍💻


Welcome to my channel! I recently started going to office and I thought let me show y'all my weeks routine now, so here it goes! Lotus Organics Sunscreen link: 🤍 (use code LOTRIBE10) Subscribe: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram for regular daily updates: 🤍 Camera and equipments: Camera that I use: 🤍 Tripod 1: 🤍 Tripod 2: 🤍 Lighting Setup: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 See you in my next video! Tada! Ridhi #RidhiVlogs #WorkFromOffice

STUDIO um 80.000€ gebaut 😱| Office Vlog


Es ist soweit, endlich ist alles da und wir können unser Studio bauen...oder auch nicht. Naja fast alles. Eine Woche lang haben alle im Team Überstunden gemacht und die nerven verloren. Aber es hat sich gelohnt :D Immer Sonntags um 12:00 Uhr kommt eine neue Folge aus dem Büro, abwechselnd bei mir und 🤍Freiraumreh !! Hier findet ihr Benson : 🤍 Link zur Playlist: 🤍 Mein Twitch Channel: 🤍 Mein Gaming Channel: 🤍 Mein Reaction Channel: 🤍 Ich bin auch auf Tiktok: 🤍 und Instagram: 🤍

Kimi allein zu Haus | Office Vlog


Neue Woche, neuer Vlog. Neues Studio, neue Regeln, fliegende Süßigkeiten....alles dabei. Die Vlogs kommen immer im wöchentlichen Wechsel bei Shurjoka und mir. Hier kommt ihr zur Playlist: 🤍 Zweitkanal: 🤍 Outdoorkanal: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Podcast für Nicht-Spotify-User: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Malaysia vlog : working 9-5 job with a startup company


hii friends! it's been 4 months since i came to the office and tbh working from home does take a toll for me. so im super excited to be in the office together w my infj buddy! you can (also) find me here : ig : 🤍 tiktok : 🤍

First Day at @Accenture Gurugram Office | Work From Office | Office Tour | Management Consultant


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A day in my life, Taking you to my office [workplace] in the Netherlands. This place is the Silicon valley of Europe. Europe's sustainable office pace. High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. Hope you enjoy this video! Link to Healthify Fresh chat with Coaches (1st Exclusive FREE DEMO for our channel viewers) - 🤍 Link to Healthify mobile app - 🤍 Use Promo Code TRANSFORM30 to avail 35% discount on subscriptions Subscribe to this channel - 🤍 Follow us on social media for instant notification on new content Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 Link to Netherlands migration Playlist: 🤍 Link to Netherlands Travel vlogs Playlist: 🤍 Link to Innovation series Playlist: 🤍 Link to Netherlands shopping series Playlist: 🤍 For Business Enquiries: thetrialinbox🤍 #officetour #travelvlogs #timeandtrial #netherlandstamil

Sheriff's office investigating viral video of student attacking teacher


Dramatic video is circulating of a student attacking a teacher and law enforcement has stepped in to investigate. The disturbing video shows the attack on a Rockdale County teacher. The sheriff's office has now joined school officials in the investigation at Heritage High School. Subscribe to FOX 5 Atlanta!: 🤍 Watch FOX 5 Atlanta Live: 🤍 FOX 5 Atlanta delivers breaking news, live events, investigations, politics, entertainment, business news and local stories from metro Atlanta, north Georgia and across the nation. Watch more from FOX 5 Atlanta on YouTube: FOX 5 News: 🤍 FOX 5 Atlanta I-Team: 🤍 Good Day Atlanta: 🤍 FOX 5 Extras: 🤍 You Decide: 🤍 Download the FOX 5 Atlanta app: 🤍 Download the FOX 5 Storm Team app: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 Atlanta on Facebook: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 Atlanta on Twitter: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 Atlanta on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to the Morning Brief and other newsletters from FOX 5 Atlanta: 🤍

Work with me | Silent Vlog | Living in Indonesia


Title : Work with me | Silent Vlog | Living in Indonesia Halo Semuanya. Kembali lagi dichannel aku. Hari Rabu aku ada urusan kekantor, jadi aku membuat video aku saat di Kantor. Aku bekerja sebagai Karyawan Swasta di salah satu perusahan di daerah Kuningan. Mau tau seperti apa? Ikuti terus ya. Jangan lupa untuk support aku dengan cara klik Like pada video ini dan Subscribe pada channel ini ya. Agar aku semakin semangat buat videonya. Terima kasih Translate : Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel. This Wednesday I have a matter at office, so I made this video when I was at office. I worked as an employee in one of Company in region Kuningan, Jakarta. Do you want to know what was look like ? Please watch the video :) Don't forget to support me by click on Like and Subscribe button on this video, to make me more have spirit to make a video. Thank you Video Editing : Vllo Backsound : ^^ Rook1e - Heartstings = 🤍 ^^ Lukrembo - lofi type beat “cold” : 🤍 ^^ Lukrembo - Boba Tea : 🤍 ^^ Medda - Serenity : Soundcloud: 🤍 ^^ Dreamwave - Medda Serenity : 🤍 ^^ Daystar - Lemon Cake / 🤍

Evening Vlog| Martin office నుంచి late అవుతుంది అంటే | Phool Makhana curry recipe


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Back to Office ~Mini Vlog~ | Mango Salsa Recipe | #YouTubeShorts #Shorts #HerHappyFace


Back to office - why does it feel that I pretty much ate throughout the day here lol. But it’s not like that, I worked my ass of this day too 🫠 Mango Salsa Recipe: take finely chopped mangoes, apples (for the crunch), walnut, onion, tomato, then mix all of it, and add salt, pepper, chilli powder, chaat masala, mix mix mix, top it up with finely chopped coriander and chilli (optional) #happywearswhat top and jeans: marksandspencerindia (link in highlight), footwear: 🤍thecaistore, bag: 🤍zoukonline, lipstick: Amazonian by 🤍maybelline.india #herhappyface

New Office Vlog 5 - #Firepole?


Will they ever move into the new office? Do they even HAVE a new office? And could they have listened to Twitch chat one too many times?... Freshbooks link: 🤍 Pricing & discussion: 🤍 Support us: 🤍 Join our community forum: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High 🤍

Working From The Office Vlog | Interpreted In Sign Language for Deaf People


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CHRISTMAS AT THE CLICK OFFICE (vlog) w/ ilsa, mully


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