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Oppo Find N Impressions: The Best Folding Phone?!


It's like if you took the Z Fold 3... and shrunk it into a passport size! Sponsored by Cash App: Download from App Store/Google Play store - Use code MARQUES for $15 and $10 goes to Girls Who Code! MKBHD Merch: 🤍 Tech I'm using right now: 🤍 Intro Track: 🤍 Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: 🤍 Phone provided by Oppo for video. ~ 🤍 🤍 🤍

Oppo Find N2 Review - The Best Phone I Can NEVER Buy!


OPPO Find N2 Unboxing & Review - lighter, thinner, faster - this compact foldable is one of my favourites - BUT sadly it's only launching in China. BUT the Find N2 Flip is launching internationally! #OPPO #OPPOFindN2 #foldable Can't get enough of your TECH? Why not SUBSCRIBE? (it's free!) 😄 ▶ YouTube: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 🎵 Music by Epidemic & Artlist

OPPO Find N Preview - Eindelijk een compactere vouwbare telefoon


De Find N is een interessante, maar beetje vreemde vogel. OPPO had immers het huiswerk van Samsung kunnen kopiëren, maar heeft dat niet gedaan. De Find N wijkt op een paar cruciale punten af van de Galaxy Z Fold3 van grote concurrent Samsung. Desondanks is het technisch een interessant apparaat en de moeite waard om te worden bekeken. Daarom is hier een preview van de OPPO Find N, waarin we hem in alles vergelijken met de Fold3. Wat doet OPPO precies anders en hoe pakt dat uit? Lees ook onze preview voor meer details: 🤍 Meer Tweakers: • Bekijk al onze video's: 🤍 • Check onze playlists: 🤍 • Like ons op Facebook: 🤍 • Volg ons op Twitter: 🤍 • Volg ons op Instagram: 🤍 • Lees meer: 🤍 #Tweakersnet

Oppo Find N Review: Widening The World Of Foldables


Sponsored by Surfshark VPN. Go to 🤍 - Enter promo code MRMOBILE for 83% off and 4 extra months for free! (November 1 - December 31). [INTO THE FOLD EPISODE 11] For the few short years that foldable phones have existed, we’ve basically been given two weapons of choice: the full-format folding book, or the clamshell-style flip phone. Huawei or Motorola; Xiaomi or TCL; Samsung ... or Samsung. As Mr. Slim says: you can blow with this, or you can blow with that. Well, it was only a matter of time before someone came along with the best of both worlds: a foldable that would deliver the utility of the tablet … inside the compact footprint of the clamshell. I’m Michael Fisher; join me for your first look at Oppo’s first foldable, the Oppo Find N! [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] 🤍 [ABOUT INTO THE FOLD EPISODE 11] This is the eleventh in a series of episodes exploring the many facets of life on a folding screen. From the best foldable phones of 2021 to the bleeding-edge world of folding-screen laptops, Into The Fold is MrMobile’s showcase for the most exciting movement in mobile technology since 2007! MrMobile does not accept compensation from the manufacturers of the products he reviews in exchange for producing content. No payment was provided and no manufacturer or carrier was afforded a preview, editorial input or copy approval rights concerning this review. The lone sponsor of this content is Surfshark. [SOCIALIZE] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [DISCLOSURES] This post may contain affiliate links, which afford Future plc a commission should you make a purchase. This does not affect MrMobile’s editorial content. See Future's disclosure policy for more details: 🤍 Additional information concerning MrMobile’s ethics policy can be found here: 🤍 #oppofindn #oppo #oppofind #foldable #foldingscreen #foldingphone #smartphones #tech #intothefold

Fight For My Love Mom and Dad! - OPPO Find N


Thanks to VOLTA for sponsoring today’s video! You can check out the VOLTA Spark 60W + 1 Tip and VOLTA Spark 100W + 1 Tip charging cables here: 🤍 The Oppo Find N smartphone is the latest foldable device, and it's very close to Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold3. There are many improvements over the Fold3, but a few things are lacking. Let see which one wins Linus' love. Check out the OPPO Find N Smartphone at (link coming soon) Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Smartphone On Amazon: 🤍 On Newegg: 🤍 Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. ►GET MERCH: 🤍 ►SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: 🤍 ►LTX EXPO: 🤍 AFFILIATES & REFERRALS - ►Affiliates, Sponsors & Referrals: 🤍 ►Check out our podcast gear: 🤍 ►Private Internet Access VPN: 🤍 ►Our Official Charging Partner Anker: 🤍 ►Secretlabs Gaming Chairs: 🤍 ►MK Keyboards: 🤍 ►Nerd or Die Stream Overlays: 🤍 ►Green Man Gaming 🤍 ►Amazon Prime: 🤍 ►Audible Free Trial: 🤍 ►Our Gear on Amazon: 🤍 FOLLOW US ELSEWHERE - Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 FOLLOW OUR OTHER CHANNELS - Linus Tech Tips: 🤍 TechLinked: 🤍 Mac Address: 🤍 Techquickie: 🤍 LMG Clips: 🤍 Channel Super Fun: 🤍 Carpool Critics: 🤍 CHAPTERS - 0:00 - Once you fold, you won't go back 0:10 - Unboxing 0:31 - Samsung Z Fold3 5G thoughts 1:09 - OPPO Find N initial thoughts 1:54 - Hinge impressions 2:37 - Size comparison 2:44 - Typing impressions 3:24 - Sponsor - Volta! 3:51 - Display impressions 4:56 - Additional hinge information 5:34 - Inner display viewing styles 6:38 - Carry over app display 7:15 - Multi-tasking 7:45 - Oppo Find N gripes 10:22 - Speaker impressions 10:49 - Specs 11:23 - Camera impressions 11:52 - Final thoughts

Oppo Find N2 Review: A Foldable With Wide Appeal


There are two types of foldable phone that matter: large-format book-style folding tablets, and compact flip-style clamshells. Or at least, that was true until Oppo came along with a flexible-display smartphone that tried to carve out a space between. The Oppo Find N2 is the sequel to last year’s standout Find N, and I've spent one holiday break over two weeks across three states seeing how this in-betweener compares to its more common competition. Join me for MrMobile’s Oppo Find N2 Review! [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] 🤍 [ABOUT MRMOBILE’S OPPO FIND N2 REVIEW] MrMobile’s Oppo Find N2 Review was produced following fifteen days with an Oppo Find N2 review sample provided by Oppo. Pre-production sample running pre-release software. The device received one software update during the review process, to ColorOS version PGU110_11_A.20. MrMobile does not accept compensation from the manufacturers of the products he reviews in exchange for producing content. No payment was provided and no manufacturer or carrier was afforded a preview, editorial input or copy approval rights concerning this review. [LINKS] Oppo Find N2 Review [Ben's Gadget Reviews]: 🤍 [MUSIC] “Yo Tokyo!” by Matt Wigton [Soundstripe]: 🤍 “Kill The Noise” by DaMarcus VanBuren [Soundstripe]: 🤍 "Gameplan" by Material Gurl [Soundstripe]: 🤍 “Avatars” by Yan Perchuk, available at Premium Beat: 🤍 “Mind in Motion” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat: 🤍 [CHAPTERS] 00:00 Breaking the Mold 00:59 The “in-betweener” foldable 02:12 Cloaking the crease 03:33 Why widebody? 06:52 Cameras (Hasselblad!) 09:49 ColorOS, battery, and Baby Shark 11:55 Same sad story (for the Americans) [SOCIALIZE] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [DISCLOSURES] This post may contain affiliate links, which afford Future plc a commission should you make a purchase. This does not affect MrMobile’s editorial content. See Future's disclosure policy for more details: 🤍 Additional information concerning MrMobile’s ethics policy can be found here: 🤍 #oppofindn2 #oppo #findn2 #foldable #foldingphone #foldingscreen #flexibledisplay #oppofindn #android #smartphone



Подробнее про аккумуляторную систему Bosch POWER FOR ALL: 🤍 🤟 Подписка на DROIDER: 🤍 Сегодня смотрим на Oppo Find N — первый складной смартфон OPPO с гибким экраном. А также, (СПОЙЛЕР!) первый нормальный складной смартфон. 🎧 Наш ПОДКАСТ Droidercast: Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Podster: 🤍 Мы в телеграм) 🤍 Мы в Instaram: 🤍 Еще видео и обзоры на: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 С вами на связи Борис Веденский и Валерий Истишев! Обзоры смартфонов, репортажи с выставок, новости из мира технологий и многое другое на самом популярном в Рунете канале о гаджетах Droider.Ru! #OPPO #FindN #Droider #DroiderShow

Oppo Find N Unboxing - Did they just kill Samsung!?


Unboxing and early review of the OPPO Find N - Oppo's first foldable smartphone for 2021 / 2022! Limited time offer Go to 🤍 and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 4 months free! Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) : 🤍 It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 😊 Facebook: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate links: Amazon US: 🤍 Amazon UK: 🤍 My Filming Gear: 🤍 Music is from Epidemic sound: 🤍

Most Durable Folding Phone? - OPPO Find N


LEARN MORE - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE - 🤍 Follow me on INSTAGRAM - 🤍 Check out our Website - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 My YouTube Business Course - 🤍 Comment "folding phone" if you see this! Thanks to OPPO for sponsoring this video. Business Inquiries - Justin🤍FeatureMedia.ca

The Oppo Find N - Can the Newcomer Survive?


Lets durability test the Oppo Find N! Sign up for Stamps.com at: 🤍 for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts. Folding phones are pretty awesome. Seeing pixles wrap around a radius is still mind blowing futuristic. With so many brands using flexible displays these days, its important to know which folding smartphones can survive, and which folding smartphones.... dont survive. Its time to test the new Oppo Find X. Watch the Teardown HERE: 🤍 Get my Shirts and Razor Knife here! 🤍 Anker is named as the Official Charging Partner of JerryRigEverything: 🤍 *Follow me for updates!* Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LARGE tool kit: 🤍 Travel Tool Kit: 🤍 Mega Tool Kit: 🤍 Plastic Pry tools: 🤍 Metal phone opening tool: 🤍 Replacement phone parts: 🤍 The camera I used to film this video: 🤍 The Lens I used for this video: 🤍 Wide angle lens: 🤍 And this Metabones adapter: 🤍 This is the drone I use: 🤍 TO SEND ME STUFF: See my P.O. Box on my 'About page': 🤍 JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

OPPO Find N2 Unboxing!


This is the latest Foldable from OPPO - the Find N2! This folding phone has improvements from the Find N, including an almost invisible crease, new design, and more! Subscribe for more: 🤍 OPPO Find N Unboxing: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Follow on Twitch: 🤍

Oppo Find N - Folding a Phone Better than Samsung?


My Oppo Find N Review. This Oppo's First Folding Phone and it's pretty awesome. If you want to support the channel, consider a Dave2D membership by clicking the “Join” button above! 🤍 🤍 🤍 Purchases made from store links may give me some money. (It doesn’t cost you extra, so please buy everything) Follow me: 🤍 🤍

Oppo Find N. Обзор спустя год. Лучший раскладной смартфон без обновлений. Почему не Samsung Fold?


$ $ $ Помочь автору материально можно по ссылке ниже: 🤍 $ $ $ - - - Официальной странички в России у аппарата нет. Ждем Find N2 и надеемся, что он приедет и к нам! - - - Таймлайн: 00:00 - Вступление 00:37 - Про качество исполнения и износостойкость после года 00:58 - Как сохранился складной экран? 01:12 - Почему Oppo Find N лучше Samsung Fold? 01:22 - Удобство использования и эргономика 01:46 - Про "складки" на экране 02:09 - Почти квадратный большой экран - минус или плюс? 02:40 - Характеристики экранов, максимальная яркость и ШИМ 03:19 - Беспроводная зарядка 03:21 - Камеры смартфона, примеры фото 04:13 - Встроенные динамики и весьма условное "стерео" 04:40 - Прошивка и почти полное отсутствие "фишек" для складного экрана 06:26 - Скорость работы, троттлинг и игровые тесты 07:03 - Автономность на удивление хороша! 07:30 - Итоги и выводы - - - - - - - - - - По вопросам сотрудничества, коллаборации, работы и рекламы - обращайтесь по этому адресу: paul.aleksandrov.89🤍gmail.com #Oppo #OppoFindN #СкладнойСмартфон

OPPO Find N vs Samsung Z Fold3! Наконец-то нормальный сгибаемый смартфон?


Обзор OPPO Find N и сравнение с моим Samsung Z Fold3 Сравнение Oppo Find N и Z Fold3 - 🤍 Поддержи канал на Patreon и получил доп.контент! 🤍 НАШ ПОДКАСТ - 🤍 Наш канал в телеграме - 🤍 Наша барахолка - 🤍 Второй канал KeddrPlus - 🤍 ОТРАСТИ ДЕРЕВО, ПОСАДИ СЫНА и ПОДПИШИСЬ НА КАНАЛ: 🤍 ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙСЯ к нашему GEEK-комьюнити: [✓] Сайт - 🤍 [✓] Telegram - 🤍 [✓] Instagram - 🤍 [✓] Facebook - 🤍 [✓] Twitter - 🤍

OPPO FIND N - Pliabilul Imposibil de cumpărat! Deocamdată


#FINDN #PLIABIL #OPPO Hai pe Canalul Nostru de Telegram: 🤍 Stochează-ți crypto pe un portofel sigur (Cold Wallet): 🤍?r=6efa215e28aa Folosește acest link când te înscrii pe Crypto.com și primești 50 dolari bonus. La fel și eu! : 🤍 Vrei cel mai rapid website? Aruncă o privire pe 🤍 Trimite SMS la 8864 cu textul SPERANTA. O tabletă pentru fiecare copil. Donează 4 euro pe lună și oferă-le o șansă la educație. Donează aici - 🤍 Detalii și comentarii pe: LINK ARTICOL AICI Devino membru în comunitatea noastră și susține-ne - 🤍 Urmărește-mă cu 🤍gbuhnici pe Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok Producție: Radu Neagu - 🤍radu.neagu pe Instagram Montaj: Daniel Ivan - 🤍danielivanm1 pe Instagram Ilustrație: Laurențiu Dumitrescu - 🤍laur3ntiud pe Instagram

OPPO Find N | One Week With The Mind-Blowing Foldable Phone


The OPPO Find N is one of the most innovative foldable phones as we hit 2022, boasting next-level screen tech and some impressive mult-tasking chops. I've been playing with the Find N for a few days now and here's my thoughts - and a big thanks to OPPO for sponsoring this video. You can find more information on all of their latest smartphones and other tech at their official website: 🤍 I really like the 5.5-inch compact form factor when the phone is folded, which makes for easy one-handed use. When you need more screen space, you have a mighty 7-plus inch display topping off at 120Hz, hidden away inside. This supports OPPO's usual multi-tasking gestures, including two-finger swipe for split-screen and four-finger floating windows. Performance is strong enough for everything you need, while the OPPO Find N's battery tech will keep you powered up all day long too. Meanwhile there's five cameras scattered around the folding form factor, with special tools to take advantage of the foldable design. OPPO Find N Chapters: 0:00 - The usual waffle 0:38 - Design 1:05 - Biiiiig screen 2:25 - Tough enough? 2:56 - Multitasking marvel 3:40 - Camera tech 4:34 - Gaming & performance

折叠屏新宠,能不能常用?- OPPO FIND N【值不值得买第530期】


OPPO在这一波折叠屏浪潮中赶了个早,发布了FIND N,用相对于友商更便宜的售价做了一款“高性价比折叠屏”,但比起相同配置的直屏手机,不仅要贵不少,软件适配还不好。关键,我们真的需要折叠屏么? 投票链接:🤍 = = = = = 如果你喜欢我们的视频,请点击小铃铛订阅我们的更新吧!感谢支持♥ 官网:testv.cn | 微博/微信公众号/淘宝店铺:TESTV值不值得买

Oppo Find N Unboxing - This Might Be The One...


The Oppo Find N is the latest folding smartphone option. Oppo Find N or Samsung Z Fold 3? Get the AI-Powered, Auto-Tracking 4K Webcam -OBSBOT Tiny 4K (🤍 For Canada viewers, you can get the 1080p edition OBSBOT Tiny on Best Buy & Walmart Best Buy - 🤍 Walmart - 🤍 ) FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍



The #OPPOFindN is our first foldable device, with this device, we bring a new approach to the foldable form factor 👇 ✅ Full-size outer display ✅ Industry-first approach of using a landscape inner display ✅ Industry-leading Flexion Hinge and OPPO self-designed Serene Display #OPPOINNODAY2021

My New Folding Super Smartphone - Oppo Find N Unboxing🔥🔥🔥


Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Oppo Find N ke baare mein aur share ki hai isi Oppo Find N ki details aur ek first look jaha pe yeh hai Oppo ki taraf se latest folding smartphone. Yaha top notch specs hai jaha hai 8GB/12GB RAM, 256GB/512GB Storage, 4500mAh Battery, 5 Cameras, Snapdragon 888 Processor, 5.49" Cover aur 7.1" Main display aur bahut kuch. Oppo Find N mein hai 50MP Primary, 16MP Ultrawide aur 13MP Telephoto Camera, aur saath mein hai 32MP Selfie Camera. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko Oppo Find N ki yeh unboxing video pasand aayegi. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: 🤍 Android App: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Facebook Myself: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Google Plus: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)

Oppo Find N Unboxing + Set Up + Software Overview


The Oppo Find N is the newest foldable phone on the block and it seems to combine the best hardware bits of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and a Huawei Mate X2 together for one awesome package. But perhaps the most impressive thing about the Find N is its price around US$1,200, making it the cheapest large screen foldable yet.

Oppo Find N : un smartphone pliable GÉNIAL au format excellent !


L’Oppo Find N est le premier smartphone pliable d’Oppo et il fait très mal à Samsung tant il vient corriger tous les soucis qu’on pouvait mentionner concernant le Galaxy Z Fold 3. Il fait bien évidemment des concessions pour être proposé moins cher, comme un écran en façade à 60 hz ou l’absence du stylet, mais dans tous les cas vous ne pourrez pas l’acheter car il ne sortira pas en France ! La vidéo débat smartphone pliable : 🤍 Le smartphone déroulable d'Oppo : 🤍 Sommaire : 00:00 Le problème de Samsung et son Fold 01:04 Une pliure invisible ! 02:37 Un smartphone mini vraiment utilisable 05:00 Des bonnes idées logicielles 06:13 Des points négatifs 08:17 Le smartphone déroulable Suis moi sur les réseaux sociaux : 📸 Instagram : 🤍 🐦Twitter : 🤍 🎵TikTok : 🤍 👻 Snapchat : 🤍 🌍 Facebook : 🤍 _ #oppo #oppoFindN #Samsung

OPPO FIND N 🔥 أوبو عملت المستحيل


قناة OMARDIZER SHORTS : 🤍 اشترك في قناتي الجديدة DizerX 👇 🤍 لا تنسى الاشتراك | Subscribe موقعي : 🤍 تابعني : انستجرام : 🤍 سناب : 🤍 تويتر : 🤍 فيس بوك : 🤍 معداتي : 🤍 تسوق من امازون للدعم : 🤍 - للتواصل والاعلان : omardahab🤍gmail.com

OPPO Find N ausführlicher erster Eindruck


OPPO Find N ausführlicher erster Eindruck Na da schau an, das erste Foldable Smartphone von OPPO. Nein, das OPPO X zählt nicht, das war ja ein "Rollable" und eigentlich nur eine Machbarkeitsstudie. Das Find N gibt es wirklich, zumindest in China, auch käuflich zu erwerben. Ich habe mir das Fold äh Find nun etwas näher angeschaut und natürlich auch mit dem Find äh Fold 3 von Samsung verglichen: Wirklich nicht schlecht, was OPPO da zeigt. Gerade die kürzere Form hat es mir angetan. #OPPO #OppoFindN #Foldable Kaffeekasse: Paypal: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 BTC: 37iaM7mxRjgPy27BLaRadDgBPHSWGi51YX Technikfaultier Blog: 🤍 Technikfaultier auf Twitter: 🤍 Technikfaultier Facebook: 🤍 Technikfaultier auf Instagram: 🤍 Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links sind sogenannte Affiliate Links. Kommt über einen solchen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für Dich entstehen dabei keine Mehrkosten. Wo, wann und wie Du ein Produkt kaufst, bleibt natürlich Dir überlassen.

Первый складной мини-смартфон — OPPO Find N


Возвращай 🔥 кэшбэк с LetyShops и выиграй Tesla — 🤍 Расширение для AliExpress, динамика цены и рейтинг продавца — 🤍 Значит так: смотрим на OPPO Find N (первый раскладной смартфон компании), он без щелей в экране, он мелкий, с хорошими камерами. И в целом, хоть и с косяками, но крутой. Сравниваем его с Galaxy Z Fold и Surface Duo. 0:00 Начинаем 0:47 Аналоги 1:20 Цены 2:22 Интегрировано 3:55 Внешний вид 6:16 Дисплей 10:25 Характеристики 11:31 ОС 13:21 Автономность 13:50 Камеры 15:30 Выводы #OPPOFindN #Раскладушка #КорольИШут



✅ ЛУЧШАЯ ЦЕНА ТУТ: 🤍 или 🤍 🔥🔥СРОЧНО!🔥🔥 ПОДПИСЫВАЕМСЯ на МОЙ ZEN! 🤍 👉👉 НАШ ТЕЛЕГРАММ: 🤍 👉👉 ПИДПИСЫВАЕМСЯ на RUTUBE: 🤍 👉👉 ГРУППА В ВКОНТАКТЕ! 🤍 Характеристики: CPU: Snapdragon 888, 8-core 2,96ghz - GPU Renderer: Adreno 650 - Ram 8\12gb +7gb - Rom 256\512Gb - 7,1` FullHD+ AMOLED, OGS, 120Hz - Camera: 50mp+13mp+12mp\ 32mp - Battery: 4510 mAh \ 33W - NFC Мой Instagram: 🤍 ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ЗАГЛЯНИ В НАШУ ГРУППУ Вконтакте: 🤍 ТУТ МНОГО ИНТЕРЕСНОГО!!! For cooperation, please contact us by email: chinagadgets91🤍gmail.com По вопросам сотрудничества пишите на почту: chinagadgets91🤍gmail.com #oppo #oppofindn #xiaomi

Oppo Find N || إبداع آوبو في ليفل تاني !!


انتطباعاتي عن أول جهاز قابل للطي من آوبو ... Oppo Find N تابعني على كل وسائل التواصل من هنا 🤍 🤍 🤍 للأعمال برجاء استخدام البريد الإلكتروني For business inquiries ONLY please use this Email Contact🤍yehiaradwan.com

Oppo Find N2 Flip - "Real Review"


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OPPO Find N Unboxing & First Impressions⚡Best Foldable Smartphone?!


Friends, Today we are unboxing the all new OPPO Find N, which is the first foldable smartphone from OPPO - so do watch this video till the end and don’t forget to like and share this video. #OPPOFindN #OPPOFindNUnboxing #OPPOFindNReview #TrakinTech Check Out OPPO Find N : 🤍 * The Device shown in the video has been provided by respective brand. However, opinion mentioned in this video is completely personal and based on my usage only. * "Safar - The 10 Million Rap" Streaming On All Platforms Listen or Set Your Callertune Enjoy & Stay Connected With Us ! ♫ 𝐉𝐢𝐨 𝐒𝐚𝐚𝐯𝐧 - 🤍 ♫ 𝐆𝐚𝐚𝐧𝐚 - 🤍 ♫ 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜 - 🤍 ♫ 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐲 - 🤍 ♫ 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐛𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜 - 🤍 ♫ 𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐳𝐨𝐧 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜 - 🤍 Our New YouTube Channel : 🤍 Official TrakinTech Telegram Channel - 🤍 For enquires or product promotions get in touch with us on Youtube🤍trak.in आपको अगर कोई सवाल है तोह जरूर कमैंट्स में हमें बताईये - अगर वीडियो अच्छा लगा तोह लिखे और सब्सक्राइब जरूर कीजियेगा Video Highlights * 00:00 Introduction 00:32 OPPO Find N Unboxing 01:36 OPPO Find N In Hand Feel 02:41 OPPO Find N Build Quality 03:11 OPPO Find N Ports & Buttons 04:01 OPPO Find N Display 06:12 OPPO Find N Battery 06:42 OPPO Find N OS & Features 07:55 OPPO Find N Multimedia 08:15 OPPO Find N Camera 09:19 OPPO Find N Performance 09:46 OPPO Find N Price Latest Videos on * Top 10+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches ⚡ July 2021 - 🤍 Battlegrounds Mobile India Is Finally Here - 🤍 Our Recommendations * *Best Smartphones under 15000* realme 7 : 🤍 realme Narzo 20 Pro : 🤍 POCO M2 Pro : 🤍 realme 8 : 🤍 Redmi Note 10 : 🤍 POCO X3 : 🤍 *Best Smartphones under 10000* realme Narzo 30A : 🤍 POCO M3 : 🤍 Redmi 9 Power : 🤍 Infinix Hot 10 : 🤍 Micromax In 1 : 🤍 Moto G10 Power : 🤍 Social Media Handles * Follow us on: Web: 🤍 Telegram : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitter personal: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 English Trakin Tech Youtube Channel - 🤍 *Official Giveaway / Contest Rules* a. All entries need to comply with YouTube Community Guidelines (🤍 and entries which don’t comply will be disqualified. b. This Giveaway/Contest is wholly compliant & consistent with Youtube Terms of Service c. This Giveaway/Contest is conducted by TrakinTech and is not sponsored by Youtube d. Privacy - All the data we collect from participants will be used only for Giveaway / Contest purposes only. We will not share or sell this data to anyone. e. All Giveaway / Contests are conducted in a fair and impartial manner!

Oppo Foldable Find N Unboxing and Quick look *Smallest folding Phone*


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Das perfekte faltbare Smartphone? OPPO Find N


Das Oppo Find N ist das faltbare Smartphone was ich mir immer gewünscht habe - ich konnte es testen! Das OPPO Find N ist ab dem 23. Dezember 2021 in China verfügbar. Die Variante mit 8 GB RAM und 256 GB Speicher gibt es zum Startpreis von ¥7699 (umgerechnet ca. 1073 Euro), die Version mit 12 GB RAM und 512 GB Speicher für ¥8999 (umgerechnet ca. 1255 Euro). Meine Webseite! 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Mein elektrischer Schreibtisch: 🤍 iKnowReview Hülle: 🤍 Meist die Hintergrundmusik: 🤍 Oft aber auch: 🤍 Affiliate Links unterstützen meinen Kanal - der Einkauf kostet für dich genau gleich viel :)



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Oppo Find N: Faltenfrei und fast perfekt


Der nächste Schritt in der Evolution der Falthandys: Das Find N von Oppo lässt nicht nur den Falt verschwinden, es hat vor allem eine fast perfekte Grösse. Ich habe das Gerät die letzten Wochen fleissig getestet und mag es sehr. Falls es Fragen gibt, beantworte ich die gerne in den Kommentaren oder auf den üblichen Kanälen: Hier geht es zu meinem Telegram-Chat: 🤍 Hier geht es zu meinem Telegram-Kanal: 🤍 Hier gehts zu meiner kleine Webseite: 🤍 Und hier schliesslich noch Twitter: 🤍

Katlanabilir telefon OPPO Find N ve OPPO Air Glass tanıtıldı! - OPPO 4 yılda geliştirdi!


Bir şirket daha katlanabilir telefon piyasasına adım attı. OPPO’nun 4 yıldır üzerinde çalıştığı Find N katlanabilir telefon modeli ve OPPO Air Glass’tan bahsettik. OPPO Find N bize neler sunuyor? ShiftDelete YouTube kanalında farklı içerikler ile karşınıza çıkmaya devam ediyoruz. Bu videomuzda OPPO Find N katlanabilir telefon ve OPPO Air Glass’ı anlattık. Dilerseniz sözü daha fazla uzatmayalım ve sizleri videomuz ile baş başa bırakalım. OPPO Find N, gücünü Qualcomm tarafından üretilen Snapdragon 888 işlemciden alıyor. 5nm teknolojisi ile üretilen Snapdragon 888 işlemcide 1adet 2,84 GHz ARM Cortex-X1, 3 adet 2,40 GHz 3 x ARM Cortex-A78 ve 4 adet 1,8 GHz ARM Cortex-A55 çekirdek bulunuyor. Grafik arabirimde ise Adreno 660 mevcut. 5.49 inç AMOLED dış ekrana sahip olan cihaz, ortalama bir akıllı telefon boyutlarıyla karşımıza çıkıyor. 120Hz ekran tazeleme oranına sahip 7.1 inç iç ekran ile tanıtılan model, 1000 nit parlaklık seviyesine ulaşabiliyor. 8 GB/12 GB RAM ve 256 GB/512 GB depolama seçenekleriyle karşımıza çıkan cihaz, performans konusunda beklentileri fazlasıyla karşılıyor. Üçlü kamera dizilimine sahip cihazda 50 Megapiksel ana kamera, 16 Megapiksel ultra geniş açılı kamera ve 13 Megapiksel telefoto kamera bulunuyor. Öz çekim kamerası olarak ise 32 Megapiksel lens tercih edilmiş. Açık halde 132.6 mm x 140.2 mm x 8.0mm boyutlara sahip olan cihaz, katlandığında 132.6 mm x 73 mm x 15.9 mm olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. Siyah, beyaz ve mor olmak üzere 3 farklı renk seçeneği ile tanıtılan model, 275 gram ağırlığa sahip. 33W SUPERVOOC hızlı şarj teknolojisine sahip 4.500 mAh batarya ile tanıtılan model, Android 11 tabanlı ColorOS 12 arayüzüyle karşımıza çıkıyor. OPPO Find N teknik özellikleri İşlemci: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Ekran: 5.49 inç dış ekran, 7.1 inç iç ekran, 1000 nit maksimum parlaklık, 120Hz desteği, AMOLED Kamera: 50 Megapiksel ana kamera, 16 Megapiksel ultra geniş açılı kamera, 13 Megapiksel telefoto kamera, 32 Megapiksel öz çekim kamerası RAM ve depolama: 8 GB/12 GB RAM, 256 GB/512 GB depolama İşletim sistemi: Android 11, ColorOS 12 Batarya: 33W SUPERVOOC hızlı şarj, 4.500 mAh Discord sunucumuza üye olun ve bizimle iletişimde kalın: 🤍 Teknoloji videoları ve teknolojiye dair her şey için kanalımıza ABONE Olun ►►🤍 Tüm İnceleme videolarımızı buradan izleyebilirsiniz ►► 🤍 ShiftDelete.Net‘i tüm sosyal ağlarda takip edin ; Instagram ►► 🤍 Facebook ►► 🤍 Twitter ►►🤍 SDN Forum ►► 🤍 ShiftDelete.Net YouTube hesabı, Türkiye'nin en büyük teknoloji sitesinin video kanalıdır. ShiftDelete.Net ile en yeni teknoloji haberlerine, videolu olarak ulaşabileceksiniz.

¿El plegable DEFINITIVO? Oppo Find N REVIEW


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