(//‿•)🤘🏻 Hello there! This is Nowayfarer 🥰 🎸 Welcome to my channel. I'm an enthusiastic person –with bleached blond hair– who feels happy since his move to the heart of Paris 🇫🇷 (France). I capture & film with my very own camera equipment 📸 some memories from events I personally went to, mostly in Paris and London. Events such as Paris Fashion Week, Movie Premieres held in Paris, Paris Comic Con, London Comic Con, K-Pop (Korean Pop Music related) events in Paris, etc... ALL CONTENTS ARE 100% MY OWN. All the videos shown on this channel have been filmed by MYSELF at a variety of events. Feel free to subscribe to get all the latest videos. For all business inquiries, video licensing or commercial filming, please email: IF YOU TAKE ANY OF MY CONTENT WITHOUT PERMISSION I WILL TAKE YOUR VIDEO DOWN Re-upload is strictly prohibited and offenders complaint to YouTube,Thank You!

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