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Not Your Typical History Content! #history #shorts #gildedage Follow the renovation of a 160-year-old family home and the stories from history that helped to shape one community while learning about the untold stories of history. Based in Illinois valley, this family of German immigrants pursued the American dream and learn so much about love and life along the way. The family history started with a 19-year-old woman getting pregnant with a 27-year-old man prior to marriage and moving on to raise 9 kids. Now the 6th generation granddaughter is sharing the story of her family while restoring the home they recently bought back. In the process learn how Benjamin Franklin encouraged young men to take cougars and how sex in the Victorian age was sexier than some believe. Hot for History is a phrase expressing the passion for discovery hidden history along with sharing actual hot history in these shorts.

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The DISTURBING History of Divorce Duels  #shorts

The DISTURBING History of Divorce Duels #shorts

Hot For History
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Where Is Meghan Markle? Is She the Next Britney Spears? #shorts

Where Is Meghan Markle? Is She the Next Britney Spears? #shorts

Hot For History
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