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Welcome to my channel - "Mighty Roar". This channel is dedicated to presenting historic footage of Australian Rules Football. Here you will find complete games, season highlights and rare archival footage documenting the unique sporting culture of Aussie Rules. As an Old Fitzroy supporter, the emphasis will be on the Fitzroy Lions Football Club. Other teams from the glory days of the VFL and SANFL will be included, such as the Brisbane Bears, Glenelg Tigers and North Adelaide Roosters. This channel will also proudly feature the achievements of the team created by the 1996 merger between Brisbane and Fitzroy - the mighty Brisbane Lions! Thank you for visiting my little corner of YouTube. Please feel free to check out my other channel, "Make Mine Melodic", dedicated to showcasing some of my favourite melodic rock and metal music. http://tinyurl.com/Make-Mine-Melodic Greetings and best wishes from Australia, and GO LIONS!

Brisbane Lions Fitzroy Bears VFL AFL Aussie Australian Rules Football

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1986 SANFL Grand Final - Glenelg vs North Adelaide

1986 SANFL Grand Final - Glenelg vs North Adelaide

Mighty Roar
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